Scam Letter(s) from Anna Lapteva to Sayer (Australia)

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Letter 1

My darling,
I have just come to Olya again. I went to the Western Union office and I did not have chance to go to the travel agency yet. I'll explain you why.
It was a little problem at the bank but everything is ok finally. They asked me your last name and as it occurred I did not know your surname. But they checked my ID and gave the money anyway as I knew the control number. But I wonder what your last name it my sweetheart. There was $560 US and it was not enough to pay for the papers today, so I decided to wait till tomorrow when you send the rest of the money. I'll need extra $165 US. I hope you can send it tomorrow as I can't wait to start the paper process.
I am happy my sweet Sayer as I feel it'll not take so long and I'll be with you really soon. I love you so so much!!! It is such a happiness to be in love with you my adorable Sayer.
I'll be waiting for your letter tomorrow morning and hope everything will be ok and my visa and passport will be started soon.
Many sweet kisses to you my darling,



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