Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Zorya to Mike (USA)
Letter 1
My gladness!
I feel so great gladness in my soul when I every time see your letters, your words. You know Mike, every time when I come from Internet club I always speak with our angel, tell our little son about you. I tell about your words. Yes, I know that he is only little child and maybe not always understand importance of my words. But I know exactly that even if he-s little love of two parents is very important for him. If you could see his eyes when I tell him that his father sends him best wishes. That he asked about him- Darling, I can-t describe it. When I see our little boy smiling when I told about you, that once we-ll go to another house, to fantastic country where father will play with him, throw him highly to the sky. His eyes are so shining with these words. You know, our little angel grows up so fast. You know Michael, sometimes it seems to me that not so long ago my little boy laid in cradle and now he is more older. You know, sometimes I tell him fairy-tales when he goes to bed and than I look for a long time how is he sleeping, but sometimes Danil tells his mother fairy-tales which he listened in the kindergarten and I become to sleep with quiet sounds of Danil-s voice. In my class there are 30 pupils. All children are first year at school and still make acquaintance with each other. It-s rather difficult with them now.
Danil goes to kindergarten when I work.
I-m glad that your father likes my picture. I would like to make him acquaintance. I send him best wishes.
Our weather changed very much. It became coldly so sharply. I was not ready to it. Usually we have more warm weather on September. And now it-s so coldly and damply, it-s always raining. The sun goes from clouds only for short time. But today at night there will be 0 degrees in Kremenchuk. Can you impress it, it-s only 5th of September. I-m so concerned. Darling, I want to ask you: may I buy jacket and boots for our angel for money which you sent me? I know that you-ll understand me. Child is growing up and those things which he wearied in spring are small for him.
Honey Mike, I-m grateful to the whole world because it gave me you, my love. I don-t know are there words which could help me to tell about my feelings. Or to tell how strongly my heart beats, how my soul blossoms when I think of you how smile plays on my face. It seems to me that the sun becomes to shine more brightly, the sky becomes more transparent calling me to its height. Yes, maybe people still didn-t think out so many words and phrases to tell about depth of feelings. It-s impossible to measure water in great ocean, air in the sky and love in our hearts. Many people try to tell with words what they have in their hearts and souls. Many poets tried to impress in their poems about this wonderful filling but nobody could impress it fully. My love, I-m not poet, I-m just a woman who loves you with all her heart. It-s so important to feel myself loved and wished woman. You did so much for me, even when we are so far from each other I don-t feel myself so alone in this world. I know that when I look at stars and think of you in the evening my thoughts, my love and my kisses go through thousands miles to fall down like bright star at your house. Yes, life is so surprising and many-sided. It brings us so many surprises. But the greatest present life gave me. I-m ready to keep, love, appreciate, understand and respect this present. Because you are this present which is given me by the God.
Your Galya.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear!
irst of all thank you for you photo!
I-m so sad that it will be weekend again and we-ll leave for three days. You know, now I hate weekends because they divide us. It seems that they are so long and a week flies so fast approaching weekends again. Sometimes it seems to me that eternity goes while I can see your letter. I often dream about the day when I could only to hear sounds of your voice. When I impress the first day of our meeting I think that I-ll stand in catalepsy and will be afraid to move because you can disappear and appear only as my dream, my impression. Is it sadly? But it seems to me that eternity went away after our acquaintance and the God led me to you during the whole my life for us to be happy together with our children. I meet every day, every sunrise and sunset thinking of you, dreaming of a day when we standing at stoop of our house and embracing could drink hot coffee and look at children playing near house. MMMMM--. I would like sometimes just to nestle to you, to hear beating of your heart, to feel your strong embraces and your support.
Darling Mike, I was told in the Agency that on the whole I would need $1900 for my trip. The price includes passport 50$, visa 650$, ticket costs around 1000 if I must fly to Airport in Florida, but the price for the ticket will depend on the time I'll fly, but anyway it'll not exceed 1000. I must also have 200$ with me for crossing the border. Passport, visa and insurance will be ready in two-three weeks after I pay the money. The tickets are reserved in the last turn, but I think I would be able to inform you of the day of my arrival so that you could meet me. At the Agency they told me that they understand all difficulties concerning this case and they deal with American advocates and employers. They open the visas for girls to work on term from 3 till 6 months. Nobody of employers to whom the girl will come will ask her presence on the place of work besides some formalities with documents. This term of her presence in the USA will be legal and nobody can prevent us!
to get married if we would like to and to make emigration process in the USA using the service of American advocates.
