Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Irshust to Ron (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Ron, How are you today? I'm glad we have a chance to get to know each band find out if we can have future together. I'm a simple person who dreams about happiness, good relations based on mutual respect, care, love, understand, support, tenderness.... I'm sure that our correspondence is just a first step in our acquaintance. At the very beginning I would like to ask you if you can come in future and meet me? We need to see each other to know if we can be a couple. Do you agree with me? Now I'll tell you a bit about myself. I was born on February, 20 in 1979. I'm Piesces by horoscope. I'm interesting, creative, warm and kind person. I dream to find my soulmate, get married, have a happy family and children. I love life like it is, I like to have fun, communicate with my friends, travel... But I miss someone who would be beside me sharing good and bad times of my life. I have much to give to my beloved man: care, support, understanding, respect and love. I live in Ukraine in the city Lugansk. It's situated in the Eastern part of Ukraine. It's quite large. There are about 600 000 inhabitants. I live with my parents in their house. I have one sister. I'm a very homely person and I love to spend time with my relatives. But I also like to go out, communicate with friends, dance, swim, do sports. Some time ago I was a professional volley-ball player. But then I had an injury and now professional sport is closed for me. But sometimes I do it just for fun. I have graduated from the university with speciality historian-archivist. If you are interested in me after reading my letter, I'll be glad to continue our communication. Best wishes,
Letter 2
Dear Sir, Irina is a client of our marriage agency "Lucky Star". You have an opportunity to write each other three letters free of charge. Then if you want to continue your communication, you'll need to pay $40 for one month or $75 for two months paying at once. You can aslo pay for every letter $3. This ammount will be used for translation and delivery of letters. You can transfer money through Western Union or Money Gram to the name of the chief of the Agency - Natalie Romanenko (Ukraine, Lugansk) or to the bank account of the Agency "Lucky Star": Account: 26205600014944
Bank of beneficiary:
Lugansk branch
Commercial bank "PRIVATBANK"
Dnepropetrovsk, UKraine
SWIFT code: PBANUA2X Intermediate bank: Bank of New York
One Wall St.
New York, N.Y., 10286
chips 332357 If you have any questions you can call to our office.
Telephone number: +038-0642-49-57-17.
If you have any questions please be welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Natalie Romanenko.
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