Scam letter(s) from Elena Chebanuk to Chris (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi my love Chris! Thank you for your letter and thank you for the money. I will try to receive it tomorrow and I will go to shop to buy a mobile phone. And when I'll do it - I will write you the number as soon as possible. I'm so glad that tomorrow I will be able to talk to you...I'm so nervous because I don't know if my English will be enough to talk with easily...I hope that it will be so...Anyway I just want to hear your voice...I hope that everything is great with you there. I'm fine here and I'm very happy that I'm able to write you now...I want to tell you that I didn't sleep for a long time tonight because I was thinking of you and I was dreaming about out meeting...And I wrote this poem for you... Our emails are like fingerprints,
We leave them
On walls, on furniture,
On doorknobs, dishes, books,
As we touch we leave our identity.
Oh please where ever I go today,
Help me leave heartprints!
Heartprints of compassion
Of understanding and love.
Heartprints of kindness
and genuine concern.
May my heart touch a lonely person
Or a runaway daughter,
Or an anxious mother,
Or, perhaps, a very dear newfound friend!
I shall go out today
To leave heartprints,
And if someone should say
"I felt your touch,"
May that one sense be...YOUR LOVE
Touching through ME. I hope that you like it...It just goes dorectly from my heart...I love you and I'm so happy that we've met...I'm remembering my life before I've met you and I see that it was so boring and monotone...and now I'm like a flower...and I'm waiting for you...when you will take this flower...I just miss you so much here. I will end now but I will write you tomorrow about everything...I love you..
Your Elena
Letter 2
Hi my love Chris! I'm ******...I'm a little foolish girl...I just don't know what to do...I want to tell you taht you're the best man in the world. It's true and I know it...and you should have girl better then me...I'm so ****** know...I just went to the bank and I receive the money...and then I was going home before I wanted to go to buy a phone and I went home by bus...and when I came home I've seen only a cut on my bag and no money...I think they was following me from the bank and they cut my bag in the bus...I just don't know what to do...I was so happy that I was able to buy a phone and call you and now I feel like I'm just a crying little girl in this big cruel world...I just...please, write me what to do...I hate this country...the country of thieves...I'm really happy that you loved my poem...but I'm simply so upset now that I can't say anything...I love your present very much but I don't know if it is Ok for me...the most foolish girl in the world...Anyway I want to tell you that I love you...and miss you so much here...
Your Elena
Letter 3
Hi my love Chris!
Thank you for your letters. Please, don't think that I'm angry...of course I'm not angry on you...I love you and I just can't be angry...of course I'm little upset because it's very hard for me to write you often...and thats why I'm missing you very hardly...As I wrote you the cost of computer is something about 800-1000 USD. It's the cost of phoneline to my home too...but anyway as I wrote you before - I don't want to bother you with money...I want to tell you that I have some not very good news...First: I didn't receive the parcel yet...I don't know why...Maybe you'll be able to find out it there because I can't do it here. Also I wasn't able to find an imigration center in my town...I will try to search more...but I've never heard about it...and I live here for all my life...I really don't know where it's situated but i will try to search more, I promise you, because I know that we don't have a lot of time. I'm really very upset now because today I had a little conflict with my boss...he's always shouting at me...I hate it...Ok, and everything is fine, so don't worry...And how are you there, my love? I hope that everything is great...I will go now because it's too late here but I hope that I will have your letter as soon as please, write me soon...
Love you,
Your Elena
Letter 4
Hi my love Chris!
It's early morning and I went here to write you because I miss you very much. Thank you for sending money to me. I won't spend them because I will try to save them and if you will send me some more I will buy a computer. I will only spend some money to call you today from the postal office. I hope that I'll be able to talk to you. Also I will try to find this imigration center today. I will do my best to find out everything that I need. Ok, I understand that way: I need to send you an invitation letter and then you won't need to book a hotel. Am I right? I hope that people in this center will help me with all of this...Ok, I will write you later when I will return from bank and when I will have a break on my work...
Love you,
Your Elena
Letter 5
Hi Chris. My name is Tatyana. I'm Elena's friend and I think that she wrote you about me. I want you to know that terrible thing has happened. Elena was going to call you and she went to the postal office to do it. When she went there she was bitten by the car. The driver was ***** and he is in the jail right now. I'm shocked...She was so happy that she found you and she wanted to see you so much...and it happened. She is in the hospital here, in Cheboksary now and she is very bad. She simply can't talk and she can't move now. She wrote me on the paper to write you and to say you that she loves you and she is really very sorry for this situation...You know, here in Russia, there are a lot of man who are driving *****'s really terrible. I'm crying now, you know I'm very close to her and the doctors say that there are chance for her to be all right soon but they can't say when it will be. I will hope that everything will be fine with her...and she will be finally able to meet you. I'm so glad that you found each other and now I just don't know what to think...She always was dreaming about your meeting and she always told me how she loves you and that she was really happy...And she really was. I saw it. I will go to the hospital every day and I will write to you every day too about her health. I pray for her and I hope that you will pray too... I hope that everything will be fine with you and she...I really hope so...
