Romance scam letter(s) from Katerina Moulenko to Bruno (Italy)
Letter 1
Caro Bruno!
Pavlograd is a small, dirty boring place with no airports, hotels, heating at houses and hot water, with high level of crime.
I honestly advise you never come here, only native Ukrainians can bear this way of life.
Let's meet in a nice place! May be near the sea! I want romantic meeting with you!
I like travelling but I've never been abroad, I dream to visit many countries some day... I love my country and my people, but the question is not about where to live but with whom to live. I am looking for my soul-mate, and if I find my happiness in other country and will need to stay there, I will do this because I will need to be with my beloved man. I know my parents will miss me and I will miss them, but I also know they wish me happiness and will be happy to know that I am happy living with my beloved man even if it will be far. Any way we can visit each other, call, write letters.
You know, this Saturday, the 8th of March there will be the International Women Day! All men congratulate all women they know and give presents to them, it's a big and beloved holiday in Ukraine and I think in other countries too.
Men try to please their women and do all work this day leaving women just to rest and enjoy life...
On Friday me and my parents will go to my graqnny in the village to celebrate 8 march together, we'll stay there for weekends, so I will come back on Monday. I will miss you...
Your Konstancia
Letter 2
Dear Bruno!
Thank you for your interesting letter, although too much question, I am limited in money for I-net, so in time for writing.
But I will answer all your questions.
My family consists of ... well, tons of people, and other animals ;-), as somebody wrote... ;-))
First of all, it is my mom, Valentina Vasilyevna, a Teacher by profession, my dad, Roman Andreevich, is a Pediatrician. My mom and my dad were together since University, next year they will celebrate 30 years of happy marriage.
My family has always been a great support for me, and some day I want to be as good a parent for my kids, as my parents were for me... In my family there has always been an atmosphere of love and care, and I always knew that no matter what happens -- I can always count on them... I think it is very important to have a good situation in the family where no one yells or talks loud to one another. It should always be respectful and love and sincere loyalty to one another should always come first. I can't believe people in this life raise their voices and scream at one another. It would break my heart to know that I would have to put someone through that. I truely believe that care and wisdom should always be the first thing that one thinks about before a word comes out to another person. We all belong to the human race and we should treat each other with respect and honor, but I know some people don't always do that. I can tell you that I was brought up in a family where God came first and we never raised our voices. I believe that real love and affection should prevaile. I too, like you want so very much to have that sort of family I want to share my life, my thoughts, my desires and my loyalty with someone special. I do want to be married, I want to feel loved and to make the best of what life has to offer.
I also have two grandmothers and one grandfather. One of my grandmothers lives with my parents, my other grandfamily lives in a village, in Zaporizhian region. I loved spending my winter vacations there, when I was still at the University. They have a cow there, and a goat. And a dog that my parents gave me when I was ten... Gosh, he is probably 13 now...
Then I have a couple of uncles and aunts, and a lot of second cousins, some of whom I know only from other relatives' words...
I like dancing, listening to music, communicating with people, spending time with my friends, walking in the nature, climbing the mountains, swimming, reading, etc.
I've never been abroad but i have friends who was there and one of my friend went to USA also to meet a man and now they are married already and are happy, it's she who advised me to put my profile in the I-net. I am not a model, I don't make photos for agency of fashion. Most Ukrainian girls look very pretty, because we always care about our look.
I am an architect, but i just began to work in this field, I only study how to work, little salary but much practise.
As to my photos, yes a professional photographer made them for me as I was told at the marriage agency that photos should be professional if I want to have success in my correspondence. I spent all my money saved fro months for these photos and I am glad you like them. I have no computer at home, in work I have one but we have no I-net connection there so I have to go to I-net cafe.
Of course, I have sense of humour! You won't be boring with me! Look forward for your letter!
Letter 3
Dear Bruno!
you don't annoy me! I like to read your letters very much, they show me your world...
I dream to spend time with you in Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan...
What do you like more? At what city do you want me to arrive and when?
Kiss, your Konstancia
Letter 4
Caro Bruno!
I promise you to study Italien as soon as possible, you know I already know some words and phrases.
"Ti amo" for example...
I would be happy to go with you to Gardaland!
I think I can come any date in April.
I will find out about trip and visa at Ukrainian travel agencies. OK? Thank you for your funny and nice photos!
You are wonderful!
Sorry for bad English and writing penis instead of pelvis...
I meant pelvis, i checked it already in the dictionary, sorry...
I will talk to my parents about this trip tonight.
