Scam Letter(s) from Daria Baklykova to Coarty (Mexico)

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Letter 1

Dear Arturo,
I want tell you a very important thing: receiving your letters makes me feel all warm inside. I have thought a lot about you, not quite believing there's such a person out there, but now I am sure of it. You have a way with words that moves me, moves me in such a way that my perception and shields falter. You see I'm really quite shy and very sensitive, but to protect myself I have kind of put the essence of me deep down, where it can't be hurt. But this way, the way we are corresponding, my emotions seem to seep up to the surface. The way you write to me, have a way of opening up a valve inside me, involuntary, my conscience or ego tells me "slow down, be careful, don't stick out your nose, you'll just get hurt again", but I can't help it.
By the way I asked my best friend Olga to help me with credit card and she was glad to help me.
One Wall St.
New York, N.Y.,10286, USA
Swift code: IRVTUS3N
Correspondent account: 890-0085-754
CHIPS 332357

Letter 2

Dearest Arturo,
I got the money, thank you very much. Then I went to Rostov and ordered the passport. It will ready 23 February. after that I will be able to book the trip.
I must admit I have been thinking about you for the past few days wondering what would it be to see you in person. I feel everything in life happens for a reason.
it's very excited for me to meet you and know that you live so far away from me.
So many emotions come to my heart every time I see ynbsp;
It makes me suffer to know we are so far away but it makes me happy at the same time the fact that one day I will see your face.
Sincerely yours,

Letter 3

Dearest Arturo,
I am so sorry but I don't think i understand your questions well. I understand they are important that is why i ask you to find a person who knows English well and to translate them for you.
I got the passport. Yesterday evening I came back from Rostov, was very tired and couldn't write to you. I hope that we will be soon together, I shall think that together we will be the happiest couple all over the world. I want to see you so much, my heart is torn to you and I hope that I can see you soon.
I like you a lot and I think of you EVERY DAY.
And I want to be with you now very very very much, maybe you feel the same. I can tell you that I feel very close to you already after reading your sincere letters.
My feelings for you grow stronger everyday, I wait for e-mails with eager anticipation.

Letter 4

Dearest Arturo,
what can i do? I am in despair, i told you i had lost my bag with the documents and the money, now i have to remake all the papers, to go to Rostov, to order a new ID, then to make all the other papers. Tomorrow I am going to Rostov, after the lessons. The girls lent me some money for the trip. I asked for some days off at the university. I will write to you form Rostov.
A kiss from Natasha

Letter 5

Dearest Arturo,
Well. I think, I am getting into the matter by now. I sent my pictures to the sites of different model agencies some months ago. I dreamed to become a model, you see. I have never received any reply and got disappointed. Actually, there are a lot of people I sent my pictures through internet. Some men asked for new pictures every day, for naked pictures, full body and so on. I was happy people like me. Now i understand that their purpose could be not the one I hoped it was. What to do, I am naive and silly. But still believe to find my love and an honest man who will not abuse my trustfulness.
I have scanned my passport but that disc is at home, i forgot to take it with me, I will try to send the copy tomorrow,

Letter 6

Dearest Arturo,
I am so sorry about telling you everything in details and making you worry. Now I am calmer and I think, i should have waited a bit to present things in a less tragic way than i actually did. Forgive me honey, I did not mean to put stress on you too. I am rather fine now, the knee is still hurting but all the rest is rather fine. Tomorrow I will go to give my classes, I don't want to miss things. And i need money badly now as i lost quite a lot. The passport is really what upsets me. it means i must do it again, or what?
I am too busy with the study now, it is last month and we have LOADS of things to do. Let's postpone our meeting till I graduate. I can't even go to Rostov now.
Well, don't want to write negative things anymore.
Your Natasha

Letter 7

Dear Arturo,
Again you are talking to me as if I was a criminal. Why should I prove my identity??? What wrong have I done?!!! If you are sick with my beautiful letters, maybe you are sick with my feelings too? I was told, by the way that it is dangerous to send any information in the internet as it can be used by other people. So I am not going to send via internet my documents.

Letter 8

Dear Arturo,
I don't understand why you still want to be protected from me????!! What harm can i do for you???? I am thousands of miles away!! Please stop being like that. I thought you finally began to have sincere feelings for me but you still are afraid of me. WHY?



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