Scam Letter(s) from Valentina Oliynichyenko to Jon (USA)

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Letter 1

Thank for your remarkable letters. I have received them and was very glad to them. Excuse, that I might not answer you more quickly, but my last month is very difficult, and to me all is more difficult to find time of that I might answer you more quickly. Yes, we shall have now the big holiday is easter, a religious holiday. And then we as have May, 1 and May, 9 (day of a victory above fascism). So, May is very rich on holidays.
Very much a plenty of work and problems does not do me very cheerful. It is more than month at me at home there was mum. When she arrived to me was very much ill. I treated her houses, did injections and gave necessary medicines. Then she 10 days was in hospital. Everything, that I managed to earn before cunningly on payment of medicines and hospitals. her health has recovered, and only four days back she has left to herself home. I can be quiet now as she feels like well. She had a pneumonia, that in our houses bad heating, and very low temperature of air.
Now at us it is a lot of holidays ahead. But me it is not so joyful from approach of these holidays as I can not afford even to have a celebratory table. In the street became warmer, to that I am very glad. But other circumstance muffles this pleasure. To change of a season other clothes are required, and again there is a problem what to buy something.
Dear Jon, whether I of you can ask to help me? You repeatedly stated your idea that would like to help me. Now I very much would require it, and would be very happy, if I might buy to myself something to holidays from meal and as I very much need in spring boots.
Ask to excuse me, that my letter was not cheerful. But now twelve o'clock in the morning, I am tired, very much want to sleep, and my ideas not so joyful.
Dear Jon, I hope, that your affairs go well.
I thank you, that you do not overlook about me.
I as frequently recollected you.
It is very good, that June is for you possible for our meeting. Please, plan all beforehand as we have longer procedure of official registration of papers in our country. I wait for your news. With Valentine's best regards.

Letter 2

Thank for your remarkable letter.
Thank for your explanation once again. It sounds convincingly enough. I as am glad, that you were not offended on my direct enough letter. But I have some negative experience of dialogue through the Internet as, probably, have both you, and I would like to avoid similar cases in the future. I corresponded about 7 months with the man which was pleasant enough, and I hoped, that he is real. But he all time postponed our meeting under various pretexts though I accepted any variant of a meeting. His behaviour guarded me a little. And I was right. Once he has informed me, that actually he is married and is not going to leave family. Certainly, I any more had no necessity with him to meet, our correspondence was finished by anything.
I hope, you may understand me, dear JON, what impact was for me similar news. Besides that for me the Internet is very expensive what to amuse somebody, I have lost the big piece of my life vainly. I have created in the imagination of illusion which actually was not. I fairly spoke from the very beginning, that I search for attitudes for creation of family, but not for a presence time men in the another's country. I might similar find the man and in my country.
Certainly, I in all was guilty. Completely clearly, that if the man searches for the real woman, he organizes a meeting in the first month, a maximum in the second. If for a meeting years nothing will be are required. I very much hoped the last year, that the last New year I shall meet near to loved by the man. And because of that deceit which I have met, I have remained on New Year's holidays again one in my country, and my celebratory table was poor also sad.
Therefore I want to have clearness in attitudes. Men who search for the woman only for the correspondence or entertainments very much want to receive the beautiful woman. Who wants to have a good time with ugly?
I do not know, whether you in the childhood had such game, how I? But when I was small, we frequently played game where to one person blindfolded, and he should catch other people at which eyes were not fastened. The problem was facilitated, if someone issued any sound. In this case, we with you both resemble people with the fastened eyes. We search each other blindly in the huge world, and for us may wait, as pleasant, and not pleasant unexpectedness. But nevertheless it is real enough way. This way some my girlfriends have married, and now they are happy.
No, I am not mistaken, that Greece demands the visa of citizens of Ukraine. I have asked about it in travel agency. Greece enters in Shengen, and I should receive the visa. You may find in the Internet any travel agency on Ukraine and write to them the letter, that they would answer you this question or as you may call. In the Internet really there is a mistake. I think, that if you will send to me now 150 dollars to me will be enough for the beginning preparations of our travel. I as shall write in the near future at work the application on my holiday, that I might be free in July.
Be relative Chernobyl, unfortunately, we live in a zone of the raised radioactive pollution. Even to all children in Kiev have given out official certificates of victims from failure at Chernobyl station. And to my son as. Absolutely all inhabitants of Kiev have the second degree of increase of a thyroid gland that speaks about accumulation in their organism of radiating elements. Doctors recommend to have rest more and to have a good feed, that it is poorly possible in our country. Thank, that you are anxious about my safety. I shall finish now as I as am tired, now late. I wait for your news. With Valentine's best regards.



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