Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Elsukova to Brian (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Brian!
I have received your letter and glad to reply. Recently my friend helps me to create profile in Internet and my personal email box. So, I'm here in the Internet Cafe, writing to you.
My name is Aleksandra. I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I am 26 years old. My eyes are hazel, I am 175 cm tall (5'9") and my weight is 54 kg (120lbs). I live in small town Arsk it's in the republic Tatarstan, Russia, about 50 km from Kazan. I work as a designer at the company named "Design plus". My job is to create an original design for home apartments and offices of different companies. They say that I am good at this. I like my job very much because it's never boring, interesting and creative.
I was graduated from Kazan State University 3 years ago. My specialty is world economics. I liked it but after graduating I understand that I like design more then economics and after taking 1 year course I returned to Arsk where I was invited to work as a designer.
As for my character, they say that I'm kind, generous, tender, and sentimental. I love children, animals. My hobbies are: sport (mostly fitness and swimming), dancing, cooking, watching good movies and reading magazines. I'm sending you my photo, hope you like it.
So, that's my little story, it's your turn to tell me something about you. What are your hobbies, interests? You may tell me about your job if you like. We have so mach to discuss with each over.
Sincerely, Aleksandra.
Letter 2
Hello Brian,
It's so nice to write you again. I was wondering how long will it take to reply to me and I was surprised. Thank you for being my e-mail friend, you are the first one for me. It's strange, but I feel more relaxed and open while writing to you than if I'll be watching in your eyes :-). As we Russians say: "Paper never refuses inc".
Today I was thinking about my visit to the I-Cafe all day long. It seems like soon I'll be visiting it very often, because I didn't have Internet friend before and I'm very excited about our correspondence. I read and write all letters by myself. I think I know English well... Here in Russia I can't find a real friend. Men around me are thinking about my appearance, pretty face and body, but I wish to find a soul mate, a man who will be in my mind all day and night long. With whom it will be a pleasure to make love with, talk together, and walk at the park. Maybe I'm too single oriented, I can't be fond of 2 or 3 men at the same time, if I have one beloved person with me I can't think about someone else.
And what were you doing recently, anything interesting happens? Sometimes I feel that my life become to boring. Nothing interesting is happening in my little town, days are coming after each other, all the same. May be my job is something that make me feel better, because I like what I'm doing. But you like a fresh air coming into my life. May be in the future when we'll know well each other I'll visit you.
Well, I hope you get this letter and able to see photo I'm attaching. Tell me more about your self, I like reading your letters. I wish all the best and take care of you. Write me soon.
Yours, Aleksandra.
Letter 3
Hi Brian,
Here I am again. :-) I was very pleased to receive your letter. I like writing to you and my visits to I-Cafe, because every time I check my mailbox I have your letter waiting for me.
There are a lot of other girls around me here. I talked with one and she tells me that she is in love with her friend from USA. Do you believe in possibility of true love through Internet? In my opinion mails can create friendship or affection to your friend, but love is more complicated. You may say that I'm not romantic and too skeptic and that I don't believe in "love at the first sight". But maybe I'm too romantic and afraid to be hurt by someone trying to use it. Receiving your mails I can understand your character your thoughts and dreams, watching your photos I can see the way you look. But falling in love is different from liking someone, at least I need to see that man at person and find out if we both have some chemistry between us. I hope I don't disappoint you, but that's the way I see it.
Looks like my letter become too serious :-), don't you bored with it yet? :-) OK, Russian joke: "What should the man do seeing his mother in law covered with blood running away and screaming?" Answer: "Stop coarse laughing and fire a gun again" :-) As for my family my father and his mother in law likes each over very much, but jokes on that subject are very popular.
I want to unswer your questions. If we like each other in the future I would like to meet you and and see how things will go with us and i hope that we'll like each other! And I would like to go with you to South Africa if I love you. I think the main thing is to love man and if I love I would go to any part of the world with him.
I wish to send more photos to you, but I don't have any available to send. I'm new in such kind of correspondence, that's why I don't have a lot of photos of my self to send you. They say that I need to find scanner and scan my photos to a floppy disk and come here with it. I'm not good at computers, so it may take some time. OK, time for me to go now, take care of your self. I'm waiting for your letter.
Yours, Aleksandra.
P.S. I use I-cafe to use internet and I write letters by myself and I know english well as I think so I try to understand your letters completly. Sorry I didn't unswer questions earlier.
Letter 4
Hi Brian.
It's such a pleasure for me to receive your letters, I'm very interested in you. My life is ordinary, seems like everything is OK, nothing special is happening (except you in my life :-)
Well, I think I need to tell you more about the place I live. As I told I live in Tatarstan. Our republic is very beautiful, it's one of the most beautiful in Russia. We don't have heavy industry here, we even don't have medium industry. Everything that was working few ears ago now stopped after financial crisis at Russia, but at least our nature become better day after day. In the winter we have a lot of snow, this year we had 1,5 meter of snow cover at the land outside our town. We like to spend our free time with my friends skiing, playing with snow. But it could be cold here, couple years ago we have -43'C, but now nature become softer, and this winter was worm enough.
We have no a lot of places to visit here but some of them are really beautiful. We can go to the Volga river. It's some hours by car but it's really beautiful there. Did you hear about mother-volga???
You may notice that my mailbox is situated at free mail server, because I don't have an opportunity to have my personal mailbox somewhere else, sorry. That's why problems are occurred some times. It happens that I can't get access to my mailbox, sometimes letters I send to you are coming back, but I'll do my best to keep corresponding with you. You become my real friend. Do not be worried if your letters to me are coming back or you don't receive anything for a long time. Most probably they have some temporary problems on the server, so keep trying.
