Scam letter(s) from Yana Strokachyana to Garmo (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Gary!
Now I do not actually know what will be your reaction, but I will tell you anyway! I know that it would be better if I have never dome this, but I do not really can avoid saying this.....
I told you that I do not speak english and that i am using translation service. maybe you know that in our country people try to make big money at everything, and one of these things is translation service..... I did not want to tell you, but it is too expencive, I have to pay about 5 USD for every letter, and this is too much for me.... and I wanted to ask you about very serious thing..... I know what you may refuse, of cource, and I even can imagine your reaction for these words, but I want you to think about US( you and me) first. I know that we have met not long ago, and we still do not know a lot about each other, we still cannot predict each other's words and actions, but we want this, and we try to show each other from the real side, for getting the fullest information, but I have to tell you that because this translation service is too expencive for me, will you help me paying for it???? I know what this is not your must, and I do not even have right to ask you about this, maybe you think that such things should be told by a man, but I feel that now I really need your help! i cannot pay for translations anymore, and I cannot ask somebody else to help me as well! I cannot ask my parent to give me this money, because this isat fitst only my problem, and at second, they cannot do this, because it was me who tried to help them. I cannot ask my friends to translate my letters, because if I had such ones, I would not use this service at all..... I am asking you, though I have not right to, because you are connected to this also, and you do not seem to be a man looking just for o\playing and so other thing, I trust you and I think that this may be the usual reaction for the relations we have....
I really want you to realize that this is a serious problem for me, and this may couse our broking up, because, you see, if we do not write to each other, if we do not keep in touch, we will not be able to communicate and we will lose one another at the end...... and I do not want this could happen, thatis why I am writing to you this letter full of doubts and worries.... I will be waiting for your answer, and I hope to get it soon, because our future depends on it!
Letter 2
Dear Gary!
I am happy to know that you want to prolong our beautiful relations ! I know that this is very serious for us, me and you, and I think that we can really be a good couple together! I know that we will meet oneday, and I hope it will be soon, but first of all we need to keep in touch till then, you understand! I will be happy to come to your place, but till that time we have to resolve some problems I told you about. The main for now, and I am grateful you understand this, is the translation service, because I wish I could speak english myself, but I want to study, and I will do this!!!! I told you that I pay about 5USD for every letter and it is too expencive and that is why I asked my translator to help us in this! And now we can use unlimited service, this mean we need not pay for every letter, but for the whole month, 120$, and we can write thenever we wish and you understand, this is much better! meanwhile I will start learning english myself, and very soon I hope I will be able to write myself, and maybe till the day of our meeting, we will not need translation sevice at all!!! I know that I can do this, and I will do my best to surprise you and to shpw everybody that your lady is the best! I want to be the best for you! I want to be very special for you and I see I am!!!!!!
I have foungd the Western Unionin the centre os Luhansk, so, this is not a problem, I think..
So, name is
Yana Strokach
16, Voronezskaya Stereet
zip code 91007.
Thank you very much,
I will be waiting for your letter!
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