Scam Letter(s) from Larisa Lukovskaya to Andrew (United Kingdom)

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Letter 1

My Sweetheart Andrew!
I am very glad to receive your letter. It’ s very nice that you’ve chosen me. That means that we have common values and aims. I sincerely hope that we’ll gain strong and long relationships, which we’ll cherish together.
Darling, I don’t even know how to tell it to you. I really feel very uncomfortable to ask you for help. The fact is that that it costs so expensive to pay for the internet club services. Unfortunately I cannot afford it. I didn't get the salary during some month. I don’t want to limit Veronika’s needs.

I would be very grateful to you, Andrew, if you help me with paying for our writing This event give s me to see that you take me seriously and really are seriously interested in me.

Believing in tomorrow is so hard when all your yesterday's are filled with pain.
Trusting in the future isn't easy when the past is just pouring rain. If you need someone to take you by the hand and help you heal your broken you how to find the faith and love again so you can make a brand new start. If your looking for the woman to chase away your clouds and be your morning sun. I am the one, Andrew!

I and Veronika watered today our tree. This summer we planted small apple-tree near the window. When it appeared it was so small and poor. And now it grew stronger, came out with the leaves and smiles to us every morning. Veronika likes to talk to it, pat it and wash every leave. It is as our small child which we like very much.

My Dear Andrew! I want you to be with me and Vera so much. And to be glad with each other every morning and give happiness day after day. To love each other and this love to de the most necessary thing in our life. I kiss you with Vera.
I wish you good day.
Larisa and Vera

Letter 2

Hello my Sweethart Andrew!
Today I went to the internet club and received your letter. Do you know what I felt? It was like the whole world smiled to me. And I wanted so much to give it mutual smile. Yes, I really want to kiss and hug this big world, crazy world because it gives you to me. I'm grateful to God so much it helped me to find you to me!

That I'm not lonely anymore that I can think about you every minute, smile, and breathe with you for anyone beside you smiled to you too.
My Nice Andrew! I very positively look at, that we will meet in nearest future. I want very much to meet with you, because no letters not change meeting. It’s very important, that people will feel when they will be together. I so want to feel you near me and kiss you eyes!
Everybody want to love and be loving. But not every can do this. You must have clear soul, dreams and actions , to love. And people now became so shabby acting. When I look in this, I want never speak with they. I afraid it. I afraid, that I will not be able to find a person, who will be really Person. With big letter. Which will not be able to lie, betrayal and disrespect. Which will be kind, tender and faithful.
Perhaps, that is why I like best of all children and dogs. They are not able betray and be not thankful. People can’t uderstand that the sense of all existence is only in Love – love to child, nature, man, woman, to all surrounded you. And there, where is love, there is no place for something unclear and false.

Dear Andrew! If you really want to help me with a payment of our correspondence, I will thankful to you. Transfer is better to do with system Western Union to my full name –Larisa Lukovskya, town of Kremenchug, Poltava area, Ukraine.My adddress - Proletarskaya str. 1-51 Our correspondence cost about 100$ in month. Next letter you must sent me cod transfer, your full name and sum.
Honey, I’m so happy to have you in this life. Since we met my life has changed. You gave me hope for future and for that I can be loved and happy. You became my light leading me through my life. I’m so grateful to the Destiny that we have met.

Honey, I’m very sorry that our relationships depend on money to some extend. I have no idea it would be so expensive for me. If it were up to me I would do my best not to trouble you. But Honey Andrew, I don’t have another choice. I asked for your help only because there is no way-out. I have also heard about scammers, people who use someone’s feelings for their own purposes. I think it’s disgusting to play with others feelings. And at the same time I have heard a lot about American men who just play games with girls’ feelings. For them it’s just a way to have fun.

They come here spend some time with a girl and then just disappear and leave her with pain in the heart.
There are a lot of such men here in Ukraine and our women believe and hope to find something wonderful not like that we have here. I’m sure that all people even not very good ones want to love and be loved. May be they just afraid of not finding it or having pain that’s why they close the doors of their hearts to love and happiness.

I don’t want it to happen with me. I’m sure everything will be fine and we’ll be happy. And I made sure about this when you came into my life. I’m sorry that I have to ask for your help but I hope the relationships are interesting and necessary for you too Honey. Just try to understand me, Andrew. If it were only about me I knew that we’ll overcome all the difficulties but I have my angel. And if I go to another country I make a serious step and I want to know for sure my angel will be fine and will have good future. Please Honey understand me. I want to be happy with you.

Dear I want that you call my just right now!!! I want to hear you voice, to feel your nearest and speak with you!!!!
But unfortunately I do not have my own phone. It’s a pity but I do not know what to do. To speak with you through phone station is very expensive. I'll try to find out something.

Nice Andrew! I will be very happy if you love Veronika. She is very beautiful child, so tender girl. I very love her and I have nothing in this life without her. I think that you understand, how is important your love to her.
I kiss you and wait your letter.
With love.

Letter 3

My Dear Andrew!
I am very pleased you interested in my. I am very happy to here from you. I will tell some more about me. I am 28 years old. I have a daughter. My little Angel 7 years old. I have two higher educations - pedagogical and economic. I work at the children garden. I like to work with children because I love them too much.

I am a very simple woman, Andrew, but yet I am a real woman and though I am very modern in most aspects I still believe in tradition when it comes to family...This is by way of my upbringing and so I guess you could say I am a bit old fashion when it comes to relationships...I believe that communication and trust and honesty and things of this nature are key to a long and successful marriage. I have a very tender heart and I too am very romantic...I think it is the simple things in a relationship which keep it fresh and exciting and doing romantic things with your beloved person as frequently as possible are a big part of that. I want to say to you I am serious person, Andrew, and I do not look for a pen-pall.

The only I would like to find is a strong, lovely and happy family. That is why I need in such faithful and true man which will be my husband in the nearest future. I have already understood that it will be very difficult to find such man. But I am still not despair and I hope my second part is you Darling.

I would like to ask you, Andrew, to send me your photo though appearance is not important for me.
The main thing is his inner life and his soul.

Also I want to let know beforehand about I do not like any kind of lie and cheat. I need to be sure you are honest with me. That is why all that I seek in my life is not your point of view do not trouble me, please. If we have the same feelings I am waiting impatiently for your letter.
Best regards. Larisa.



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