You know Mike, yesterday evening when I came from Internet club a lot of work waited for me. Testing of pupils- copybooks is one of this. I fed our little angel and asked him about his day in kindergarten. And when I became to test copybooks it was 10 p.m. But I had not time to test even five copybooks because light was turning off. I was ready to cry because of sadness, it-s coldly in flat and without light. I can say that we are similar to cave people. Everything was finished with the fact that I found candle in pantry and continued to work with it. You know, I even found positive side in it :). I like to look at playing small fire of candle, looking at it I am dipped to world of dreams. Do you want to know whom I thought of? Of course I thought of you, only of you. I impressed our future, the far but so native country where my loved man lives. You know Michael, if anybody could see me those moment it could seem to him or her that I-m rather strange person who smiled and looked so happy in full darkness only with one candle. Yes, I-m happy because I have you. You are my gladness, I go to bed and wake up with your name in my thoughts, you are the only man whom I dream about and who comes to me in my night dreams. I finished to test copybooks about 1 a.m. In the whole I was satisfied of my work and my dreams. Leaving to fly in clouds I went to bed to appear in your embraces in my dreams.
I have to finish my letter now. I wish you to have good weekend.
Your Galya.
Letter 3
Hello my Honey Beloved Mike! Thank you very much my Darling for such a wonderful letter. I'm always very happy to receive your letters.
I-m grateful to you for wonderful photo. I-m so fond of it! I hope soon we-ll together look at this sunrise.
Darling, what about my travelling, I-m happy that we can be together soon. Thank you for name of airport. I think it will be better if I-ll go to Orlando International airport.
I-ll wait with great impatience for the day when we-ll be together. I-ll calculate days, minutes and seconds while we-ll be together. I-ll wait for the next week when I begin to prepare documents to go to you, my love.
My love Michael, what about travelling I think it would be better if I'll come alone at first. Understand me, our countries and cultures are so difficult. It's necessary for me to find work, to use to climate and atmosphere. Besides I'm not alone, I'm with child and I'm responsible for him. So, I have to look at kindergartens and schools. Let it go away even one or two years before I'll take my boy. But I want to make his travelling not very difficult for him. I hope you understand me. I'm only mother who takes care of child.
Darling, I-ll take your letter in my travelling with your numbers and address. Don-t wary of it. But I need not in your security number. All documents will be made in Ukraine.
We with Danil are fine. It became a little bit warmer outside and we began to walk more to work through the park. Always when I go through the park I imagine how wonderful it would be if you walked with us holding my hand. We would talk about nothing enjoying one another's company watching Danil running before us. At the first sight it would an ordinary day but in the bottom of our soul we both would know that every day like this is unique and very precious for us. Precious because we're together and we have one another in this world. I was so glad to know that you share my dreams of our meeting. I imagined myself how we two would walk the streets of your city, how in the evening It makes me yearn more for you . I feel that every day makes us closer to each other. I hope that finally we can be together!!!! It is very good for us!!! Do you think so???. I feel I could be the woman you long for, and I would honor and respect you always.
Every time when my heart beats it beats for you, every breath I make is for you.
To know you and feel your body next to mine is my dream and life goal. To run my fingers through your hair and gaze into your eyes, would bring joy to my heart. To smell the freshness of your hair and watch the rapid movement of your eyes is my longing.
To feel your lips against mine is joy to my mind. To feel the softness of your body lying next to mine is what I dream of most.
Just to be with you night and day sharing life joys and talking about everything and anything would be ours to keep.
I am thinking of you always and praying that our day will come.>Honey Mike, I want to be the best person I can be for my only man. I want to be everything for you, your first morning kiss, your breath, your laugh and joy, I want to share everything with you. I want to give all my care , tenderness, all my love, all my heart and passion. To share all troubles and problem, to be interested in everything you like. I want to kiss you with every meeting... I like it very much... I want to be not only lover, I want to be your best friend and to be a woman you would proud of. Honey Michael, I close my letter now. I kiss and hug you tenderly.
