Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Kolishkina to Cris (France)
Letter 1
Hello Chris,
Thanks for your reply.French Riviera it is great !!
I'll waiting your photo and birthday date(date, month, year)
Best regards from Riga
Letter 2
Dear Chris,
Thank you for your rich in content reply, and speacially for you "nice" questions )
First of all, truly I don't believe in words..
If you want to know idea of pen- pal belong to my best friend. Later I'm interested in communication with people all over the world.
I agree with your formulation of love. But I suppose best way for knowing each other it is meeting for deep communications.
And maybe I'm a little bit romantic, belive me eyes can tell more then any words in your or my letter..
What about my job? I'm well educated, I work stylist of clothes, image maker ( I change people for the better )
I' ve grown- up daughter. She live and study in London.
My birthday 28.09.61
In addition it is my own computer? Don't worry about me )
Chris, I would like to see your photo, ID number, date of birth.
Take care of yourself
Letter 3
Hello Chris,
I hope you are Ok?!
Chris I can't to write long story.
What about trip in France on 2-3 day,we will talking about everything..
I will see too...
Have a nice weekend
Letter 4
Hello Chris,
Now I have much free time till middle of September.
But I need invetation from you and Visa, because I am Russian citizen, and ticket.
And have second way: I can take tourism Visa in France and will take ticket here.
As you like..!
Think about it
Take care
By by
Letter 5
Dear Chris,
I am glad because you happy!
I want to meet you very much..
So, and now I must make aplification before my trip.
To order Visa to buy ticket, I need your support I hope you are understending me?..It is cost 750 Euro.( just ticket and Visa) My personal accound 55 100 25 663 76 , HANSABANKA, RIGA, LATVIA.
Then, where will my accommodate?
I am planing stay like your guest, I think 1 week (exact date to need for Visa)
I can't afford to disturb you..
And begining September to suit me.
I hope you meet me in the airport building?
I am first time in the your country, don't forget please!
After all I must say I am impressed you.I think you real man.I am dreaming of our meeting.
By the way, my full name Tanya Kolishkina.
Chris, I would like to know you..
Tanya P.S. I've attached several picture.
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