Romance scam letter(s) from Alexandra Elsukova to Michael (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello Michael! I have received your letter and glad to reply. Recently my friend helps me to create profile in Internet and my personal email box. So, I'm here in the Internet Cafe, writing to you. My name is Aleksandra. I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I am 26 years old. My eyes are hazel, I am 175 cm tall (5'9") and my weight is 54 kg (120lbs). I live in small town Arsk it's in the republic Tatarstan, Russia, about 50 km from Kazan. I work as a designer at the company named "Design plus". My job is to create an original design for home apartments and offices of different companies. They say that I am good at this. I like my job very much because it's never boring, interesting and creative. I was graduated from Kazan State University 3 years ago. My specialty is world economics. I liked it but after graduating I understand that I like design more then economics and after taking 1 year course I returned to Arsk where I was invited to work as a designer. As for my character, they say that I'm kind, generous, tender, and sentimental. I love children, animals. My hobbies are: sport (mostly fitness and swimming), dancing, cooking, watching good movies and reading magazines. I'm sending you my photo, hope you like it. So, that's my little story, it's your turn to tell me something about you. What are your hobbies, interests? You may tell me about your job if you like. We have so mach to discuss with each over. Sincerely, Aleksandra.
Letter 2
Hi Michael, Thank you for your reply, as for me I can't be so urgent us you all the time because I don't have free access to Internet and I have to send my letters to you using Internet Cafe I have applied to. Do you also have Internet Cafes there? I have found a map where you can see where my city is situated. I'll attach it to this letter. I understand that we both want to see more pictures of each over, so I'll try to scan more photos for you and it will be a pleasure for me to receive more photos from you also. I live in a renting flat here in Arsk, my parents and almost all of my relative's lives in other towns. My parents live in countryside, I was raised there. I love them very much and try to visit them as often as I can. What about my job, they want to creat their web wite but they didn't do it yet... I think you want to know if I visited other countries before, must admit that I have never been farther than our capital Moscow city. And I have no experience of writing mails to unknown man from the over country, so you are my first friend from Internet and you must excuse my mistakes and shy. I was studying English at school and then at the University, but I still made many mistakes. And what about you? Did you used to make friends in the Internet? Do you think that our correspondence have future? It's new for me and I don't know whether it's possible to find someone close to your soul using Internet. Ok, I'm afraid to bore you with my long writing, so till the next letter. I'll try to send some of my photo next time. Truly, Aleksandra.
Letter 3
Hello Michael, It's so nice to write you again. I was wondering how long will it take to reply to me and I was surprised. Thank you for being my e-mail friend, you are the first one for me. It's strange, but I feel more relaxed and open while writing to you than if I'll be watching in your eyes :-). As we Russians say: "Paper never refuses inc". Today I was thinking about my visit to the I-Cafe all day long. It seems like soon I'll be visiting it very often, because I didn't have Internet friend before and I'm very excited about our correspondence. Here in Russia I can't find a real friend. Men around me are thinking about my appearance, pretty face and body, but I wish to find a soul mate, a man who will be in my mind all day and night long. With whom it will be a pleasure to make love with, talk together, and walk at the park. Maybe I'm too single oriented, I can't be fond of 2 or 3 men at the same time, if I have one beloved person with me I can't think about someone else. And what were you doing recently, anything interesting happens? Sometimes I feel that my life become to boring. Nothing interesting is happening in my little town, days are coming after each other, all the same. May be my job is something that make me feel better, because I like what I'm doing. But you like a fresh air coming into my life. Well, I hope you get this letter and able to see photo I'm attaching. Tell me more about your self, I like reading your letters. I wish all the best and take care of you. Write me soon. Yours, Aleksandra.