Your Galya.
Letter 4
My dear Mike!
I-m so glad to receive your letter after weekend.
Darling, I-m happy! I gave my documents and money for making passport and visa. I-m so glad that the day of our first meeting is closely. I-ll tell you when passport and visa will be ready. I-m so fond of your photo on boat! It-s so beautiful and you look so manned and attractive like hero of fairy-tale! I dream about the time when I could go by boat with you. It would be so wonderful! Danil will be glad to go to fishing with their father. Honey, what about me, I-ll be happy to catch so handsome ?fish¦ as you?.
Darling, you write about women in bar. Don-t think badly of me, I-m not jealous but they were so near so you- This weekend we with Danil went to the country to visit grandmother and our trees. We had good time there. There was beautiful sunny weather. We took care of our trees, water them. This time I also spoke with my tree?. I hope it will grow up well.
The old man who is neighbor of my grandmother went to fishing and brought crayfish for Danil. It was so large, with big claws. Danil looked at it with interest, he had never seen crayfishes before it. We lodged it in glass bowl but when we came home from the garden in the evening we saw that bowl is empty. We searched it for the whole house and found under the table in kitchen. It jumped there! So, we saw that the bowl is too close for it and decided to let out it to the river. The next day we with Danil woke up early in the morning and went to the river with crayfish. There were many small fishes near the cost and when we let up our crayfish to the river it went among fishes so importantly as if it was their king. Danil looked at this picture as captivated. It was so interested!
After breakfast we together with grandmother went to the forest to collect mushrooms. We didn-t collect very much of them but we spent good time. Danil collected big bouquet of wonderful flowers and gave it grandmother. She was very glad and proud.
Two days flied imperceptibly. I waited for Tuesday to divide with you my impressions of this time. Sorry that you can-t be with us now. I can-t impress everything in letters and describe you perfectly everything what I see, hear and feel. But I hope once we could see all beauty of this world together and we-ll not be divided from each other by thousands of kilometers.
But my weekend is over and now it-s beginning of new working week. By the way, Michael, I want to calm you: I-m not dismissed from my work. I don-t know what it will be in future and what I can wait for but the last two days nobody bothered me and I could work calmly. Now it is evening and there is big polar star at the sky. It shines so brightly and it seems that it-s message for me from your far country. It seems that I can stretch my hand and touch these bright rays.
Our world is so magic, there are so many beautiful things there and when I see sun rays or white clouds which fly in blue sky like beautiful ships, when I listen songs of birds or feel tenderness of flower in my hand I think that these things are the real wonder because we, living in different sides of the world can see them in one time. What can be more wonderful? All people wait for the wonder and not so many people can see that this wonder is everybody, it-s enough only to look better.
Now I have to finish my letter. I and Danil send you our best wishes.
Your Galya.
Letter 5
My sweetheart Michael!
I-m so touched with care of you and Neil. I would like to make him acquaintance. I-ll love him like my own son.
Darling, I-ll get my passport on Monday. I can-t wait for it calmly! I can-t believe in my happiness. We-ll be together soon. By the way, dear, I can-t answer you on Tuesday, so I-ll write you on Monday.
These days I thought only about you, about our meeting. I impressed as you meet me at the airport as we search each other eyes, we find and we rush in embraces each other.
You are my prince, whom I so long waited. I dreamed about you, it is a pity, that you may not see, how I smile, may not see pleasure on my face, when I think of you. My charm, I want our life to be pleasant in every respect, that life way to be in the pleasure, surrounded with quiet and long happiness. Every time when we go to bed or get up I want to kiss you and to tell I LOVE YOU MIKE!!! I am looking forward for our meeting when I can embrace you and kiss. My feelings to you as wide as the sea, boundless as the sky!!!! I want to be with you very much.
For me each day begins as a holiday when I receive your letters, at me also my heart at once is cheered up begins to be knocked faster. " I remember a strange instant, before me you were. " It Is words of very known Russian poet and the writer which is very known in Ukraine, may even abroad. It - A.S. Pushkin!!!
