Romance scam letter(s) from Alla Dergach to Siegfried (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello Siegfried Sonneck Having seen you in information magazine has decided to write. My name Alla Dergach. I was born 22 July 1968. I live in Ukraine in city of Kiev. With 1995 I bring up the daughter independently. The marital status: in divorce .I want to meet the man for joint life. Sincerely Alla.
Letter 2
Hello dear Siegfried!!!!!! Thank you for your prompt reply. I want to inform you mine ?AIA??: Alla Dergach 20 Bereznyakovskaya str. apr.14 Kiev 02152 Ukraine and mine ¦ the phone (38044) 5507009. For opening the visa it is necessary 400 $ the Ticket aboard the plane there is about(near) 600 $ Money can to send tomorrow through " Weastern Union ". I shall try to legalize papers quickly. I wait quickly for the answer. Sincerely Alla
Letter 3
How are you? I very much want you to see faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday I have submitted documents to travel agency, from you the invitation is not necessary. The visa will be ready for May, 30, it costs 600 $. I am going to take the ticket for June, 4, the ticket costs 560 $.Now years(summer) tariffs operate. How many the ticket costs(stands) at you????????? I wait for the answer. Sincerely Alla. I wait our meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 4
Hello my love, my life, my happiness, my husband Siegfried!!! I very much wait our meeting and our embraces!!! I already have collected all information(inquiries). It is necessary to assure of the Ministry of Justice and in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. My dear came to me 500 $. My love give me please the phone of this woman . I shall call her and her meeting with the bus or trains if she will arrive earlier .The address: the Prospectus Pobedi 89 a , apartment 120. For Mosan code of city Belaay Zerkov (263) .I want to hear your voice EACH NIGHT!!!!!I want to touch your body EACH NIGHT!!!!!My love I very much want faster you to kiss !!! Your loving wife Alla Sonneck
Letter 5
Hello Siegfried. I have ordered tickets. Tickets will bring to me in the house. Flight ¦ 3283 Kiev - Frankfurt .Flight ¦ 122 Frankfurt - Hanover. Cost of the ticket 700 $. Up to the airport I shall reach by a taxi, and in Hanover you will meet me. There is no necessity to come to you to Kiev .Thes is additional charges. This money to us very much need in Germany for creation of a family cosiness and for...................... Thank for a wonderful bouquet of roses and for the parcel post. Julia does not go with me. We shall take away her(it) after our wedding. I think so will be faster. Your wife Alla Sonneck
Letter 6
Hello my dear Siegfried ,my love, my happiness in Life, my pleasure, my husband !!! I today went to post office and have received the second parcel post. Julia ear rings and a disk very(very much) like. She(it) already has dressed ear rings. And now I have received money in the sum 860 $.I now go home and I shall order tickets aboard the plane. Yes, I not so well feel myself. I have weakness and constantly I want to sleep. I today have woken up in 12:00 in the afternoon.I recollect our happy time . I want be happy all life. We shall be happy family . I want to present you pleasure of life, and it is a lot of children .I very much love you and I wait our hot meeting. My love, I kiss you is very sweet and I embrace gently. I wait my sweet Wellie, and hotly it kiss and I want this warm and very tasty milk . I want you very much !!!Your loving wife Alla Sonneck
Letter 7
Hello dear Siegfried !!!!I can rent for you an apartment. It costs(stands) 50 in days. I there can be longer time with you. In hotel it is excluded, I can not be with you. Please take with itself the financial papers for opening the visas for me and for Masha . On your arrival, it will be necessary for us to speak about much. We should solve our destiny.Very much I wait for the answer. Sincerely Alla
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