Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Kovalshuk to Luc (France)
Letter 1
My darling, wonderful Luc, I was so angry today, because my neighbours received a letter with your invitation in Friday, but gave me this only today.
I am very happy at the moment because now it will be not a long time that we will see us. I hope that you are also happy like me? I am so looking forward to meeting you.
I have been thinking more and more about you and what our first meeting would be like. I hope and pray that neither one of us would be disappointed in the other. I think we have a good understanding about each other, >we can laugh and tease together, and I think its so nice! Of course we have been living in to different worlds, and that will of course take time to get aquainted with that, but as long as we both are willing to work on that part I am sure will will overcome the differences. I have so much to tell you also and have so much to learn from each other I almost cannot wait till we meet.
I want make a clear still one question, Luc, the tickets to France and back would cost aproximate - 400$ and visa - 50$. Do you can send for me this money? Because I do not have the money for this by my own, I am paid 300$ for my new ukrainian and foreign passports not long time ago.
My dear, I send you my kiss with love and hope to meet you very soon.
Your Lyudmila.
Letter 2
Hi my darling Luc, Sorry, that I don't write you earlie, but internet was not work. Only now I read your letter again and saw that you asked for me to send for you a copy of french visa, I am though before that you asked to send a copy of your invitation, sorry. Luc, I think that you are forgot that I must to show in french embassy a tickets to France and back and only after this I can receive a visa, I can't go to embassy without a tickets.
I feel so much happier since I received your invitation. Now, it is my heart that is talking and my six sense rather than reason. It is because you are, already, a part of me and I feel so comfortable either talking or writing to you and like if I knew you for most of my life, now. I love to hear you laughing and sometimes wait for you to find the exact English word.
You seem to be so open minded, down to earth and yet sentimental.
Also, that you have full control of your life and whatever you do, you will do it precisely, efficiently and dynamically.
In that aspect, and many others that we will go into that another time, I can see how you can fit in a more complicated society as ours, but still remain the warm, friendly, fair and lovely person you are.
Have "Gods" been so gracious to me and allow me to get to know you, and be with you?
Ok, sweet lips ( I was just wondering if you can also kiss as good and as pretty as your lips look.....just wondering).
Always thinking of you and loving everything about you.
Your Lyudmila.
Letter 3
Hi Luc, beutiful dream of mine, I am sure that we will live thousand of our dreams in the reality.
We have the same temperament. I passionately desire your body as you desire mine and our love it will be grandiose. But it is not only sex... you have been able of to take my heart and now I desire you completely!
I want everything of you, I want your heart, your mind, your thoughts, your dreams, your body. I would not know how to imagine such a complete love's relationship... I would not know how to imagine next to me a different man then you.
Luc, it's all OK with money.
Today I called to French ambassy and man answered me that I can come to embassy only after 27 of December.
Again we must wait. Tomorrow I would go to Kiev to buy a tickets to France.
I want to kiss You tenderly passionately lovingly.
Your Lyudmila.
Letter 4
Hi my darling Luc, I will be away and not available until the 26 of December.
I am go to my relatives in Kiev.
Promise I come back to you after this date.
I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas I hope that in the meantime you had a good Christmas and that you were thinking of me a little. I will be thinking about you a lot.
Take care, my LOVER.
I want to kiss You tenderly passionately lovingly.
Your Lyudmila.
P.S. Of course, you can send me a new invitation.
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