My loved and desired man, you would know as I'm alone and melancholy here. I dream how you takes me in your big and strong hands, they are so warm and gentle to me and I do not want, that they let off me even for a minute. We'll kiss each other and we'll be the happiest people on light!
We would bring up with you children, went on picnic, visited cultural places and I want, that it became a reality, and not just dreams! And nobody can prevent our happiness and separate us! I love you! You may be always sure, that somewhere at the other territory of a planet there is Ukrainian girl who madly loves you lives and hopes with the waiting for meeting with you! I was solved on this responsible step to find happiness.
Honey Michael, slightly and have written this poem. Whether I do not know well it has turned out, I am not the poet, but it impresses my thoughts of you. I am as a crane in the sky and words flow from me on a paper. I want you to read it. Listen.
Tell to me something beautiful,
About love verses to me esteem.
I want to become the happiest,
I want to get with you in paradise.
Present me a drop of tenderness,
The slice of caress and heat.
Presents a fidelity a little,
Prove, that I not simply waited.
Well, I shall finish. Bye Bye, your girl
Letter 6
Hi, my ocean of love Mike!
Sorry that I could not write you these days. I have not possibility to do it. It is connected with my travelling to you. I had to collect necessary documents. These days were for me also nightmare of waiting.
Darling Michael, I wary that you got under rain. I hope you didn-t catch cold. It-s so pity that I-m not with you. It seems I could save you from all illnesses.
Sorry that it had happened so with your car. I hope everything will be OK.
What about money for tickets sorry that I didn-t write on Wednesday. You can send them where it will be more comfortable for you. When I get your letter I am so happy that I am forgetting about everything. I write you not with the mind but with the heart. At this moment my mind is situated with you. At this moment I am under your hypnoses. My thoughts are only about you and soon we will be together.
Every day I think about you and about our love. Our love resembles me a little beautiful flower, which is entrenching through dry ground and is stretching to the sun. Our love is watered by a rain of kindness, tenderness and trust. Every day our flower is becoming stronger and harder. Our love takes force from our letters. This is a thin thread which has connected us. I am very glad that we build our small world of love together. Our world of love will be strong, because we build it from Devotion, Probity, Respects and Trust. Love - this is world for two persons, to which any stranger can't come in, otherwise everything will be ruined. And then it will be impossible to collect rebuilt the splinters of the love. In Russia people say that Love is a great force. Love can overcome all the barriers and distances. Two loving hearts are stretching to each other like two magnets.
Our hearts are tired from loneliness, that's why they must be together and beat like one heart. Our hearts are like two great oceans. They are vast and very deep yet calm an peaceful on the surface. Our feeling run very deep and they are very strong. Sometimes we get afraid we will be pulled under by the current. I dream that our two oceans will meet in a powerful wave that will shake the very earth. And when all is done there will be one vast beautiful ocean, beautiful, powerful and forever...(one heart, one ocean). I very much love children, me not important whose they. Children our future, we should give him more, than we have. I ask to forgive me if I have told you something wrong, but these were my thoughts.
I'm sending you a small poem. Tell me if you like it. OK?
Bright, eyes
like heaven's stars,
Lips so full
I need to know -
when will be he mine
for all of time?
His name is Michael
He is my Prince
I shall take him to the ball
to dance in front of all.
Midnight will come
though he will not run.
He will be mine
to the end of time.
I've prayed so long
for one as this.
With him beside me
we will have bliss.
I have to finish my letter now but I stay with you in my thoughts. Kisses.
Your Galya.
Letter 7
My kitten Mike!
I-m happy that you like my poem. I was so touched with your words of love. I also love you very-very much!
I-m so happy to receive your letters. They add me powers. Though I feel myself so exhausted and tired. Today we celebrate Teacher-s Day. In the morning children of my class came so ornate, with flowers. Some children came with their parents. The day began so celebratory and solemnly. One of mothers of my pupils had greeting speech and than children came to me with flowers and said ?Congratulations¦, some children even told poems. I think their parents tried to make the real celebration for me. It was so celebratory, touchingly and so wonderfully! You know Michael, I couldn-t turn my eyes from them, I couldn-t keep smile when pupils came to me with flowers and told his words- It was so wonderfully! I was so touched, I even didn-t keep my tears. But I was so surprised when my pupils began to ask with alarm what had happened and why do I cry. But not only I cried, some mothers also were touched. We were so proud with our children.
