Scam letter(s) from Anna Sevruk to John (USA)

Letter 1
My Dear John! I'd like to apologize at once that I didn't act as you told me and now I write you my letter in English again. Darling, I have asked the director of the Internet cafe whether it is possible to send you my letter in Russian, but unfortunately, he told me it isn't possible because the obligatory service of the Internet cafe is translation of the letters. Of course, if I had the computer at home, then it would be easy for me to do, but unfortunately, only very rich people of my country can afford to have their own computer at home. Of course, it would be better for me also to make the correspondence with you in Russian, beside that it will be much cheaper, but I can't change those rules myself and that's why I do hope you'll understand me. Sweetheart! I should tell you something about the payment for the Internet services. I use the services of the Internet cafe. This organization has some computers and the women who want to find a husband come here and make the correspondence with foreign men. These girls told me that many women have already left my country and there are many girls which are going to leave it. They have a certain man with whom they already met and these girls make all documents. All foreign men pay them the costs of the services of the Internet cafe because it is too expensive for us. The Internet cafe takes the payment for the subscription and using the computer 50$ per month and 5$ for the typing, translating and sending for one my letter. The prices are too high but they know that in any way, the foreign men pay for the correspondence and they think that this price is suitable. I think that as for money, I live in a very crazy country, but you will see it when you will come to me. In a word our correspondence will cost for me at about 100$ per month because we should write each other as much as possible to know each other better before we will meet both of us. We should make everything to be together in the future. In addition, I really want to leave my country and to have thoughtful shoulder of my man, husband and lover near me. Moreover, I want to be sure, calm near my sweet husband in happiness, and sad, to take a half of success and sufferings and to be with him all my life. Oh, yes, I forget to tell you if you transfer the money. It will be better if you do it through the Western Union there is an office in my town and all women from the Internet cafe get money this way. You can transfer money on my full name: Anna Sevruk, town- Kremenchug, country- Ukraine. Of course, if not the understanding of my parents and their help to me, then I could never apply to the Internet cafe services and wouldn't get acquainted with you ever. Although $100 is a greatest sum of money for them too, but in order their daughter will be happy and will find her best half in the world they managed to find that sum of money for me. I think you understand that as well as all parents my parents are ready to do anything in order their children will be happy, they are ready to make the sacrifice by something for our happiness. I do love my parents very much. My Dear John, if you can help me to pay for our making the correspondence, then I'll be very grateful to you for that from the bottom of my heart. I do hope that soon you'll have the opportunity to come to me and to meet with me in a real life. I understand that no communicating with the help of the letters can substitute the communication in the real life. I'll be finishing my letter to you already and will wait for your letter with the greatest impatience.
I wish you to have a good day and sweet dreams.
Yours Anna.
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