Scam letter(s) from Victoria Abramova to Cenap (Turkey)

Letter 1
Hello dear Cenap
Thank you for complimant and your attention to my person.
First i want to say that i like so much your country. I never been in Istanbul but i hope some day iwill visit your country. A littel about myself:
I was born in Ukraine in city of Kherson .My native city of Kherson is located in the south of Ukraine near Odessa(maybe you heard about this town)It is very beautiful city small and cosy. Each summer I have a rest on Black sea which am in 100 kms from Kherson. The population of my city very affable but for the foreigner very not clear and difficult life for understanding.I think you know that unfortunately work in our country is not appreciated now because of that that our government does not care of people and their standard of life. With each coming new year people in our country hope for improvements but nothing changes. I think you know such things about our country. Want to tell you something about myself. My parentswere dissolved also I all life lived with mum until as has married. It was very difficult for us to live as there was no money to food and clothes. In the childhood I was engaged in dances and went to a ballet school.When I have finished school has acted(arrived) in institute of physical culture and now I work as the teacher of aerobics.I very much like my trade though it does not bring to me the big financial income. Do you like your job? It brings satisfaction and good profit? My hobby it to collect soft toys. I love them and when to me give it the pleasure does a pleasure me.It may seem a children's hobby but it is pleasant to me . Still I have many hobbies. I like to dance you already know that I studied and consequently I am able to do(make) it well. Also I like to be photographed and do(make) by video films but now I do not have video of the chamber and I can not do(make) it. I and my close girlfriends frequently we gather together, we drink tea or a good sweet wine by mood and we look different videofilms for example a fantasy, adventures sometimes ****** films. Also we go frequently in the summer on a nature with girlfriends there we are photographed, swiming and we sunbathe *****. We find such places where there are no people. We pleasantly and cheerfully shall spend time. I would like to travel but I have no an opportunity to execute it. Free time I spend the most part in a sports hall as I care of beauty of the body.I like my body and i like to look like the goddess because i want that my man must to see me in the perfect form.He will touch my gentle skin and to enjoy at a kind of my ***** body. What do you like to do in the free time? Do you like to see **** movies? Now about that that I want from the man. First this trust and mutual understanding, second care of me and satisfaction of my needs(requirements) and in the third division of my outlooks on life, ***, family.He must to prove to me that hi is real man and he must to care about me.I want that my man do not fling words on wind. If I shall find the man which will be such as I have written then this the man will be on top of happiness because I give all tenderness, is warm also tender minutes which never to come to an end. I shall create quiet and cosy conditions in our relations and to give full satisfaction of all ****** fantasies.I promice to be open and fair. I like to put on in ****** clothers and to accept different poses and in various places.I like to look ******** love it of me raise when two women kiss and caress each other.I like the big female ****** I thinks it looks very perfectly.What do you think about it? I can write you more and more about my fantasies but first i will waiting your answer on my letter and if we will agree with each other we can be to continue to correspond. May i ask you about photo from you?
With best regards
Viktoria. P.S.I write from internet cafe because i have not computer at home:-(
Letter 2
Hello dear Cenap.
We was glade to recieved your letter.
I so much would like to have my birthday at your country and we so happy that it is possible. We can fly from Odessa or from Nikolaev it is no problem for us.
Understand and you will say me how to take ticket.
O'key...we will have meet soon and we hope you will show your country.
I send you my adress: Ukraine
Lavreneva st.18 ap.15
Abramova Viktoria
With big kiss
Viktoria and Svetlana.
We already pack things in bags:-)))
Letter 3
Hello dear Cenap
I recieved your letter thank you very much.
I glade that you understand our situation in Ukraine.
Every body have hard time and also i because sometimes we have not enough food.Maybe some day i will be happy.
I send you my photo and photo with my girlfriend we very close to each other.
I told her about you and visit to You and your friend.
We think why not....we can be enjoy each other and you would be show Turkey places and we would be have great time together and after we can understand like we each other or not.
But we have only some special days for visit to your country and you will say me when you be ready to meet us in your country.
With many kisses
Viktoria and Svetlana.
P.S. I am speak english very well. My birthday 8 april...very soon.
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