Scam letter(s) from Anna Chertkova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Good morning Michael! This is Olga. I hope Anya told you about me, her friend. I'm writing to you from her e-mail to tell you bad news. It is not my desire to be the source of terrible news for you but I'm the only friend and close person of Anya who knows English. I'm glad to see you and thank you for treating Anya so wonderful! I'm happy for both of you. But now it is not time for polite sentences. The thing is that yesterday in the evening Anya suffered from car accident, when she was going to her new apartment and was crossing the street. She was taken to hospital, she is conscious, that is she can talk and recognize everyone. She asked me to write to you and to tell you everything. She also asked me to tell you that you shall not worry, but honestly speaking there are some reasons for concern. Please, Michael, believe me, I'm terribly sorry, and be patient until I know some information from doctors. I have to go to the hospital now and will try to find out everything, about her state and what to expect. It is a terrible grief for all of us. Their family is going through something terrible. Grandma is just going to come back home from hospital and now Anya...She is really very serious injured. She worries that you had to call her yesterday but as you understand she could not talk to you. And one more thing for now - computer is delivered to her apartment where I'm writing to you from. I know that it is not a time to think about it but still I wanted to tell you that it is OK. I hope that nothing terrible will happen and you both will be able to use it very soon! I'm sorry again Michael, but you had to know. I promise to keep you in course of everything. I have told you all I knew by this moment.
Will contact you later
Letter 2
Good afternoon Michael! I have no time so I will write only the most important things. First of all, at the hospital they told me that these are our problems how we can get money for Anya and they have no time for talking. But they were extremely "sweet and polite" and agreed to give their e-mail address just for some questions about payment probabilities. They told that they have no system of receiving money for medical service from abroad. They can propose you only the e-mail address of the main doctor of the department and his working bank account. As for flowers, they have no such a service in the hospital. Everything is not perfect here and Anya is in the common room, so for her these privileges are not spread. I have an idea, you could send the flowers to the Anya's mom's apartment in Dnepropetrovsk. People who will bring flowers can contact me through Anya's e-mail address and we could meet and I would take them with me to the hospital as the relatives, and everything would be great and it would be a real surprise for her!!!!! She feels good but I think it is not very good for her to stay with those people in her room. They are from village and relatives come to them each day, bring their food, it smells so strong, and for her it's not very good... She told you hello from her. I will go to Novomoskovsk next week and will take another box. she is waiting for it like a little girl. Michael, I'm in a hurry, sorry.
I'm giving you the e-mail address of the doctor's : So, you may contact him, his name is Michael Volikov. Anya's room number is 14. Michael, Anya also asked to tell you that she found opportunity to take a bath in the hospital yesterday and she just adores those body washes you have sent to her. she says that it was just what she needs for her skin type. Michael, sorry that I cannot write in details all her words.
I have no time at all.
She kisses you..
Write to you tomorrow.
Letter 3
Dear Sir:
We called the number you gave us, and there is no record of the person being a patient in the hospital, however if it was an automobile accident she could be in another hospital. We were told to call back later today or tomorrow. We will contact you again. Have you met this person before, or did you meet over the internet?
American Citizen Services
US Embassy Kiev, Ukraine
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