Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Eshmekova to Tom (Norway)

Letter 1
Hi my lovely! How are you my Knight? I die without you is awful! I very much love you. I cannot be if not you, it is so difficult. You - my life, I want to grasp you so that to feel your high temperature, to study your eyes, to feel like similarly to is similar to happy and safe about you. I am confident, that everyone will be good, and the destiny will work for us, and we shall be happy together. I frequently think of us, and I try to imagine our life together. Sometimes I feel, that you so about, and - be close to me. I even feel you on distance. I feel, when you are in high spirit and when you are sad. I am happy, when you are happy. I want to be with you and me though about ways for us to be together. You very close person, and well concern to me!!! I love it. Mine Love Today I have left to agency of travel, and have learned, that will be necessary to arrive for me to you. During the beginning it is necessary to collect for me all necessary documents:
1. The valid passport
2. Two black-and-white photos
3. The filled application - questionnaire
4. Documents, evidence, that I in Russia have work
5. Documents, what acknowledgement in Russia remains direct relatives So that to arrive to your country, I should do some documents and receive the visa.
It borrows some time, certainly, and to do many documents of my party. And manufacturing of these documents in me will leave approximately 8 days. But I shall do all which depends on me. Concerning the visa, there is a visa of the Bride, but it - not the best variant for us as we have not met however, and we have no any documents and pictures to improve our meeting. And concerning me have told, that again and it will be again better to receive it the visa the Category In - 1/-2, it is placed during the period of one or two months or even three months. And already when I shall arrive to you, we with you together, we can start to sort our relations. But there is one thing which upsets me very much. You see, I should pay reception of the visa. And during the beginning I should enter his registration in you country which are in Moskovsk embassy. In agency to me have explained, that I can legalize all papers through them, and to Moscow I should go only on interview to the consul for consideration and receptions of my visa. My love it will be necessary for me for registration of my documents 415 euro, for consideration of my documents and registration of the visa, it will occupy only 10 days, I was very happy that we with you can very soon!!! I have the big desire to arrive to you to see you, at last. I very much love you My Love, and I do not want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it. I am fair also sincere with you. I want to see you very much; It is a pity, road if it upsets you. I only think, that we should accuse of everyone another and divide all. Hope, that you agree with me. Only imagine, which during short time we could be together My Love. Also there is only one problem now which I cannot solve. I hope, that you will understand me and will help me to pay my documents! I should go to agency to fill forms and to write the application on reception of my documents. Reception is appointed on Monday! I will need to pay my documents up to this term necessarily! I have learned, that you can send me of money in current of several minutes through system of monetary transfers Western union, and also Money Gram. To me have told about these systems of transfers in the transport company. You should go to any branch westernunion or money gram in your city and to transfer money for my name: Ekaterina Eshmekova. Samara. home 23. appart 48. Russia. To me have told, that it very quickly and reliably! If you will not find branch in the city you can contact westernunion and money gram through their official sites. Addresses: and Please transfer me 415 euro today or tomorrow! I very much love you, you, the best in my life, and to our meeting could be the happiest for us! I want to feel you My Love!!! Ekaterina.
Letter 2
Hello my love Tom! I to rise today early at 5 o'clock in the morning. At 6 o'clock in the morning I was already at the airport. There very big turns as now it is time holidays from work and everyone want to fly on rest to other country. I have learned, that I will need to buy an open ticket! So, that is required to me 720 euro. There the insurance policy during flight and also gathering of the airport enters! euro to buy the ticket up to airport Bergen!
Please transfer me of money today! I shall wait for your letter! Love!
you future wife Ekaterina.
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