Letter 4
Hi Michael, I'm fine, although job is taking almost all my time, but I even like it, because otherwise I would feel bored. You see, after graduation from the University I have not so many good friends left, almost everyone moved somewhere else. I have one good friend, her name is Katya, we were classmates at the University, but she is as busy as I am. That why I haven't been anywhere for so long. If you where here we would definitely have much fun together. What would you choose: restaurant, bar, dance club, or picnic in the countryside? As for me I can't say that I like to party all week long. Maybe I become too old for that. When I was a student I was ready to dance and have fun 24 hours a day 7 times a week. But know I'm surfeited with that. I want to have worm and tender life with my family, with loving husband and healthy children. I want you to know that in my opinion husband is the head of the family. I mean the leader of family, a husband with a strong shoulder to lean on, someone who will take care for the family, who is willing to make decisions. The husband should be someone that his wife and children always can rely on. I need a partner who is self-confident, intelligent and able to discuss everything, a strong partner by his character and his will. May be Russia is too close to tradition of the East, but in our family mother always was at the second position and father's word was law to everyone. And what about you? Where you raised in the same mood? How was your childhood, do you feel happy while recalling it in your memory? Recently I read an article of famous Russian psychologist and he said that families where husband takes the leading position always have more intelligent, kind and well-mannered children. Can you imagine? Oh no! It's too serious again. :-) Don't you feel headache from my writing yet? I have photo of me sitting on the window-sill at my apartments. There was some problems with my job at this time, so I looks sad. Ok, I'll stop here. So, till the next letter. I'm waiting for your response. Yours, Aleksandra. P.S. What about my real hobbies. I like cooking very much. I like Russian food and especially food cooked from meet for epamle PELMENI and SHASHLIK. Did you hear about it? I'll cook it for you when we'll meet. It's very tasty and my friends like when I'll cook it. Also I like flowers and I have a lot of it. I have roses at my home and a lot of other beautiful flowers. I think roses are the best. I have fresh air at my home because of flowers. Do you like flowers? What about music. I like Madonna very much; I think she is my favorite singer. She sing greatly
Letter 5
Hi Michael, It's me again :-). So how was your day? Fine I hope. Today I feel little bit tired after my yesterday's fitness training. I have increased intensity of training, and I like it. Also I'm going to visit pool 2 times a week. For the first times I'm going to swim for 500 meters each training. It's wonderful to feel that you body is strong, flexible and beautiful. And it doesn't matter how often I'm training and how much I eat. Even if I would give up sport and start eating all day long, I will not gain fat. I don't know why, but I'm not gaining weight. As known doctor said I'm too active and I have fast metabolism. And, how are things with you? I'm sure you are Ok. Did I tell you that I'm a good cook. I have about 10 cook books of different cultures and I like preparing something new from them very much. This evening I'm going to cook "Exalted rank Chicken", it's from China culture. At the lunch time I went to food market, not so far from my job and bought everything necessary (chicken, peanut oil, red cayenne, ginger, garlic, green onion, parsley, soybean sauce, brown sugar, rice vinegar, corn meal, sea salt, dry sherry). Isn't that whet your appetite? Don't ask how I'm going to cook it, it's woman's secret. :-) Wish you to taste it with me, but I suppose next time. What kind of food do you like? Meat or Vegetables? I would be happy to cook something very delicious for you someday, just tell me what you like most. In my opinion man have nothing to do in the kitchen except eating. Husband always have a lot of important things to do than washing dishes and clearing up house. As for me I like to make everything shine after me, I can't just seat and watch dirty dishes in wash-bowl, or dust covering furniture. I was born and raised in countryside and since my childhood I was helping my mother and now house keeping is joy for me. My post address: Aleksandra El'sukova, 422010, b.15. Town Arsk, Republic Tatarstan, Russia. It's an address of flat I'm renting. I hope owners of this apartments have no problems with post office system :-). But don't send anything valuable or expensive, because it could be lost or stolen. Russian post system is for not perfect yet. It's a pity, but I don't have a phone at renting flat I'm living in. You may laugh, but in our country a lot of families don't have phone at homes. Yes, it's easy to install, but not everyone can afford it. As for me, I'm not going to buy phone in to this flat, because it's renting, but not mine. But it would be wonderful to hear you (I'm sure that you have charming voice). Have a nice week, hope to hear from you. Yours, Aleksandra. P.S. if we fell in love to each other I would like to move to you and to live all my life with you.
Letter 6
Hi Michael. It's such a pleasure for me to receive your letters, I'm very interested in you. My life is ordinary, seems like everything is OK, nothing special is happening (except you in my life :-) Well, I think I need to tell you more about the place I live. As I told I live in Tatarstan. Our republic is very beautiful, it's one of the most beautiful in Russia. We don't have heavy industry here, we even don't have medium industry. Everything that was working few ears ago now stopped after financial crisis at Russia, but at least our nature become better day after day. In the winter we have a lot of snow, this year we had 1,5 meter of snow cover at the land outside our town. We like to spend our free time with my friends skiing, playing with snow. But it could be cold here, couple years ago we have -43'C, but now nature become softer, and this winter was worm enough. YEs may be I need some lessons for English and I can take a course here to talk well during our meeting. Ok? So I hope you will send me a phone number so I'll be able to call you soon. I hope we'll rise a happy family. I want two children. How many do you want??? You may notice that my mailbox is situated at free mail server, because I don't have an opportunity to have my personal mailbox somewhere else, sorry. That's why problems are occurred some times. It happens that I can't get access to my mailbox, sometimes letters I send to you are coming back, but I'll do my best to keep corresponding with you. You become my real friend. Do not be worried if your letters to me are coming back or you don't receive anything for a long time. Most probably they have some temporary problems on the server, so keep trying. It's a beautiful day here today - blue sky, white puffy, marshmallow clouds and worm! Wish you could share this weather with me. Yours, Aleksandra. P.S. Next time I'll send you a new photo. Ok??