They know about you and like you but worry about my coming to you to the country I've never been.
I send you more photos...
your Konstancia
Letter 5
Dear Bruno!
Thank you very nice for your nice photos of Venice and with funny animals!
I talked to my parents about my trip and my father didn't like the idea about that you do all the papers from abroad and then I will need to go to Kiev to Embassy by myself and I am not experienced in this process, he doubts very much in this, because in our country there is everywhere a red-tape(beaurocrasy), our government and other servises don't like when some papers are prepared in abroad, I was also told in the agency that nowadays it is rather difficult to obtain a visa for young unmarried people due to the huge stream of the illegal immigrants therefore the trip will be the easiest way for me to come to your country. If I buy a trip package, the travel company pledges to assist me in obtaining the visa.
They will also book a return ticket, make medical insurance, will assist in collecting all the necessary papers which are considered to be the requisites for travelling.
So may be we'd better use the servises of the travel agency in Ukraine?
You know when I waked up this morning and opened my eyes I was shocked with "spring weather", today is the hard snow storm, you can hardly see something, very cold, frost, I thought the winter begin again...
And I am tired with winter and want spring so much...
Well, I don't know what to tell else, May be on Sunday I will go to visit my aunt and uncle in Kryvoy Rog, it's near Dnipropetrovsk, if I go I will be back on Tuesday.
I will miss you.
Kisses, Konstancia
Letter 6
Dear Bruno!
Well, I went to the travel agency and they say they can book tickets for me for the flights you chose.
The tickets will cost about 380$ and visa 40$, insurance 15$ and paper work 20$, so the total sum is 455$, it's without hotel as I hope to stay at your house... I want to meet you so much!
Kisses, Konstancia
Letter 7
Dear Bruno!
The travel agent proposed me several flights, some of them are in the morning, some in the afternoon and arrival to Milan at about 6pm. What time is better for me to arrive?
But all flights are with changes in some cities(Paris, Warsaw,etc). The best variant I think is: Lufthansa LH3283
23 May 14:04, Kiev
23 May 15:59, Frankfurt Intl Lufthansa LH3904
23 May 17:04, Frankfurt Intl
23 May 18:14, Linate Arpt Then I go back on 26 May.
So you want me to stay at hotel?
If this is OK, you can send me money for tickets, or send them to the travel agent and he will start to organize my trip, to book tickets, etc. Now I want to say I miss you very much, I look at your pictures often, I dream about how wonderful it will be to make love to you all night through and all day through and more and more...
I will give you the highest pleasure of love you can imagine!!! Tender kisses,
your Konstancia
Letter 8
Caro Bruno!
E difficile per me scrivere in italiano ma io posso scrivere un po'. Le tue parole sono in fondo dello mio cuore!
You touched me deeply with this letter!
I met many men who wanted just sex with me, to spend just wonderful nights in bed with me with no soul feelings, etc.
and what you tell is marvellous, I also look for love, family, long term relations leading to marriage, happy family, children.
You are just wonderful!
I want to be with you soon!
i want to feel you, to become your wife if we really feel so when we meet!
My dear I do not know what is happening to me! My heart is beginning to ache for you, and I feel myself being pulled to you across this distance between us. Can I really have found my true love? My head tells me, that I do not know you. But my heart is telling me to say something to you, but I am afraid to do so, because my heart is saying….. I love you dear!
Is this actually possible to start to love someone you have not met? I hope you know what I mean? I begin to think about you constantly.
My dear Bruno, I realise that to be with you would make me the happiest woman in the world, I really mean this when I tell you, that I will make you the happiest man in the world. What I mean when I say this is, that you will feel my love in your heart, and you will know the power of true love when we are together, because if I make you happy you would make me happy and I make you happy and…. I would say I am a very romantic person, it is nice to have a romantic partner so together you can fall into a deep love together, and together you are one person, and this makes you very strong together. I hope you understand me? I hope I am correct when I say, I can feel this in you, in the words you wright to me.
Mi manchi molto,
Baccioni dolcissimi,
La tua Konstancia P.S. Puoi scrivermi in Italiano.
Letter 9
Dear Bruno!
Don't worry about my late arrival in Kiev, i already thought about it and my father called his friend in Kiev, he will take me by car from airport and I will stay till other day and then I will go by train to my home town, 36$ will be for train, sorry, I can't afford for them supper in a restaurant and my parents will not understand this act because some months we have only potato and macaroni to eat, so they will think i am crazy to spend money for restaurants, we are not used to this luxuries, may be when they come to Italy we will have together dinner at the restaurant.