It's a beautiful day here today - blue sky, white puffy, marshmallow clouds and worm! Wish you could share this weather with me.
Yours, Aleksandra.
P.S. I asked here about the messanger and they said that they had problems with it and they try not to use it here.... Sorry.
Letter 5
Hello dear Brian.
It's so wonderful to have an opportunity to write to my best friend. And it's so easy for me, because I can tell you whatever I want, and I'm sure that you will listen to me and very interested in me also. Each time I'm receiving your letters, I feel little bit happier, than before. In your letters I can find something I have never met in other men. You are so kind, noble, romantic, intelligent, . I can continue to describe you with compliments, but words in my letters couldn't express everything I start feeling about you.
Yesterday I visited sport club "Astron" and had hard training other there. They gave my personal coach to me and now she is torturing me by forcing at making physical exercises. :-( Last time, at the beginning, I was running for 1 hour, and then we start doing muscles of press, hips, surals, chest and muscles of back. Now I have terrible feeling like bulldozer ride on me couple of times. But as my couch said it will last for couple of days only, and then I'll used to do physical exercises in hard regime. She told me that I have very good chances to take 1 places at fitness competitions in Russia and then in Europe.
Also I meet a girl. Her name is Marina. She visiting sport club at the same time as me and we have same trainer, so we will be training together. I hope we will become good friends with her. When our training was complete we went to the bar situated at "Astron" and drank a lot of mineral water. :-)
By the way, photo I'm sending was taken there. One of my favorite. Do you like it?
And how are you? Hope you are fine and have interesting and full of events life. Do I have some part in your life? Time for me to go now, hope to see you soon.
Yours, Aleksandra.
Letter 6
Dear Brian,
I want to tell you that I have good news for us. I asked my parents about the money for a trip and they said that they can help me because my father got some extra money and also I took a credit at my job because last time I was working really well and had some success. So now I have near 400 USD and I think it's big money for us. I think now we can meet each other. What do you think about it. I am glad now that I make a big step to be closer to you. I have a half of money I need for a trip to you... I hope that now we have a great chance to meet each other and to be happy together!!! Could you help me with other part. I ask you as I can't come yo you in December as I'll have a lot of job and it's really a lot of time to wait. I think we should use the June and meet each other. I think we'll love each other. I hear it from my heart. Please unswer me as soon as possible.
Missing you, Aleksandra
Letter 7
Dear Brian,
Did you get my last message. I hope you did!!! Please unswer me as soon as possible as our meeting is very important for me and I hope for you too!!! I miss you and hope that we'll be together soon!!!!
Here is my old message
My dearest Brian.
I have wonderful mood all day long, may be because when I wake up I was thinking about you, and when something stressful happens in my life you are helping me to overcome difficulties and problems. I do realized that I can't be so fond of the man I have never see before in real life, but that's the way it is. :) Today I was shopping with my friend Katya. I prefer to go shopping with you, but you are still in my dreams, because great distance standing between us. By the way, do you like to go shopping with me? :-) They say that shopping is not the men's type of sport. :-) There are not so many good shops at our Town, so it's not very difficult to come through all of them. With new season coming I've found a lot of interesting stuff I want to have, but everything seems so expensive.
I want to tell you that I really like you and I think about you all the time and I can't wait until we'll be together, I think we'll have funny time and we'll know each other better. I also want to tell you that the agency said that I should pay them by myself and they have no time to get money from other people overy the world so I was really upset with them but I csn do nothing with it. But I want to tell you that recently I have visited bank and they gave me a brochure about Western Union. Woman told me that it's much easier to transfer not very big amounts of money in every currency using it. I saw advertisements on TV, but never thought that it will be useful for us someday. They say that it's "The fastest way to send money worldwide". Let me tell you what is written in it:
"Since 1871 the American company Western Union has been providing money transfer services based on modern means of communication and data processing. The up-to date electronic technologies used by the company allow transferring money to any distance within minutes. Each transfer is protected by world-class reliable security system, ensuring your money is paid out only to the right person. Western Union service is easy to use. It would be enough to come to any on of the numerous service location placed where you need them. The location stuff will help you to send or receive your money. Opening a bank account is not required. We are sure that you have our service at your city. Please visit and use our "Find agent locator" for more detailed information and addresses of Western Union agents available at your location."
Have you ever heard of it? I think you need to visit this server and find nearest location to you, then managers of this firm will explain you everything and you will tell me what should I do. Take good care of your self, until I'll be able to do that. :)
Yours, Aleksandra.
P.S. I dream about our meeting and now I beleive more and more that we'll be together soon.
Letter 8
Dear Brian,
The problem is I have no money to buy even one way ticket and the agency will not work with any firm to try to sent invoice and to get money, They don't work with fireigners, One way I found for us... The agent here said that you can use her credit card to make a transfer and so I will be able to get a money from her and pay for my trip, So we just can use her Visa card. It's a bank account and I think you can make a transfer to her bank account. What do you think about it????
Missing you, Aleksandra
Letter 9
Dear Brian,
Please understand me right. When I wrote to you that I have 400 USD I thought that I'll be able to get all bonuses before my holidays and trip to you but now they said that they will pay it after my holidays. So now I have near 200 USD and I need 600 to come to you. I don't know if you can afford it but I hope and beleive that you can. What about to organize everything from your side. OF course it's easy and fast for you to organise everything over here. But did you think about all problems with visa, passport and other details. I need to organise it all here in Russia and the tourist company said that they will do it. But they can't do it without tickets and they can arrange in complex including passport visa and tickets.... So I think it's easier to arrange a trip from my side. Dear Brian, what do you think about it. I think it's really easy as they will make all arrangements and very fast as they are good in it.
Hope to hear from you very soon.
Missing you, Aleksandra
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