Letter 7
Dear Michael, How are you? I'm fine. Another hard working day comes to the end. I have 3 meetings with potential clients today, all in different places of our republic, so I'm little bit tired now :-). Any way I'm here (in the I-Cafe) writing my "Hello mail" to you. Later I'll go to my home, take a bath, light dinner and I'll read a book by Dale Carnegie "How to make friends and influence people .", it's a long title. I take it from the library and found it very interesting. I'm sorry about not answering questions you asked in your previous mails to me. Some time I send a mail and understand that I didn't answer some of your questions. You see, when I read your mail I feel so excited and a lot of feelings and thoughts are coming through my mind that I can't type so fast to write them down. That's why while reading your letter I forgot to answer questions you asked at the beginning. So please excuse my bad manners :-). As for the relation, I think that you and your partner should share and have a full relationship without boundaries if you both enjoy each other. I wish that you are someone who can enjoy the pleasures we can give each other and for the both of us to learn from each other. You can never tell if the person you meet is the right one because they want to change you or they don't like some of the things you do or say. I now that we are not so young to change our hobbits and conducts and we need to deal with them without attempt to modify it. Do you have any postal address? I wonder, because I don't trust Internet, it's so unstable. I don't want to loose contact with you, that's why if something happens I can use regular mail. I'm sending you my photo. I was drinking coffee and thinking about something very serious and my friend take a shot. What do you like to drink? Vodka? (Joking) :) What about MSN I don't know what to do they said that they had some strange problems and they don't want to use it any more. But I think I'll call you soon. Why is it too long number???? Talk to you soon I hope! Cheer up and have a happy day! Yours, Aleksandra. P.S. Do you really want to visit me? I'm asking that because sometime it could be dangerous here for the foreigners and in our little town we don't have much interesting to do. We don't have foreigners and it could be dangerous here. Moscow is bigger city but I have no idea where we could go together and we should remember recent terrorist attacks. May be someday I should come to you, what do you think? It would be cheaper and much more romantic for both of us. At least I should know where and how my "future possible husband" lives :-). I was working really hard last months and my boss decide to award me 2 weeks holiday to spent in June and I didn't decide where to go yet. It would be wonderful if we could use it for our meeting. As one of my colleague said it's very cheap to buy tourist tours abroad this time of year, if you want I can find it out in one of our tourist agencies.
Letter 8
Hello dear Michael. It's so wonderful to have an opportunity to write to my best friend. And it's so easy for me, because I can tell you whatever I want, and I'm sure that you will listen to me and very interested in me also. Each time I'm receiving your letters, I feel little bit happier, than before. In your letters I can find something I have never met in other men. You are so kind, noble, romantic, intelligent, . I can continue to describe you with compliments, but words in my letters couldn't express everything I start feeling about you. Yesterday I visited sport club "Astron" and had hard training other there. They gave my personal coach to me and now she is torturing me by forcing at making physical exercises. :-( Last time, at the beginning, I was running for 1 hour, and then we start doing muscles of press, hips, surals, chest and muscles of back. Now I have terrible feeling like bulldozer ride on me couple of times. But as my couch said it will last for couple of days only, and then I'll used to do physical exercises in hard regime. She told me that I have very good chances to take 1 places at fitness competitions in Russia and then in Europe. Also I meet a girl. Her name is Marina. She visiting sport club at the same time as me and we have same trainer, so we will be training together. I hope we will become good friends with her. When our training was complete we went to the bar situated at "Astron" and drank a lot of mineral water. :-) By the way, photo I'm sending was taken there. One of my favorite. Do you like it? And how are you? Hope you are fine and have interesting and full of events life. Do I have some part in your life? Time for me to go now, hope to see you soon. Yours, Aleksandra. P.S. I am so excited by all your words and So I made a phone call to tourist agency and they told me about the costs of trip to Canada. They say that there is a group, which is coming to Toronto at the 10 of June to visit famous places, museums and so on. And I still have opportunity to join them. It sounds like it would be little bit expensive, about 36000 rubles, it's almost 1200 USD. It includes air tickets, paper work like visas, passports and so on and living in hotel. I suppose that when I come we can visit museums together with you. Or I could forget about tourist program and be with you all the time if you can suggest something more interesting :-). It's a pity, that we will have 10 days only, but we need to start from something :-)
