Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Kyzmenko to Lavi (USA)

Letter 1

My dear Lavi.
it was nice to get the letter from you such warm and so lovely and i want to see you and I don't want to fight with my feelings also, you are dear to me, I think about you, I think about what he is doing now, maybe like me watch the movie and think about me, or just cook something, cause he is good cooker and I want to taste his food. I think about you and no matter what future will bring to us, you will be always good man and I wish that no matter what to be your friend, but I believe that if we both try we will become more than friends.
You had wonderful day with lots of people next to you, it is good, what did you make? How was everything? Did you enjoy everything?
The whole my weekends, were devoted to my family, I spent this days with them. Everything was traditional and taht is why maybe it will not be interested to you, but when we went to the shop in order to buy something for food, I was suprised that everything is prepared for New Year, for Christmas, we can find lots of toys for tree, for decorating the apartment and we bought something, cause my apartment is always so nice and so colorful on this holidays, and because of this, my friends prefer to spend it in my apartment, cause they say, that I make the atmosphere like in childhood and also make some concerts. And when I saw all this decorating things, I felt that very soon we will have this wonderful and kind holidays. It was the most interesting on my weekends and I wanted to share it with you. I hope you will like it.I didnt go to cinema, cause we have the terrible weather, it rains for four days and today it rains with snow, and more terrible, that is why on such weather, you prefer simply to sit with a cup of tea under your blanket to listen to good music, to watch romantic movie or to read some interesting book.
I am glad that both of us think about the same, that we want and need to meet.
For me it is comfortable to come to you and like you said, it will be wonderful experience and I can see all your family and your woman friend also and talk and say that I will never hurt you, I will do my best for not making it, cause you are very good person and I don't want this. But the travel to you costs a lot and this worries me a lot, and I would prefer you to come to me and to stay here close to me in Donetsk, or come directly to my place and I will try to find the apartment for you, cause it is will be uncomfortable for us to communicate when my friend is close to us. I will take days off for you, cause when you come I want to spend with you 24 hours per day, talking, holding, and feeling more and more closer. I don't know what weather is in your country, but here it will be cold. But more detail we can talk at the evening, when for the first time, will talk with each other, for the first time hearing hoices, for the first time send kisses in the reality. I would like to come to you, but it is too expensive and I hope you understand.
I miss you very much and you are dear to my heart, and I closed my eyes and I imagined this and want to ask, can we stand like this without telling a word, just to feel the impotance and magic of this moment.
I kiss you and wait for your call at the evening.
Yours, Sasha
Letter 2

My dear Lavi.
I came to write to you as soon as i knew everything about getting a visa and making the trip to you, the only possible way for me to get the visa and to come to you is only through travel agency, that is making everything ticket, visa, and all arrangements for trip to USA.
And I caleed to the embassy and it is impossible for me even to reach you in December, because even the invation letter will not help and maybe it can make it even worth, cause they are not interested in me going there and later to have the opportunity to stay in your country.
That is why visitor's visa for me it is will be long and even impossible. that is why the only way for me to get to Usa, is through the agency and I can get the tour visa, cause i have visas in my passport and because of this I can get the visa, and if i start everything this week, I can be there from 6th of December and can stay for two weeks with you. But I need to pay everything, I mean ticket, visa, and when I come to your city, to book a room in the hotel over there, That is the only way I can make it to be over there and i will let you to decide and I will wait for your decision. The ticket to your place will cost 909$ and the visa 150$.This was about business and right now simply about us.
It was wonderful to talk with you and to be able to hear your voice and i feel terrible because of the bad connection but we have ocean between us and maybe that is why it was not perfect.
The picture me and the rest with more dark hairs are made very recent, this year. And i am 27 years old over there, and I must not look like 22 years old.And the rest pictures are made some kind 2 years ago, but not later.
If you can be able to call about 11 pm by my time, it will be perfect, simply I am still on my work and will be here about two hours more and after this will go by bus to my home and i don't want the whole people in bus to listen to our talking that is why when you are free, I will be at home and wait for your call and for your decision.
I think about you all the time and want to ask, will you take me to this trip, I like to experince this also, it is so natural and lovely.
I kiss you and wiat for your message impatiently.
Yours only, Sasha
Letter 3

My dear Lavi.
I have only few minutes between my lessons and it will be the last one for me today and I have already called to the agency and I will send you their email address in order you could talk with them about paying for everything and I feel so excited because of this and I hope we can make it possible, you are wonderful and I will count for days in order to be able to come to you.
This ticket are round to your city and back and not to New York and we can be able to buy there, do you agree with me? As for hotel, they will book only the room and I will need to pay when i come over there and I asked them to book the most cheapest one, they told me that they will do this, but when I come there i can change to more worse, or simply come to your place.
Here is their email address, the agency's name is Avia-tur. And you can talk with them.
I will wait for your call and hope that the bus will not be late because of the weather. The bell rings and that is why I need to go to my lesson.
I kiss you and wait for your call.
Truly yours, Sasha
Letter 4

My dear Sunshine.
I am glad at last to come and to be able to write to you and not to worry about any connection of internet, just because I know that I can send you my letter and you will for sure get it.
I just went from Irina and we talked about all this situation and she thinks everything can be alright, just need your bank to send a message to their bank. I don't know the system of all this things, I was not very good with economics and math at school and at the university, that is why for me it is hard to understand what is the problem? I hope you don't blame me for not being able to be good in economics.
Honey, My Sunday, was simply terrible, I laid with high temperature and it was all because i went with my family to cinema on Saturday and I should not do this. But with the help of all medcine, right now i feel wonderful I feel energetic, but a little bit hungry, cause i didn't eat at morning time and not possible to eat at lunch time and right now could eat lots of youhurt, fruits, and potatoes with chicken.So sorry to talk about food, but just want to eat a lot.
Dear, I want so much to be closer to you right now and not to have this problems, at last when we could be together, we will remember all this with smile, and just take hand in hand and be together.
I miss you and I don;t know whether it can be possible to call me at the evening, but i will wait impatiently after 8pm, cause I will need some time to come to my home and than to eat and after this i will be free for you and me, telling sweet. We will meet, I know this, cause my heart tells me this.
With all my heart, Sasha
Letter 5

My dear Lavi.
Let me tell you everything from the very beginning and to make you read everything at once and not to wait for something.
It is not meant to be now, cause the mebassy has lots of visas to be viewed because of the holidays seasons and that is why I was not able to get the visa, and I will not be able to come on Monday. I will need to wait for the end of january in order to be together, because only after this i can have the vacation time and we can be together. I don't know what you will tell now. But I will ask only one to wait for me, give me a second chance to be together and to wait for me, to get to know me better like this and in January to meet and hold each other.
I don;t know your decision but I don't want to loose you when at last I have found you and I hope you will write me back.
I kiss you and need only you.
Yours, Sasha
Letter 6

My dear Lavi.
It is nice and suprising to know that you still decided to come no matter that I told that I am afraid to make everything possible for us in the reality. But I was true to you and I told you i am not ready for meeting.
I hope you understand.
I sincere kiss you, Sasha
Letter 7

My dear Lavi.
Yes, want to continue our relationships, but not now.
Truly, Sasha
Letter 8

Hello, Lavi.
I will make arrangements as soon as i will return the money and it will be in the middle of week and I will send everything back.
So sorry that things happen like this, Sasha
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