There was celebration mood at school, students of secondary school decorated rooms. Everywhere teachers went with armful of flowers. In this day teachers of primary school decided that this holiday is necessary to celebrate. But not today but tomorrow, on weekend. Everybody decided to buy food beforehand. But it-s impossible, we worked. And than there were chosen four teachers who went shopping and others had to look after their classes. I got two classes and my own. It-s nightmare. I-m so tired this day. As only I calmed children in one class I heard noise from the other one. But what can I do v children will be children and nothing can change them. You know Mike, it seems today I lost some superfluous kilograms?. My eyes close from iredness.
Our little angel also went to kindergarten today with bouquet of flowers. The whole evening I taught him what has he to tell. But as only Danil came to his group he quickly gave flowers his educator and ran to carpet where his friends. I even didn-t understand what did he murmur to educator. But what can I tell him? He is so little. But I told good congratulation to educator and I saw gratitude in her eyes. I know well how it can be tiredly with children sometimes.
Honey, I-ll receive visa the next week. I-ll tell you exactly when it will be. I-ll tell you the date of my arriving at the next week. Darlin, I wary a little can we find each other in large airport? How can we do it? How can I connect with you to see you? And I wary that I can-t overcome border with small sum of money. Especially if I-ll go with little child. I was in agency yesterday and they explained me that if I-ll have too little money I can not leave Ukraine. I-m so upset that they didn-t tell me that earlier. My love Michael, I don-t want you to wary much, it-s only my thoughts, I wanted to divide them with you.
I have question about Neil. What he would like we with Danil to carry for him from Ukraine. I know that he doesn-t know much about Ukraine but ask him about present. And what can I carry for you? Think seriously of this question, it'- very important for me.
Darlin, I would like you to be with me now, to embrace me strongly and to tell that everything is OK. I would like this night to nestle to you and sleep in your embraces. I would like to wake up in the morning from sweet dream where we can be together and see that my dream continues in reality. I want to see as you smile to me and to hear: ?Good morning, my love, how did you sleep?¦ and in answer to kiss and embrace you. I would like to fly with you to the sky where there is the sea of caress, the ocean of love- where only we are, we are together. And there are nobody there, only we and our love- My gladness Michael, I-m afraid I have to finish my letter. I wish you good weekend and I-m always with you in my heart and thoughts.
Your Galya.
Letter 8
Hello, my love!
many thank you for you nice photo! It's very beautiful! send me more you photo and Neil's photo.
Every day without you are so long, I-m bored, I return to you in my thoughts so often, I often think of us as of family. I think about our life together more and more often. I think what could we do every moment, what could I gladden you with, what could you like or not. What would you like me to cook you for breakfast or for supper. What could make smile on your face, what could gladden you or make sad. You are so dear for me and I want to bring in your life only the sea of smiles. I want you to be happy with me.
My love Michael, what about presents, of course, I-ll take photos but I would like to carry something especial, maybe some souvenirs. It was pleasant for me to hear about your planes of our future child. I think it will be charming child with your smile. Of course, I received money. Thank you, honey! Honey Mike, I-ll tell you exact date of my arriving only when I-ll buy tickets.
Darlin, I could receive visa only this week. I-ll write you about it. Yes, I decided to take child. I thought about it and I think it would be better if he-ll arrive with me to your country. My parents promised to help me with money. They found half of sum. If I-ll not have enough money I-ll ask your help. I don-t know how much money must I have to overcome border. I-ll tell you exact sum in my next letter. But I want you to know that I try to do everything for our family to be happy together.
Darlin Michael, I-m touched with your words about Danil and your tree. I-m sure he-ll be glad to speak with it?.
