Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Berezina to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi Dan! My name is Tatyana. I have seen yours id on a site: and have wanted to write to you. I would like to tell about myself slightly but if you will be interested and will answer me I can tell more and I shall send the photos in the following letter. I am 28 years old. I live in Russia. I have is long blonde hair. I have hazel eyes. My growth is 167 centimeters. Weight is 53 kgs. I want to get acquainted with kind, gentle and attentive man. I am looking for someone special to share my life with. For me age is not the main thing. The main thing is that there is love and mutual trust! I have a quiet nature but I am sociable, funny and love a good conversation. I will answer all questions that interest you. I like the men who speak the truth without a deceit. Main, that he had large heart and kind soul. I will speak more about myself in the following letters. Please write me on my e-mail address : I hope we will again. Best wishes. Tatyana
Letter 2
Hello dear Dan! Now I with impatience open the e-mail address whether to look there your letter. I am glad very much, that you had time to write to me again. My birthday August, 27, 1975.My favorite color is midnight-blue a dark color but represents the night sky and all that it holds the worlds that cannot be seen and the rest of the universe. I can not answer you a question: " Where I see yourself in 5 years ". I think, that it is impossible to plan for such big term. Quite it may turn out so, that we with you shall be together, and I shall leave to you to Canada. And there may be on the contrary I shall stay one in Russia and at me all will be on former. As speak at us in Russia: " the Person assumes, and the God has ". Now at us began little bit more work, than it was in the winter. Snow has thawn and together with it in water various polluting substances get. I read in newspapers, that in the European countries and in America are very seriously anxious with environmental problems. That cannot be told about Russia. But, to be fair, recently it is much done in this direction. I think, that the most important for maintenance of stable ecological conditions is interest in it of heads of the industrial enterprises. And also the appropriate financing in this question.
I shall wait your letters. Kisses. Yours Tanya
Letter 3
Hi my dear Dan! I have received your letter. And I like your photo very much! I am happy, because today have received your letter! You know, I not good know computer. I use it at work. But now I can be convinced, that the computer may help not only with work, but also in myself life. I like to reply your letters very much. Every time I read your letters and write to you with my great pleasure. Unfortunately I can not write to you every day. But while I try to do it. Do not worry if I do not write you every day. I am already seriously interested in continuation of our acquaintance and I shall write to you as soon as I shall have such opportunity. Now it is necessary for us to find out about each other more. It even is interesting very much to find out something new about you when you are for thousand kilometers from me. I think, that 10 more years back I might not and imagine it. Though it is possible in your country people use the Internet already for a long time and it does not cause amazement. You know, though from the beginning of our acquaintance has passed a little time, but I sometimes begin to think that we have real chance to change our life. For certain in the best side. My mom says that I'm very romantic person and I must not dream. But I'm sure that someday my dreams will become reality I shall wait your letter with impatience.Your Tanya.
Letter 4
Hi Dan! Thanks, that you have paid attention to my letter. In life sometimes it happens so, that the person liking to you does not notice you. At once I want to tell, that my English is not so good. But I hope, that you can understand me. I learned English language at school and in college. After leaving school I studied for 4 years in college by a speciality of the chemistry. I live in the town Sanchursk. It is very small town. It is located in Kirovskaya area. The Kirov area rather big and here is many woods. My mother lives in city of Kirov. This city is located in 250 kilometers from Sanchursk. I too was born in Kirov, but after the ending of college have arrived in Sanchursk. Now I live here already 7 years. But I often visit my mom. I never was married and I do not have children. My dream is to have the happy family based on love and mutual understanding. I have one-room apartment. I hope that in the future we will have serious relations. In the man I search for honesty, mutual understanding, reliability, sense of humour. But first of all - love! I do not love lie, a rage and nonsense.
I send you my 3 photos.
I shall wait for your answer. Tatyana.
Letter 5
Hi my new friend Dan! How are you doing? I am glad to see your letter again today. I would like to tell you a little more about myself. I work in laboratory at station of the sanitary-and-epidemiologic control. My work not difficult, but demands attentiveness as it is necessary to analyse a plenty. I work with test tubes and reactants much. But will suffice about work. I also like to have a rest well. In the summer I like to sunbathe, swimming, like to play beach volleyball, and also boating. And in winter I frequently ski. It is not mountain ski. Here are no high mountains. But it happens interestingly and cheerfully ski on a coast of the river and in a wood. My interests are various. I love dance, cook, walk on city. Also I read books, and also movies. I like to listen various music. It depends on mood. I like pop music, not hard rock and sometimes classical music. But I am especial do not like rap. In our town there is only one FM radio station. It is radio station of popular music and all of us should listen to it frequently. I really like your description and I would like to know so many things about you! Please write me: What are your plans for the future? What is your favourite colour? Do you sometimes sing for yourself? We are both looking for someone special, for our "second half". Do not you fear that distance could be a problem? Today for me it is difficult to write in English slightly, therefore I want to finish this letter with a wish nice day for you. I am pleasant to be answered your letters. I shall wait your answer. Sincerely, Tanya. bye-bye.
