Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Bozhenko to Jim (UAE)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Jim,Thank you very much for your lovely message! You look great! And you attract me very much! As you know already, my name is LANA, I am 28 yr. October 20, 1975, 170 cm, 55kg. I am from Moscow but now I am in Ukraine, visit my family. I have vocation now. I am working in Moscow Medical University as secreatary. I was never married, I have no children. I am intelligent, kind, loyal, romantic, faithful, sweet, very tender and passionate lady. I like walking out-of-doors, sea voyages. I like sport, mostly tennis, running, swimming. I like reading, sometimes I go to the theatre. But most of all I like to travel. I sincerely hope to be able to meet real man of my dreams, to love him and to be loved. I am a very romantic person I like to spend my evenings sitting by a fireplace with lit candles around, listening the good music and talk about many important and good things. I love sudden unexpected romantic moments, which give a special atmosphere to relationships. I like making little celebrations at home with suppers with candles, with strawberry or chocolate cakes. I like taking care of children. I like being among beautiful, well-dressed, happy, excited people, and I like to dress nice too. The things that I value in marriage are loyalty, patience, ability to forgive, willingness to help and understand, fairness. The personal values that I like in people are intelligence, fairness, good working will. I like everything that's kind, beautiful, and harmonic. If we shall see that we approach and we like each other, what your plans for the future? Long correspondence not for me! I am looking REAL meeting in near future! I know that we can write each other for a long but only meeting can make us more close and only in such a way we can know each other better. I want to look into your eyes, I want to feel the warmth of your embrace and I want to show you all my tenderness and affection. I know only a meeting can give us the answer to the question: "can we be a couple and be in love forever?" We have to find a way to meet! I would like visit you in Dubai if you can invite me!I hope to hear from you soon. Please, write me more about yourself, I'm very interested in you and it's interesting for me to know about you a lot. With tenderness, LANA
Letter 2
Hello my dear Jim, It was so nice talk to you by phone! How are you today? I trust all is well for you. I am feeling that I think of you more and more. I ask myself why I think very much of you? I don't know why. Maybe I feel that you think of me too and this thoughts make my frame of mind better. I was in Travel agency today so, I must buy here in the Travel Agency the tourist package for one week to Dubai. We would live together have looked or we love each other. The whole trip will be organized by a Tourist agency (visa, tickets, hotel, insurance, etc.) It is very convenient and fast! It will take one week to arrange it and will cost around $ 1100. After I pay the price of the trip they will first open visa for me as soon as possible and book the flight.Please write me what you think about it? I will stay in standart room hotel Marriott. Love and kisses, your LANA
Letter 3
Hi Jim, I asked in Travel agency if it's possible thet you to pay by credit card for me and they told me they take only cash. At us in Ukraine yet so widely use cards as in Europe. So, I think you will have to send money to me and after that I will pay. They advised me to use Western Union for transfering money, do you know what it is? It's very safe and quick as I will be able to get money the same day you send it. If you agree, tell me and I will send you my address and my full name and all the rest of detalies concerning trip. I really want to see you as soon it possible! Love and kisses, your LANA
Letter 4
Here is information wiah you need for transfer money by Western Union for my trip. SVETLANA BOZHENKO, VINNITSA city, 21021, UKRAINE. Kisses, your LANA
Letter 5
Hi Jim,How many money is real you can send now? I can borrow at the sister no more than $ 500. I really want to meet you and the rest of my holiday would like to spend in Dubai with you instead of in Vinnitsa - Ukraine. Let's at the same we shall meet! Please write me what you think about this?Kisses, Lana
Letter 6
Honey, tell me when you will ready send me money. In next week on Wednesday I shall go to Kiev to the sister. She lives with her family in Kiev. Also I shall just take at her money. I shall stay at her somewhere till 31th March. I am very missed for mine nephew Andrey. But as soon as you can send me of money, you send me SMS by my mobile phone! At the sister at me will not have access to the Internet so write to me only SMS. I am glad that you liked my photo! Jim, I am sure that we great shall spend time together! Love and kisses, your LANA
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