Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Pilipchuk to Johnny (Canada)

Letter 1
Thank you very much for your letter of introduction. I was reading it with a great interest.I think we really want the same things in life but we need time to check it. I hope we will continue our correspondence and will get to know each other better. I'm very frank and open person by my nature and that's why I can say that I will be always open with you in my letters. Feel free to ask me about anything you would like to know.
I have put my add on internet because I look for my second half. I want to find the man whose search is to have a happy relationships with a loving person. I don't date with anybody . My friend has advised me to put the advertisement and I'm glad that you wrote me. We shouldn't worry about the language as I can speak English good. I have studied it at school and then at university. As you know I'm a student and I wanted to tell you that now I'm finishing this semester and I do it succesfully. I will be a teacher of Ukrainian. I don't work. I live with my parents and I don't have any brothers or sisters. My family is large as there are a lot of cousins ,aunt and uncles in it. We all are very friendly and care about each other. I'm 20 yers old and my birthday is the 1st of March. By my nature I'm cheerful and optimistic girl. I like to tarvel,to go out,to cook,to dance ( I can dance latin very good). I like to play tennis and billiard.My father tought me. I go to the swimming - pool practically every day now. Also I do gym. I think every woman should care about her shape and I also care about it. I run in the morning.All this brings me much energey and fresh emotions.
As I like to cook very much I wanted to tell you a bit about it.My favourite dish is chickens with potatoes.I make it perfect . I like tomatoes and bananas very much. When I go to disco with my friends I like to eat an ice-cream. I don't drink and I don't smoke.I have never smoked before.
Well, I think it will be enough for the first time ...I want to wish you a good day! I will be waiting to get a letter from you again!
Ask me anything and send me more pictures please!
Letter 2
This is very nice to get your letter again. I waited for it. Thank you very much! How are you doing?
I'm fine and I'm going to the swimming-pool in an hour with my cousins.
I wanted to tell you that I have many good friends as I'm open person. I like to communicate with people. If someday you see them you will enjoy the company too.I'm sure. They are very smart and intelligent. My best friend's name is Irina. She is my group mate at university. I hope you don't mind that I will write you my letters from the internet cafe because I don't have my computer at home.But you shouldn't be worry as it is easy for me to use the service.The internet cafe is not far from the house I live. This is new. By the way I want to let you know I live in a beautiful city Lugansk. I lived in Yalta because I studied there at the local Pedagogical university for 2 years and I have many relatives there. They have a good university with wonderful facilities but then I decided to continue my education in my city. The new faculty has just opened here and I entered the course. I'm on the third course. I will have 1 more year of education. But I'm allowed to work as a teacher already. I must tell you that for me it is much easier to study in my native city than in Yalta.
Now I spend most of my day at university.I'm finsihing all I need to complete this year of the educational programme. In a week I will totally be free. It makes me glad as I'm going to have my holidays soon! How do you usually like to spend your free time and holidays?? As for me I like an active kind of rest.
As we began our correspondence I thought it would be great to have a phone conversation someday..what do you think? I think it can make us closer to each other and I will be curious to hear your voice! With warm wishes! Ksenya
Letter 3
Hello,my dear John!
How are you?
Please confirm if you can call me on Friday at 4 pm of My time?? The number of my friend is +38066 730 95 39
And I will wait for your call! I want to speak with you very much!
Waiting for your letter
Yours Ksenya
Letter 4
Hello,my dear John!
How are you doing?
Today was a hard day for me and I'm very tired. I spent many hours at university and then I could not get the applications card for my new shedule . Every student does it but it was a very long turn and the office where everyone gets all the applications closed. I'm failed to get the application for me and I spent so many hours at university.
Well, but in any case I think it is not such a big problem to be sad because tomorrow I'll try all of my best to get it! I try not to be dissapointed. I'm cheerful person by my nature! When I think of you,my dear I'm getting better! So tell me how was your day and what is new? Now it is getting late here and I must go home but I will be thinking of you much! I wish you to have sweet dreams!
Yours Ksenya
Letter 5
Hello,dear John!
How was your day?I'm looking forward to speak with you too!!!
My day was better as I've got the application card for my new shedule at university.I will look at it and will decide wether I will be taking the Master Degree or not. I'm thinking it over. On Tuesday we will celebrate our Independence day . It is going to be a huge celebration here...many concerts and fireworks! I like fireworks very very much! I always look at it . Dear, I miss you stronger day by day and when we meet I know we will have a good time! My parents send you a big hello!!!
I'm sending you the best hug and kiss you have ever had!
Yours Ksenya
Letter 6
Hello,my dear John!
How is your weekend going? Is everything all right? I hope so. I miss you! I miss you much! Let me know if you can call me on Sunday at 6 pm of my time? (+38066 730 95 39) I'm doing fine. All people are getting to be ready to our national great holiday -the Independence Day which is going to be next Tuesday. This will be huge celebration! I like it and every year I attend the ceremony and concert. All streets look very nice and sunny because there are many decorations all over the places! I think this is very good to celebrate something because it always brings much pleasure and joy! Do you agree? Now there are 5 days off here and people look forward to the holiday. I like to watch the celebration on TV which goes in Kiev. This is bright!
I spent Saturday at home mostly as I needed to make laundry and to clean my house. I helped my mother a lot and tomorrow I will have some rest. I'm going to swim and to play tennis with my friends.
Dear,I wish you could be here right now so we could spend great weekend! But I look forward to our meeting when we will be able to spend much time with each other! I'm sending you my cheerful mood and hot kiss !
Yours Ksenya
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