Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Kovalshuk to Peter (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Hi Peter !

Thank you very much for your attention to me. I like your letter. I want to see your picture. Everything is O'K, but only one thing is strange for me. Your wrote that sex is your hobby. I always think that sex is a part of love, first of all feelings and after that sex. I am normal healthy woman and love a sex too, but with LOVING man. Sex is as love, but not as amusement.Maybe I am mistaken, but it is my opinion. O'K, now I want to tell you about me. I am 31 y.o., single, have no children and I have never been married.

Now I am in Germany and spend my vacation with my german friends. I have been working in a bank as an accountant. I dream to build a happy family life with children.

I have been in Denmark - HERNING. Where do you live in Denmark ?
You can write me :
Sincerely, Sveta

Letter 2

Hi Peter !

Thank you very much for your loving letter. Yes I want to write you, but I can't promise you something now. I need money but I hardly dare ask you for money.

I would like to know how do you spend your free time ? Why are your looking for a woman from another country ? Now I spend my vacation. I do love sea. Last summer I spent in Norway. I like scandinavian countries and people are so kind. I was in Sweden three years ago. Frankly I don't know what I must tell you about myself. If you have any questions, please.
Who knows, maybe we will meet.
Sincerely yours Sveta

Letter 3

I haven't any boyfriend in Germany, but I am going to another country yet. I don't lost a belief in happy marriage through Internet.
If you don't believe, please, be honest with any woman.
Good luck !

Letter 4

Peter, I don't know what you didn't understand. I am going to another country to meet with another man. I don't want to hurt you, but I didn't like your wishes, but not you. We trust each other. He is my man. He sent me money and presents. If people can't trust each other it is impossible to continue any serious relation. I have done my choice.
I think You will find a woman of your dreams very soon. Many women are single in the world. I have been looking for a my man through internet for 6 years.
With best wishes Svetlana

Letter 5

It is really funny. Thank you for it. I was correctly with you, but you have some problems with your heard amd must go to the doctor immideatelly. Why are you alone still if you are a right man? You looks more older,about 50 years. Why ? What are you doing by your face. You must be more decent because You can stay alone forever. Please think about it. It is good for you, but not for me. Life is life.Yes ?
But my life become more beautiful. I amnot going to think about any stupid words. I am more intelligent than you think. I go to in a bed because tomorrow I must looks very beautiful like always.
Good night and bye forever.



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