Letter 6
Hi Christopher. I'm glad that you wrote. I just returned from hospital. Elena is very bad here. I don't want to talk about it but she can die. She needs to come to Moscow and she needs an operation there...I don't know what to do... She was happy to learn English to talk to you that she loves you on your language...and now I'm crying because it's so ******...I just don't know what to say. I want to tell you that I won't be able to write you more soon because I won't have a computer. My friends and I now are saving money to pay for Elena's operation so I will sell this computer very soon. And Elena's mother is going to sell their flat...I will say her that you loves her daughter... I know that she will be glad to hear it... I don't know how I will write you about Elena. If you want you can give me your mail address and I will write you using regular mail but I really don't know how much time it will take to send a hand-written letter to you. I want to tell you one thing. I don't know if you will like it or no but I just can't keep silence about it. I bought a lot of red roses to Elena and I said her that you sent them to her. She was so happy! You know, I just want her to be happy and thats why I did it. I tell her always how you love her and I know that she is happy to hear it. I hope that you don't think that I did bad. As I wrote you before it's very hard for her to talk so I don't think that it's good idea to call her...I will ask her to write something to you tomorrow...she really loves you very much...I'm crying now...I just don't know what to do...I will be able to write you until Thursday using this computer and then I will sell it. So I hope that I will have a letter from you tomorrow.
Letter 7
Hi Christopher. Thank you for your letters. I know that you love her and she loves you very much too...she's thinking only about you there and she's crying all the time...and I'm crying too...but I promise you that I will do my best to save her life...she needs an transplantation of kidney. This operation should be done in the hospital in Moscow named The Scientific Research Institute of Transplantology and Artifical Organs. I should sell my computer. You just can't imagine how expensive is this operation. It costs 14300 USD and now we have only 9800 USD because I and friends of Elena sold everything that we just could sell and borrowed as much money as we could...I just don't know what to do...but I can only tell you that I will sell myself if it will be needed to save Elena's life...I know her since our childhood and she's the best woman that I know...she never did harm to anyone...and such thing happened...I ask God everytime: Why? But I don't have an answer...Doctors will move her to Moscow on Friday but it will be useless if we won't find all money...Anyway, Chris, I just want to tell you that I will do my best for you and Elena to be together...I promise it to you...I will go now and then I will return here and write you...I will say her once more how you love her...she will be happy to hear it, I know...
Letter 8
Hi Christopher. Thank you for your words. I see that you really love Elena and that you take care of her. But I want to tell you that we need to have all the money before Friday and it is 4500 USD or 7500 Australian dollars. It's very very big money and I don't know if you're able to find such money...I even don't want to ask you for it...but I will ask Devil if I won't have another way to save Elena's life as I promised you...I will save her life for you...because I know that she will be happy with you. I was in the hospital and Elena was sleeping...You know...she was smiling while she was was a little but so nice smile...I guess that she saw you in her dream...I said her that you love her as you asked me...and then I just wasn't able to stop my tears and I started to cry...I just don't know what to do, Chris...It's so terrible...I just couldn't imagine such bad situation in my life...and it happened so ******...she just wanted to call you...and she was so happy that she will hear your voice...I don't know what to say...I will just do my best to make everything become fine again...Doctors say that if the operation will be done she will never have any problems with it because it's the best operation and there is 100% guarantee that her health will be great after it...but she's still bad here...because she has a shock and also her hand is breaked...but it's not so serious...I will go now because it's too late here and Internet cafe is closing but I will write you tomorrow before I'll go to Elena...
I forgot to tell you that my fullname is Tatyana Kuklina and my homeaddress is:
Sovetskaya Ulica 14-21
Yaroslavl Russia
Letter 9
Hi Christopher. I'm sorry that I didn't write you yesterday but I had a problem with an internet so I wasn't able to send you a letter. I have good news for you. I speaked with the doctors and I asked them to wait with another half of money and they said that they can wait before May. So if you will send me money tomorrow and I will sell this computer for 700 USD we will need only 2200 USD. We will need to pay this ammaunt of money before May. But please, don't worry about it if you don't have this money. I will try to find it myself. Anyway Elena will be in good health and we will think together. I will do my best as I promised you so I hope everything will be fine. She is very bad there now and she's sleeping all the I don't know if she heard how I said that you love her but anyway she knows it and she loves you too...I know it and I know that everything will be son is very ill and I'm worried about it but he's much better then he was yesterday so I'm glad about it too. I will be waiting for your letter tomorrow and I will answer you when I will received it. Also I found an internet cafe near my home so I will write you about Elena when I will sell my computer. So you don't need to worry about it. I will go to sleep now and I hope that you're glad a little about my news...
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