P.S. My full name is Tatyana. But my friends call me Tanya. If you want, may call me Tanya.
Letter 6
Hello my love Dan.
I have read your letter today. I agree with you completely. We shall not hurry up. I shall wait up to the end of June. I want to be with you together very much and I do not want any games too. Forgive me, that I have written to you such small letter. I shall write to you soon. I love you!
Many hugs and kisses. Your Tanya
Letter 7
Hi my dearest love Dan!
Certainly I want to be with you as soon as possible, but I understand, that in life there are many problems. Fortunately the majority of them can be solved. I think, that month it not such big term, and he will fly by quickly. Especially it is pleasant to wait for our meeting, knowing, that soon you will find yourself near to the love. My mom has told, that will give me money too. She is glad for us and to speak greetings for you. She has told, that wishs good luck us happiness! So it is possible to tell, that I have received blessing from my mom. I love you very much and I hope shall arrive to you soon! Your Tanya
Letter 8
my dearest Dan! How are you doing?
My days fly by rather quickly.
You see all my ideas only about you. To me even at work speak, that I began slightly another. But they do not know, that I has fallen in love! I would like to know everything important, that occurs in your life. I am very pleased, that you write to me often. I love it very much. Your letters make me very happy, because I feel love in them. I was so pleased when saw that you have written to me! I at once began to write to you this letter! I would like cook once for you. I do not doubt, that you will like of Russian kitchen. I want to find out too about that as it is possible to arrive to you thatour meeting was carried out. I promise to find out about it soon and I shallwrite to you.
I wait your letter very much! Strong hugs and tenderly kisses for you! Your Tanya.
Letter 9
Hi my only love Dan!!!
I am glad to see and read your letters today! I love you all heart and I think of you each day! Whether good weather there? Similar, that here there will be a cold summer this year. Whether also I at all do not know it will be possible to float in lake. So can you send me money to payment of the visa up to the end of this month? I hope to arrive to you at the end of july. Then we can find out on the present each other. I feel your love, reading your letters. I love you very much too! I have so much love and kindness to give to you. Also do not speak, that you have bored me sometime! It is a lie. I am always glad to see your letters very much! Many hugs and kisses for you, my love! Your Tanya.
Letter 10
Hello my dearest Dan!
I am glad to read your letters today in the morning! I found out the information on that how to arrive to you already. I went in travel agency and have found out the information necessary for trip to you. I think, that i have good news. To me have told what to arrive to Canada probably. The passport, the visa, medical documents and documents of social insurance is necessary for this purpose for me. The visa may issue for the term of about 60 days. I think, that it is good variant to find out each other well. Registration of all documents will be prolonged no more than 3 weeks after payment. Now It costs 160 $. Unfortunately I can not pay it completely now. My salary for one month makes 2300 roubles. It approximately 73 $. But I have small savings. I can now pay 60 $. I want go to my mom in next weekend. She promised me to give a gift to wedding. I shall ask, that she has helped me to arrive to you. I think, that she to agree. In last meeting she spoke, that is glad for us. I do not know, whether I can ask you? But, you might not help me to pay other part, 100 $? I think, that you too want our meeting very much. I will find out airfares tomorrow. In travel agency to me have told, that it is possible to send money through system of bank translations Western Union. You can send money till Monday next week? I want to start official registration of papers faster to arrive to you already in June or beginning July. In my town no banks with branch Western Union. To me have told, that it is in Kirov and Cheboksary. Addresses of banks: Russian Agricultural Bank. Street Volodarskogo, 60, Kirov , 610020 and Vneshtorgbank, Street Ivanova, 80a, Cheboksary, 428018. My full name is Tatyana Berezina.
My home address is: Russia, 612375, Kirovskaya oblast, Sanchursk, Pervomayskaya street, home 12, apartment 3.
I shall wait for your letter and to hope for our meeting soon very much. Kisses. Your Tanya.
Letter 11
Hi my love Dan!
I was at my mom in this weekend. Also spoke her, that at us all is good, and that we shall meet probably. She say hi to you too. I am glad, that you are cheerful spending weekend too. I know, that the care and attention is necessary for children is constant and not only in birthday. I love you very much! And expectation of our meeting places my love in heart. I can not find an exit for emotions. I can not shout and be pleased with the love one, without you. I think, that love, this that feeling which is tested only by two. Unimportantly, that they are at present far apart. We need to wait and hope for a meeting only. My heart prompts me, that I have made a correct choice. And after end this month of expectations, my love only will be stronger. I wait for your letters with great anticipation! I love you! Your Tanya
Letter 12
Hi my love Dan!
Why you do not write me more. You do not want, that I arrived to you? You do not love me now?
I miss you very much!
Always your Tanya
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