You describe your favorite places so good that I want to be with you just now and see this beauty with my own eyes. On Saturday we with my colleges from school went to celebrate Teacher-s Day but it-s a pity, the weather those day was not very warm. But we didn-t leave our invention. We put on more warm clothes and as only we arrived to the place we began to work. Some teachers were also with children, so, our angel was not bored. Children tried to put something to the fire as only adults turned from them. Our little boy also put sprigs to the fire. But as only we prepared shashlicks (by the way I got to know that our shashlicks are like your barbecue) the rain began and dispersed our noisy company. But the most opposite is that we arrived to this forest by bus and this bus goes every two hours. In the whole everything was finished that we were wet through and children began to cry because they were afraid of lighting. Coming home first of all I threw Danil to bath for him to warm and made him compress. But our boy has cough and I also have little cold. On Sunday >it was also raining and we with Danil spent those time under the cover. I made for Danil tea with raspberry and hot milk with honey v it-s very helpful from cold. As only I came to the room with cup of milk our little sly fellow hidden himself under the cover. But my diligence was not vain. Today we are better. Though it was difficult for me to wake up on Monday morning to go to the work. And it was more difficult to persuade Danil. Now there is so crude weather, it-s rain and wind. Brrrrrr- Even when I think about it I-m sad. The days become shorter and now it-s dark early. Now going to Internet club to write you letter I try do not go to pool in darkness.
But it-s everything, I-ll not complain any more. I bothered you, did I? But sometimes I don-t want to take care of everybody myself but I want anybody to take care of me, to be weak woman in man-s hands. I have to finish my letter now. It-s darkness and cold weather at our streets and I feel not very good, so I-ll go home. I think of you dear and I love you very much.
Your Galya.
Letter 9
Hello, my love!
I think it is my last working week now but it-s so hard for me that you even can-t impress.
You are the only gladness for me in these gray rainy days. Today the weather is the real nightmare. It-s raining the whole day. The rain is so strong that I can see nothing when go across the street. While I came to Internet club I became wet through and I feel myself badly. I-m afraid to be ill. I have so much work now!
At school many children are ill now. Today there were not many children in my class because many children their parent left home. I also didn-t carry Danil to kindergarten. He stayed with my parents. He also had cough a little and I-m afraid he could catch cold more. Of course he also didn-t come with me to Internet club. But he asked me to tell you his best wishes.
Today the director came to school wet and malicious and became to run by lessons and control everybody. He couldn-t find more improper time for it because his cautiousness had not any effect neither on teachers nor on pupils. Everybody were too tired, frozen and upset because of bed weather to pay attention on one more ?spontaneous disaster¦:).
So, dear Michael, as you can see today is not the best day in my life and I need in you more than anywhere. I want to nestle to you, close my eyes and forget all my problems in your warm strong embraces. I-m so tired from solitude! And I love you so much that sometimes it seems I-m ready to fly to you just now.
Mike, it was so pleasant for me to hear your words of love and tenderness. I was so touched! Honey, it was so important for me to hear them and I want to tell that I-ll try to make you really the most happy man in the world.
Honey, I went to agency to get to know everything about travelling. I collected half of cost of ticket for Danil. it's 250 $. My love, I-m so sad! They said me very large sum in agency! I don-t know how can I tell it you. I feel shame that I can-t pay for my travelling myself. I try to work much and spend money a little but I have not enough money. I know that I must not tell you it and you can believe me and I believe you and I want to divide my emotions and trouble with you. I hope you-ll understand me. I know that it will be so but I would like to hear from you that you believe me. During this week I have to collect some documents about child. I-ll get visa tomorrow. I can buy tickets the next week.
Darlin Mike, I have to take 800$ for my travelling. And I have not 250$ for Danil-s ticket. I-m so sad. It-s so large sum!
I-ll never forget the day when the fate gave me you. I-ll never be alone any more because love to you is shining in my heart. Even the night wind can-t tell whom I-m sad about, whom I dream about standing at the window. Honey, this evening the weather is sad together with me. Small drops of rain flow on the window glass where our names are written. Looking in the evening at darkness I ask mentally the highest powers of nature to bring to you my sadness, my dreams of you, my love to you. I so want you to know that you are very dear for me, you are my only loved man in this world. You know Michael, even if we live far from each other and had never met in reality I know well that there are no more people who concern to each other with such tenderness, warm and caress. Something highest joins us, something magic what it-s impossible to explain, I think it-s magic of love. And it seems that our feeling are stronger than any storm.
Honey, now I have to finish my letter. I-m with you in my heart and I think of you every minute.
Galya and Danil
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