Romance scam letter(s) from Katerina Moulenko to Michal (Poland)
Letter 1
Dear Michal,
Thank you for your letter.
As you know I am Dinara …well, what I can say more about myself (my apologies for my English) I live in Tashkent, Uzbekistan...the purpose of submitting my advert is that I would like to find a real ...quite a man, as I'm somewhat tired of men's lies and their mental shortcomings, as I'd say it.
I want him to mentally and physically support me, as I'm a weak and sensitive girl willing to give all of myself to him.
Also mutual understanding in any relationships is the most important thing I think, since sometimes living under one roof and/or sharing one bed doesn't mean they have become one whole, does it? I mean to be spiritually together is a major stone rather than, say, sex (although the latter one is essential for me too, of course).
I have been raised in a very strict family, where there have been a lot of moral and spirit values. I have been taught not to lie. Ever.
Though such upbringing has not reflected on my willing to be free and to be the way I want me to be. That is to be free and independent.
I would like you to tell me more about yourself, your preferences in women, your life views, all what you'd love to tell me…
Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care
Letter 2
Oh I forgot to mention about that I study at the University majoring in English and work at my father's office as an office manager in cotton logistics...
I like clubbing, reading and swimming. My favorite cuisine is Italian and seafood, my favorite colors are black and white.
Also I like Moby, Coldplay, Radiohead, Madonna, etc.
I hope we won't disappoint each other and maybe will go futher in our relationships.
write back
p.s.if you'd like to call me some day i could give you my phone number
Letter 3
Yes it was nice for me too to speak to you.
thank you I'm fine are you?
I thought about the idea of our meeting yesterday and I hope you are a gentleman who won't take any advantages of a weak girl like me. Am I right? The round trip airticket for me to Moscow (go and back) costs about $750 plus train to your city (can you find out how much it is?) .you can send the whole amount for the tickets via Western Union to: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After you send it Western Union, as I remember, should give you a 10-digit number (code) that you should send to me. Don't forget about this.
Thank you very much for the photo. You are handsome
When can you call me next time?
Letter 4
how are you,
here is some of my most recent photos. I hope you'll like them.
Ok you may try SWIFT when you send you just let me know, it is likely to arrive in 7-10days.
Do you usually celebrate new year in Poland?
I hope we will see each other in 2004 and am sure everything will be perfect. What do you think?
Letter 5
I usually celebrate new year at home with my big family.
yes I know I'll need the visa for Poland.
So how did you celebrate New Year?
When do you want me to come to Poland?
Letter 6
I live in Tashkent.
As I told you, I can take vacation.
If we want to meet we must hurry, because I can take it only in january.
take care
Letter 7
I got the money and today I will go to the travel agency which is going to do all the paperwork. Hope everything will be perfect with us, send me your more photos.
Letter 8
Dear Michal,
I have had some problems with my father.
He doesn't want to allow me to go to Poland alone. He says I can go only with my friend.
I will try to solve this situation as soon as possible.
I'd like to ask you what if I cannot make him let me go it possible to come with her (my friend, by the way I can send you her photo)?
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