Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Subbotina to Cris (France)
Letter 1
Dear Sir, We are looking forward to help you communicating with Olga ID530568. Please look at our price list. Thanks. With our best regards,
tel: +7 3432 56 93 19 ************************************ Dear Gentlemen, You are welcome to use our services. If there is a service that you need but is not listed here, please, contact us, for further assistance. Contact ladies.
There are 2 ways to contact ladies in our catalogue.
You may purchase the postal address of the lady in who you are interested and communicate directly without our assistance. The cost of the postal address is only $10 (including her personal telephone number if she owns one). Unfortunately in this case you’ll face with language problems and long delays in postal delivery).
You may use our translation and e-mailing services setting up a preliminary payment fund (approximately $100). This will make your correspondence faster and it’ll be free for the lady of your interest. E-mailing and translation.
$5 – a letter 1-2 pages in length (from English into Russian, from Russian into English)
$2 – each additional page
$3 – e-mailing 1 picture
$2 – 1 original letter in Russian without translation
$50 – a monthly charge for writing to any lady from our catalogue and get her/their replies.
$10 – interpreting during our phone call to a lady (10-30 min long) Gift delivery.
$5-10 (for one flower) – flowers. Every lady likes flowers. This gift will never be out of fashion. A bouquet of flowers will make your lady’s day brighter and happier.
$30-100 – perfumes. You can ask your lady about her preferences in perfume and then make a pleasant surprise for her. $5-40 – candies and chocolates. Everything will seem sweeter with this gift and the dreams about you will be the sweetest ones for your lady. $50-80 – a festive basket of food for some special occasion. This gift will show your lady how much you care about her. Every holiday is associated with a festively-laid table.
$5-85 – toy. It’ll be a wonderful gift which will remind your lady how tender and loving you are.
Any other gift(s) according to your choice.
Delivery charge is $5 extra. Tour arrangements.
We can assist you in arranging a visit to Yekaterinburg as well.
$20 – transfer from/to airport. (each way)
$25 – booking a hotel.
$80 – interpreters per day (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.)
$80 – private cars per day (10 a.m. – 10 p.m.)
$15 – arranging a meeting with any or all of the ladies you request.
$250-300 – arranging such a tour, including all services above. Your ad with photo in local newspapers.
$30 – in one newspaper
$50 – in two or three newspapers Respectfully,
Olga (Loveagent Agency).
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