I am glad you had enough wisdom to refuse to drink much vodka, i don't like drunk people and vodka.
I hope you meet me at the airport! I don't know Milan, so I will be nervous in a new strange place and I hope you will meet me right at the airport at the arrival gates!
The day before my coming, you can tell me what clothes you will have on for me to see you quickly in a crowd at the airport. OK?
I just knew that I need to have some pocket money with me when crossing the border, I will have to show at the customs at least 250$ for them to allow me to enter your country, if I don't have such sum with me they can refuse me to enter because they think if a person goes abroad without enough pocket money then this person is going for illegal work there. I think I was told about it long ago at the travel agency but I forgot about it, now they reminded me that I must have pocket money with me. I asked my parents about it, they can give me only 50$. Is it ok for you if you send me more money for this, I will give you them back when I come, it's just for customs, I don't want to be stopped at the border because of this. OK?
I miss you, and I had a lovely dream about you last night, my dream only lasted maybe about 1 minute, I dream only I was laying down with you on a bed, outside the room was a beach with palm trees, and the Ocean, and the doors were open to the balcony, where the sun was shinning through, there were thin white curtains at the balcony, and these were gently moving in the warm air. We were lying together on the bed with our arms around each other, and I was gently stroking your hair, and we were looking in to each other’s eyes. When I woke up, I remembered that this man I dream about was real! and that together with this man, we can make this dream real!!!
I hope to hear from you soon.
Kisses, your KOnstancia
Letter 10
Dear Bruno!
I look forward to meeting you!
I think you are so very lovely in every way, my heart is with you and I would like you to know, I trust you with my life and my heart. you give me power with your words, I did not think I would find anmy soulmate in I-net. I was wrong because I have found you, someone who, I can give my love to, and look after and make happy!
Thank you for coming into my life. You are Everything I have been looking for. and together we can be one!
My love I want to kiss you right now!! And I miss you, I miss you, I miss you!!!! And I want to hold you close to me! My love there are so very many things we can do together, the list is endless! Last night I was in the bath with candles all around me, I was thinking how nice it would be, to be with you in the warm bath together with candles and then to go to bed with just the glow of the warm fire flickering in the night, and then I would give you a massage, and gently kiss you. But most of all to hold you close to me all night, safe and warm.
I long to be with you!
Kisses, your Konstancia P.S. Here are my simple photos. the one made near the train when I came to my friend in May and had just light clothes with me but the weather was incredibly cold for May and she gave me her coat(red) but it had short sleeves and I looked uncomfortable in it and she made a photo of me. Another one is inside the train( sorry I am tired there).
Letter 11
Dear Bruno!
I have visa already!The tickets are booked.
all is prepared for my trip, except pocket money and my suitcases...
Letter 12
Dear Bruno!
I don't know what happened with my mail-box. I asked my friend to use hers, because I don't want you to worry that I don't write you and I have some news.
Sorry, bad news.
I am afraid to tell you! I got my passport with visa in it yesterday and took it home and put on the table, then I went to kitchen, my little niece who is visiting us now with her mother watched my passport and then suddenly poured ink on its pages. It's spoiled, I went now to the travel agency they told me it can't be used because some places are totally covered by black ink and words can't be seen. They told me that they can issue again my passport and put visa there in the Embassy, it will take not much time, just a few days, but it will cost 300$, because they will need to go to Embassy again to Kiev, to look for my papers again, etc, etc.
I am so sorry I caused these problems. I am so ashamed, but it's not my fault, little children are so unpredictable. I cried at my niece in despair and she started to cry, I felt pity for her, at least she did it not purposely. her mother, my cousin wants to help me with some money for passport but she can hardly give me 80$ because she doesn't work now and sits with the child at home and her husband is in hospital now, I know that those 80$ are the last she has.
I am just in shock, in despair, I am ashamed but I need your help, because we need to meet!!!
Sorry for bad news.
I want to be with you!
Kisses, Konstancia
Letter from Sezione Consolare dell'Ambasciata d'Italia a Kiev
Gentile Sig. Cantarelli, in riferimento al Suo e-mail del 07.05.2003 Le comunichiamo che la cittadina ucraina MOULENKO Kateryna Romanovna non risulta abbia mai chiesto un visto d'ingresso presso questo Ufficio Visti. Distinti saluti
p. l'Ambasciatore
Il Responsabile dell'Ufficio Visti
Fausto Betti
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