Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Shaner to JJ (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my dear!
I was very glad that you have answered me my letter. I with pleasure read it. It so is interesting to get acquainted with the person from other country. Thank that you have answered me, I hope that our correspondence and will proceed further. Excuse me if I shall once have not answered you soon. I write you letters from Internet - cafe because I have no the computer of a house. I with the great pleasure I write you the answer. I think that you want to find out about me little bit more. I work as the hairdresser in one beauty salon. This work seems to me interesting very much. My hobby this ski, dances and aerobics. I try to support the figure in the good form. I hope that my figure is pleasant to you. And what your hobby? Write to me what you like to do at leisure. I also like to bake pies at leisure. At my houses are many books with recipes of food and I am going under these recipes. To me relatives and to my friends it very much is pleasant. Probably in the future you also will try it. I think that you also search for the love through the Internet unites us slightly. May be us the destiny has reduced. It is such small probability to find the destiny among millions people. Whether I hope that we with you shall correspond further and we will known whether we approach for each other. In this letter I send you my photo. I hope that in the next letter you also will send me more of you. I wait for your answer.
Yours faithfully Tanya from Zelenyi Dol. P.S. Please write to me the answer as soon as possible because I with impatience shall wait for it.
Letter 2
Hello my friend again!!! I with impatience looked forward to hearing from you and at last I have received the answer. I am very glad that our correspondence does not stop also I again I write you the answer. I think that you liked my photos therefore with this letter I again send you them. I think for you it will be interesting to find out little bit more about my work. You already know that I work as the the hairdresser in one beauty salon. I love my work very much because I like to do people beautiful. They are grateful to me for it very much! I would like to know about your work. Tell to me please it. My a favourite season winter. Because the winter this very good season when to appear it is a lot of snow, possible to slide on a ski, all around, there is white and pure, let in a street, it is a little cold, but all in the winter well. I very much wish to tell to you as in the childhood which we liked to play with a snow which slides on a ski, but now I grew, but sometimes I would like to come back in the childhood and again to play these remarkable games, but I grew and I shall not come back though it is very sad. Tell to me, and you sometimes have such moments in a life when you wish to come back by the childhood? For me it is interesting to find out as you spend the free time. I wait for your answer!!! Your friend Tanya!
Letter 3
Hello my love!!! I am happy to see new mail from you! Today I had fine day. I have lead a lot of time on kitchen. But I am not tired. I cooked food for me and my mum. Today it was "pelmeni". You ate it sometime? My mum liked it very much. And it has told "Many thanks". I would like to cook food for you!!! You ate sometime the Russian food? You have a favourite dish? I have found you and it is pleasant to me to have dialogue with you. I was very glad to see the letter from you. I like to read through it. I wait yours Letters every day. I have good mood. My work approaches. I have many Things to tell to you at our meeting. I very much wish to be with You. My mum speaks Greetings for you. I am assured, that it will be very pleasant To you. It is very glad, that I have found the person whom I love. I have Found by you and I am happy to it. My mum speaks me, that I was not To make the wrong choice. It speaks me that you the sincere and fair person. It Speaks it, I shall be really happy you. I am assured, that I shall be Be happy you. I love you, and I wish to be with All of you wash remained Life. I looked your pictures. I love it!!! My growth about 170. My weight 50. To me 24 years I shall be very glad to see your letter tomorrow. I shall wait very much Very much it. I love you my dear!!!! Tanya.
Letter 4

Hello my Loved Jonathon!!! I miss you very much! I would like to be with you very much, I hope, that we shall meet someday, we shall fall in embraces to each other! I want to kiss you, to feel your hot breath and to enjoy caress! But here I had a unpleasant situation: I live in an apartment house, and the part of tenants of our house has not paid the account for a gas utilities and consequently all house was have switched-off from gas supply... Now I should buy to mum a electric cooker that she could cook some warm food, because our gas plate will not work for a long time on fault of other tenants of our house! We with my mum are compelled to go to cafe that is hot food. It is not convenient for us very much! Now almost all my money I should be spent for purchase of a gas cooker! My salary is small, approximately, 120-180 American dollars a month! I'm upset very much! Now I cannot arrive long to the Internet-cafe because the next salary will be given out in the end of Novewber! I'm in confusions, our relations only start to develop, and now because of these fools, I can lose dialogue with you! My dear, I do not want to lose you because of this silly situation, I am afraid my enamoured heart will not sustain such melancholy... It's any unreal world, we are as in the Middle Ages! My dear Jonathon, I require your support and your kind words to me at this moment! It will cost many money. I have no such sum now. I have now 3500 Russian roubles. I cannot think up more. The electric plate with installation will cost nearby 11500. It nearby 380 american dollars. I cannot make it without your help! Please, do not throw me in such difficult situation. I miss you very much! Your Tanya!
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