Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Kozlova to Natanael (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Natanael,
Thank you for your letter to me. I am very happy that you have written to me… And I hope that we can have common interests. I want to write to you about myself…
My name is Irina and I am 23 years old… I live in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine… It is very beautiful city and it is located in Dnepr river…
I had graduated the Meaning Academy as an ecologist, but unfortunately to find to job by my specialty is very difficult for me. I work as an economist in the building company. I have very good family. It is my mother, father and my younger sister. Her name is Marina and she studies at the school. And very often we like to be together and we always like to discuss our family problems and we have fun and joy together. I like the literate and the classical music and when I have free time I always try to visit the theater and cinema.
I am looking for a reliable, serious, faithful man who is tired to live alone and who would enjoy to have a good, friendly, reliable family next to him. I am eager to love and to be loved, to care and to be cared, to want and to be wanted... I think, I am wise woman, I am able to please my man and to be an understanding companion, I want to be desired and I want to give my love and affction to a man who would appreciate this. I don't care about age, financial position, I believe that when two people are relibale friends and life-partners they can overcome all difficulties and they can create a happy life together. tel +38 (056) 370 25 37
tel +38 (056) 370 15 70
I hope to get the letter from you….
Maybe you can call to me… <26?>
Sincerely Irina
Letter 2
Dear Natanael,
I am very happy to see your letter, and I am very sorry if it's too late probably, but I really didn't have a chance to respond. I don't have a computer and have to use public e-mail service. Of course, sometimes it's very complicated but my wish to meet a man for serious relationship leading to the meeting is so big, that I have decided for myself that I should put all my efforts and keep e-mailing whatever it takes. You know already basics about me. Your letter was kind, so sensitive, very good letter. First of all here is my address
Kozlova Irina
9a/4, Skorikovskii street,
49000, Dnepropetrovsk,
tel +38 (056) 370 25 37
tel +38 (056) 370 15 70
But please, remember that I don't speak English. But I promise if things work out between us, I will learn English very fast. Dear Natanael, tell me about your plans, wishes and desires. As for me, I am ready to leave my country and to start my new life in another country with a man I will be in love with whom and who will love me with all his heart in return. For me the most important things are mutual love, respect, faithfulness, understanding, affection, support. I would not like to keep long correspondence. I don't have my own computer and since I have to pay for translation and e-mail service, I don't know for how long I can keep paying for e-mail expenses, that's why I would be interested very much in personal meeting. Natanael, please, tell me more about your regular working day. What do you like better to do in your free time? After reading your self-description I have such feeling like you are probably the man who reflects my ideal image of life-partner. Like you I aspire to have the same things in my life. I would love to meet a man I could trust whom unconditionally, who would be faithful, trusting, honest, reliable and whom I would give all my unspent love, affection and tender. I want to love and to be loved, to care and to be cared in return, to understand and to be understood as well. I love cosiness at home, I appreciate hardworking people, I am helpful and supportive by my nature. I would love to have a family which would be team, where we would work together to reach all our goals, would have fun together, would grow together. Nathanael, what is your week day look like? What do you do usually on week-ends? Have you travelled to Russia or Ukraine? Do you like travelling?
Please, write sooner.
I am looking forward to hear from you,
Very sincerely,
Letter 3
Hello Natanael,
I am very glad to hear from you again. Thank you for the sharing your every days life with me. Now we have a very beautiful sunny warm weather again. I am happy because I love spring a lot. It gives me a hope for the better future, for new love, for new happiness...
I wish I could take English classes too, but I can't do this now, because it's too expensive, but as soon as I can afford this I will start English courses. Maybe you can help to me in it and send to em some money for it? I want to communicate with you in the same level and I am sure that it will be.. I am very interested by your personality and your detail and I want to meet with you very much. I live in Dnepropetrovsk city (Dnepr river + revolution-man's name). This town was founded 200 years ago by order of Great Russian empress Ekaterina II. So now my city has her name. It had to be great and nice city as Rim. But was some troubles and after death of empress my town didn't change. But with great supply useful minerals and Dnepr river made our town very big and great. So in the USSR time my town became great and famous industrial center, because there are many cultural center, sport complexes and universities here. Besides in my town made spaceship too. Many great political people from my town, too. For a example Leonid Bregnev. Maybe you know word "razrjadka" when the best attitude between USSR and USA. Now Ukraine has the same meaning when Ukraine became independent.
By sense Dnepropetrovsk relative to Ukraine as New York to USA is business capital. Here is going great income don't see to the deep crisis, return to the life industrial, trade, building spaceships, the streets have new nice cars.
Great artists from Moscow appear on stage before our people.
Our president, vise president and minister are from this town.
Beside Dnepropetrovsk is nice and green town.
Some parks, valleys have many trees.
Repairing building but there's not enough money for it. It's my tell by few words about my town. But as say better to see one time than to hear one hundred times. Natanael, I am very serious person and I hope that for you the Internet is not game too, I have the correspondence with you in the marriage agency and pay money for it, so you see that I am really waiting for you and hope that very soon we can create our future together. I'll be happy to give some information from you.
I look forward to your replay and call.
Sincerely Irina
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