Scam Letter(s) from Galina Ermachenkova to Derek (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Derek!
Thank you very much for your phone call and for our talk! Dear, you have very nice, masculine and sexy voice!:-)) And I like it very much!
Dear, I think that it is wonderful that we can communicate over the Internet and phones. I think that this is the most important creation of human being!!!! We are living 1000 miles away but we can send to each other messages just for a few seconds, we can hear the voices of each other and I think that this is nice!!! Dear, I think that if we will be talking with each other even over the phone, it make us much closer to each other!!! So, my dear, I will be waiting our next phone call with great impatience and I will talk with you with great pleasure!! Derek, dear, yes, I also want to meet with you, to be with you. But now everything in your masculine hands!!! :-)) Yes, I can collect all necessary documents for making my foreign passport. But I needs your help. To get fast my passport cost to me 200 USD.
Derek, I went at the bank and get information how you can transfer money to me. There people told me that reliable and fast way to send the money in Ukraine - it is service of Western Union. I can get it during 15 minutes after you sent it. For sending the transfer by Western Union you needs my home address and address of bank.
My dear, here is my home address:
Ermachenkova Galina
kv. Uzhniy, 8a,#50
And here is address of bank :
Bank 'Aval',
Soviet str.,61
Dear, please, when you will be in bank, write correctly my name and surname. Then after you send the transfer, please, send to me the 10-digital code number and your complete name, surname and city. I must to known all this information because without it I can not get your transfer.
My darling, you know, if you will send to me this transfer for my passport- it will be very big and important step for us, for our future together and we already become little close to each other!!!!
My dear, I am finishing now my letter.
Waiting your soon reply.
Tenderly kiss you many times. Yours Gala.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Eric!
Thank you very much for your nice message and for that letter. I will be waiting your letter with great impatience.
Eric, thank you very much for your understanding and your seriousness at this question. I mean- the question of our happy future together. I hope that some day we will be remember all this with smiles on our faces- which difficult way we crossed to be together!:-)))) Yes, it was difficult, but pleasant way in arms of each other!
Eric,dear, I will be waiting for your phone call with great impatience because I want to talk with you very-very much.
Eric, dear, as I promised, yesterday I went at tour agencies and get next information.
So, for my travelling to Kiev I needs:
- 2 tickets at Kiev. I can go by airplane or by train. But tickets for airplane cost 220-240 USD and I don't want to make for you huge expenses,dear. I can go there by train. Of course, it will be much longer- around 20 hours ,but it will be cheaper- around 120-140 USD.
- Staying at Kiev for 2-3 nights - 2-3 x 40-50 USD,
- Entrance at Embassy- - 45 USD,
- to have and to fill in the
questionnaire blank - 50 USD,
- Working with documents - 100 USD,
- Multivisa - 70-140 USD,
- travel expenses - 30-50 USD.
I hope that this is all.
Eric,my dear, please, believe to me, I don't want to make you bankrupt, but all these prices were created by US Government and we can not change nothing about it. For us, simple Ukrainian people very difficult to get such money and have possibility to travel somewhere.
Tenderly kiss you. Gala.

Please do add her at your earliest convenience -- I want to assure nobody else gets fooled!

Thank you.



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