Scam letter(s) from Natalia Zorya to Ray (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Ray!
Thank you very much for your photo, I like it. It's very pleasantly for me that there is found a man who has answered for my message. I'm a serious woman who wants to find happiness. My friend gave me advice to do it with the help of Internet. My dream is to meet serious, kind and careful man to create family.
It's a little about myself.
My name is Galina. My height is 165 sm. My weight is 49 kg. I'm 27 years old. I live in Ukraine, in town Kremenchuk. It's not large but very beautiful. It is situated at the river Dnieper. I have parents, but I live separately to them with my child. I was marriage earlier but it's happened so that the fate divorced us. Now I'm alone with my little child. My daughter's name is Vera. She is 5 years old. I graduated pedagogical professional school. Now I work as a teacher of primary school. In my free time I like to go in for sport, listen to the music, spend time with my friends. But the most of my free time I spend with my daughter. I love children very much. They are very funny and unpredictable little people. It's always interesting to look at them. I love my daughter very much and try to spend with her as much time as I can. I also would like to have children with my loved man and have friendly family. I hope you too, my Dear Ray. Of course, I’ll help you to understand our country. I believe in God. My belief is Christian. I don't smoke but it's not irritates me when the others smoke. I also don't drink. I can drink only a little vine in romantic atmosphere with candles and beautiful music. I'm very romantic by nature and if I'll love a man I'll give him all my heart. I'm very honest person and I appreciate it also in other people. I think that in good family a man must be support for his wife and children, and woman must be like a sun in the blue sky which shines for husband his way and they must be always together in happiness and in hard time of their life. It's the real family to my mind. I hope you divide my thoughts Nice.
I'll wait for your letters with impatience.
Galina and Vera.
Letter 2
Honey Ray!
Thank you for photo with children. They are pretty and I think they are happy to have such father.
I'm happy to receive your letter. I know that it's fate smiled to us and shone our life with its smile. I'm happy that we could find each other in this big world. Now I don't feel myself so alone because I know that you are in my life. You gave me hope for happy life. The greatest happiness for me is to feel love, tenderness and care of man who is ready to understand and support his loved woman. Though I was alone for a long time and must do all things myself I'm only weak an tender woman who needs in careful man on whose shoulder I could put my head. I so need in tender words. I don't want my life to be spending for nothing and tenderness and warm of my heart will not warm loved man. My friends tell that I look better in life, I think for every man it's pleasantly when his wife is nice. I send you my other photo for you have possibility to look at me better. Beauty is not important for me. The most important for me is soul of person. I also wary about my daughter. Time is going, she is growing up without father. I try to give her all my love and tenderness but I can't give her father's love. Sometimes when we go at the stadium we can see girls who play with their fathers. Vera holds out her hands to them and ran to them. My heart is broken when I see that. There is no man who could play with my daughter. People go away and in Vera's eyes I see ask.
Darling, I'm very happy to hear kind words about Vera. Of course, if we'll be together I'll love Josh and Ashley like my own children. My favorite color is green. What about dishes I like different salads and fruits.
Sometimes we with my friends go to picnics in summer or visit each other.
It's very pleasant that you learn Russian. And you are right, it's hardly to learn language of other country. I know that by my own experience. Darling Ray, I speak Russian and Ukrainian well. Of course I speak Ukrainian more because it's my native language. It's pleasant to hear that Ashley likes me, I send her best wishes from Vera and me. My Dear Ray! The world is full of insincerity and falsity. We live here and can face all it. I'm very afraid of it as everyone I think. So I don't fully trust the words on the paper. The life itself makes me judge the people upon their actions. I'd appreciate it very much, my Dear, if you 'd help me to pay for our correspondence. It's really expensive for me and it wouldn't be very easy if I pay it myself. Also this action will prove that you really need serious relationships and think of our future. I'm thankful for your help beforehand. Because I really need it. Believing in tomorrow is so hard when all your yesterday's are filled with pain. Trusting in the future isn't easy when the past is just pouring rain. If you need someone to take you by the hand and help you heal your broken you how to find the faith and love again so you can make a brand new start. If your looking for the man to chase away your clouds and be your morning sun. I am the one! My Dear Ray! I want you to be with me and Vera so much. And to be glad with each other every morning and give happiness day after day. To love each other and this love to de the most necessary thing in our life. I kiss you with Vera. I wish you good day.
Galya and Vera.
Letter 3
Sweetheart Ray!
I'm so happy that you are with me even at so big distance. You can't even impress how I'm glad to receive your letters. I begin to feel that I need in them like in bread and water. I think, it's love. I think life is so short and we must live it in love and mutual understanding and don't lose the time which the God gave us. My dear Ray, I want you do not wary about Vera's father. This man is not interested in his daughter at all. It's not important for him how does his daughter grow up, what does she eat. The main in this man's life is himself! And if we'll go anywhere he will be only glad because he will not have to pay alimony. It's a pity, darling, but I have not telephone at home, it's too expansive for me.
My birthday is 25th of May, Vera's birthday is 9th of April. Yes, I have not my personal computer and I have to use Internet club. Darling, I understand nothing in computers and Internet. Your letters are reading to me and than I dictate my letters. I'm glad to feel you care. Thank for you wishes to help me with payment of our correspondence. It's a pity but I don't know how will you do it. My friend gave me advice to make money orders through Western Union. My full name is: Nikolaenko Galina. My address is: Ukraine, Kremenchyk city, Pervomayskaya st. house 33/24, f. 44 Darling Ray, our correspondence costs about 80$ for a month. I never received money orders, so I know nothing about it. But I think that you understand it better and know how to do it. I know that you are the cleverest, the best and the most handsome man in the world. I dream about our meeting. It will be very romantic and enigmatic a little.
I impressed many times the day when we'll meet to join our life for creation of friendly family. I think you will be good father for Vera and I hope we'll have other children. We'll spend many time together, divide all happiness and troubles and give to each other power for overcoming of all problems. Now traditional family relations go away to the past time. But I believe that I find the man who appreciate things which were priced by our parents. It's love, friendship, believing and mutual understanding.
I want so much be a good wife for you. I'll wait you every evening from your work, cook your favorite dishes and educate our children so that they grow up as kind and honest people. I'll wait for your message with hope in my heart.
I send you my Love an kiss.
Galina and Vera.
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