Letter 9
Dear Michael! Yesterday I had a business trip to Nizhniy Novgorod, it's not very far from us, but I need to spend 4 hours in train. The speed of the train was very slow, because our railroad is very old and trains can't go fast on it. After 4 boring hours I came to this big city. Business meeting was very successful and now we have new partner. After another boring 5 hours I came back to Arsk, the only thing that helped me is thinking about you. I thought what I would write in my next letter to you, what you will answer me back. Today at the office everyone congratulate me, it's wonderful to be successful. Recently my mother asked me if I visit to marriage agency was useful to me and I told her about you. How I found you in the net, what you were telling me about your self, I tell her what I wrote to you. From my childhood I used to tell everything to my Mom, she is my best friend and I can't keep secrets from her. She thinks that you are noble and reliable man and she told me that someday I could be happy with you. She says "Hello" to you. I took picture of my family from parent's house. I didn't want to send it, but I know that you want to see me with my mother. It's my Mom on my right with her nephew in hands and my younger sister. And me 18 years old, can you guess where? :) It was almost 6 years ago. I look like ugly duckling at that age, that's why I hate to photograph my self and I have almost no photos left. Now I'm living alone and have no opportunity to make some common family photo. As for the trip, 36000 rubles is a very great sum for me, I'm trying my best to find necessary money. I'm going to call my parents to find out how much they can give me, also my friends can give a little help. You know what, I keep thinking about you too often. Waiting for your letter, Aleksandra.
Letter 10
Hi my dear, loved Michael, I am happy to receive your letters. It is very a pity, that you could not see my face.... I smiled as the baby. I was happy... I was ready to kiss the monitor of the computer.... If you could be near to me. I can not wait that day, when we shall be . I want to thank you that you have forced me to believe in a fairy tale. Our relations seem to me by a fairy tale. You my prince, about which I dreamed......... As to my trip... I have visited travel agency. They have told me, that for registration of the open visa 45 days are necessary. The foreign states reluctantly make out the open visas, because very much frequently women use them for " of a Green card ". They have offered me one variant. I can issue tourist trip to Canada. The firm will issue for me the tourist visa (it very cheaply), the firm buys the tickets from Arsk to Moscow and from Moscow to Toronto, the firm will reserve hotel and will ensure my safety. I should pay for all 714 USD. They have told that it very cheaply and for this purpose 12 days are necessary only. I can see you very soon!!! There can be we shall together in 2 weeks. For me even 2 weeks seem by eternity. But decisions you should accept. I rely on your opinion. Thank for verses. It is perfect!!! Any the man did not write to me verses... You became for me the wizard, which executes my desires. I think, that we shall be ideal pair. I was glad to see your house. It is slightly similar to the house of my parents. Certainly, your house is much better. I am glad, that about your house there is a lot of grass. In Russia the people save ground and cultivate vegetables, potatoes. I dream of a beautiful garden with a green grass. Your house small, but very beautiful. I think, that we can be happy in your house. I hope, that soon I shall see you. I shall count long days before our meeting. I send you my hot kiss and strong embraces. Only your, Aleksandra.
Letter 11
Hi my dear Michel, I am happy to receive your letters. I thought, that I can not live one more day without your letters. I am sorry for the long answer. I could not answer to you. I spoke you, that I leaved to my parents. They have no in a countryside telephone, especially of computer with access in the Internet. It is very bad, but some Russian people, which live in a countryside have no even light and water. It is very bad also to me it is a shame with it before you. I have brought from a parental house some my photos and tomorrow I can send them to you. I thank you for photos. I love them. I am happy, that I can see your relatives. However I am very glad, that I can see you. I even have stroked your person in a photo. I would be happy to stroke your person really....... I shall do it!!! Tomorrow I shall have visit to a travel company and I can inform you date of my arrival. I hope, that it will be very speed. I begin to consider days and hours before our meeting. I already have written the list of things, which I should take with myself. I very carefully select clothes. I am afraid, that I shall look ridiculously. You could not tell to me that carry the women in Toronto. The large thank to you for perfect words. I too want to know about you all. I want to know your heart and each millimeter of your body... I shall wait your letter. I should go. I kiss my favourite man and to send to him my love and hot embraces. Only yours
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