Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Pilipchuk to John (Canada)

Letter 1
First of all I'd like to thank you for your great letter. I didn't even suspect to get the reply from somebody so quickly! And I must tell you that I were even more surpised to read about you and to know about your intentions as I have the same in my soul and it seems to me we have much common interest to share. Who knows what will be in future but I'd like to get to know each other better because I like you very much too! I want us to correspond and to communicate as much as possible. Of course it is not so easy to know somebody from the internet but I hope we'll develop our communication and then meet.....I'd love to! I wanted to tell you that this is my first try on the site . One of my best friend used it and she has found a very good man and now they are happy . They have already meet each other. I want us to be open as it will help us to be closer. Speaking about myself I can say that I'm trustful and open person by nature. As my friends say I'm tender and very careful girl. As you know I'm 22 years old and I'm slim. I care about my shape. I do gym every day and I don't eat much. But I like to cook very much! I live together with my parents and I don't have brothers nor sisters. Only cousins. I love all of them! I'm finishing the university very soon and I'm going to get the diploma. I'm going to be a teacher of ecology. I love children with all my heart. I want to have my own family and to take care of my husband. Family is on the first place for me. Ok, I have so much to tell you......feel free to ask me whatever you'd like. I'll answer with pleasure!
I want to wish you to have a good day and I'll wait for your reply again.
Letter 2
How are you? I've got your letter and was very happy to know that your interest is strong. After first letter of yourself I was so much excited and now I only hope that our interest will grow letter by letter! Concerning the telephone conversation I don't have my own number at home and the number which is on the site is the mobile of my father. So for me it is not very comfortable to use it. But I'd also like to talk to you and when we decide to talk to each other I'll give you the telephone number of my best friend and we'll talk. What do you think?? In this letter I continue telling you about myself and answering your quetsions too. As you know my full name is Pilipchuk Ksenia . I study the ecology and I like it. As for my likes and dislikes. I like cooking, dancing,traveling, doing gym and being with my friends and relatives. I'm communicative person. And they say very cheerful! I have a great sense of humor . So you wount be sad in my company. I'm intelligent and I had a good up-bringing. I lived in love because my parents always loved me with all their heart. So I have a perfect family where everyone cares about each other and I have a good example of a happy marriage. I want to have my own one and be happy with my life partner. I only hope this can be you the man I look for?! By the way I wanted to let you know that I stop my search as I have found you and I think it is not honest to be in contact with another man also . I like you I want to correspond only with you. Hope you don't mind it?! As for my dislikes.......I don't like lie and when people are not active. I'm energetic girl and I always do something. You wount be boring with myself! You know I think we can be a very good couple as we have great personalities and also good appearance. But I want you to know that for me is very important your intentions. My feelings were hurt once and I'm afraid of being hurt again. I have dated with the ukrainian man here and he cheated me. We broke up and have nothing to each other now. Well,I'm closing this letter and I want to wish you to have a cheerful mood!
Kisses, Ksenia
Letter 3
Hello,John! How are you?Your beautiful letters really touched my heart. From the way you wrote, I know you must be a very refined person. My fortunate to know you! Life is so unpredictable, isn't it? Two persons from two different culture, country, get to know each other through e-mail...No one can know what is the outcome...we could be just friend, or a pair, couple.... It is the "unpredictable" that make life interesting. In fact, how we going to be, depend alot on what we want. Maybe, till the day we meet, then we will be able to decide what we want for each other..friend, happy couple. Anyway I want you to know that I like you very much and I hope our communication will better day by day and then we'll meet...I'm saying bye but I'll be looking forward to hear your answer Ksenia
Letter 4
Hello,my dear!
How are you?
John, tell me please will you be able to call me on Monday at 7 pm of my time??
My friend is not in the city now and when she be back we can talk.......what do you think?
I miss you and think of you much It is a busy day for me and now I must run as I'll have tow lessons soon Talk to you later
Have a good day!
Yours Ksenia
Letter 5
Hello,my dear John !
Thank you very much for your confirmation. I'll look forward to your call on MOnday at 7 pm of my time. Remember please about our time difference .How much I want to hear your voice! So how do you like to spend your weekends?? What do you do? As for me today I'm going to our summer cottage to make some gardening. I like it very much. John, I think of you every day and I look forward to every your letter I'll write you later on
Kiss you
Yours Ksenia
ps best regards from my parents......they ask me a lot about you
Letter 6
Hello,my dear John! How are you?I'm terribly sorry but we can't talk tomorrow as my friend has an urgent matter and she wount be at home. It is not my fault ,dear. She will be in the city only on Thursday ....tell me please will you be able to call me at 7.oo pm of my time on this day?? My dear, here is the telephone number of my friend +380 642 53-39-15 Dear, I want to talk to you very much and we should wait a bit.
John, I want you to have a good time with your father thinking of you.......Ksenia
Letter 7
Hi,my dear John! I have been thinking about you so much lately. I try to picture out what your beautiful smile and eyes look like when you are full of joy. My day has been pretty good. I worked from sun up to sun down, and then some of my friends and me went swimming. I love swimming. I believe that I could do it everyday. Maybe someday in the near future, you and me will be able to go swimming or something close to it. Please, will you go with me? I wish the best for you with everything that you face in life; just remember, I will be there for you every step of the way. I am going to go for now, I really have to get into the bed so I can get a little rest for work tomorrow. I really need the rest for tomorrow . I miss you and hope to hear from you soon
Sweet Dreams...yours Ksenia
Letter 8
Hi,my dear John! I went to our summer cottage and spent the time here. I didn't have any access to internet to write you my letter. I missed you so much! After each letter of yourself I realize how deep are my feelings to you. I think of you every day and I talk to my parents about you very often. They always ask me how is he doind? What is new ? They wish us to meet each other too and I'm looking forward to it! I know that when we meet we'll enjoy the time being together as we are both tender people. I try to imagine the first moment we look at each other and kiss. I'll hold you with hot kisses. Wow,dear I 'm counting the days till we have our meeting! I'm doing pretty fine and you are in my mind. I wish we could be near each other at the moment. But I know that we'll meet each other in the nearest future and my mood is cheerful when I think of it. Everything depend's upon the arrangements. But you can be sure I'll do my best to meet you soon! OK, dear I'd like to wish you to have a very good day and mood
Be smile.......yours Ksenia
Letter 9
Hello,dear John!
What is the weather like today? Here in Lugansk the weather is nice. Very warm and the sun is shining. I like such a weather and it always makes my mood cheerful. I like to be outdoors when the sun is bright and the sky is blue. I'm going to my best friend's party .It will be her birthday . I have got a great present for her. She likes to grow flowers at home. So I have found one wich is very nice for her collection. I also like flowers and gardening brings me a great satisfaction. What is your favourite flower? I like red rose. It smells so good.
I wish we could go to my friend together . You'd like the company. They all are very nice and friendly people. John, as for my father's friend .....yes, he works at the embassy and when I told my father about us he said that it will be possible to get the visa without any problem. Because my father's friend can help me with this. So if we decide me to come to you I 'll have to start getting it. But we should decide what we will do next! Ok, I'm saying bye to you but I'll look forward to get your letter
Yours Ksenia
Letter 10
Hello,dear !
John,I have the problem ...tell me please will you be able to help me with the correspondence fees?! With your support it will be much easier for me to get your letters. I'm in need of your help........let me know as soon as possible please
Kisses....yours Ksenia
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