Scam letter(s) from Maria Zolotova to Troy (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my best friend Troy.
I hope you not against, that I name you the best friend. Simply I very much to you attachment, and I think, that you my best friend!
At us with you as I understand the new feeling arises I has felt such feeling at school when by studied in 8 class I then have fallen in love with one the boy, but at present he drinks alcohol very much. In general in Russia, more people drink *****, I do not understand why. I very big opponent of the use of alcohol and I in life of it shall never use!
And still, I also against smoking and the more so against use of a drug I think, that this superfluous Recently happened so I was on funeral the classmate. All the matter is that he recently has died of that that he used drugs and he has died of the too many use. He was the excellent friend, he always came to me to the aid when it was bad. He was the successful businessman. But unfortunately he has given in to drugs and unfortunately there is no him more with us. I regret about it very much, and consequently I am categorically against drugs.
It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter I necessarily shall pass your greeting to my parents. Whether in the letter you have asked me my parents know the English language. My mum knows the English language well, and at daddy with it problems.
You wanted to find out, that they think about travel in U.S.A. We did not talk to parents about it, but I can ask them. I start to be pleased lifes, and this pleasure is connected with you that we have found each other. You - remarkable male! With such male as you, I would agree to lead all life I know, that it is possible to rely on you, I completely trust you and I know that such male as you, never me deceive.
The deceit is the most bad character trait of the person, it at all does not decorate the person! Probably it is interesting to you, why I in general began to correspond with you? I can tell you only one. Understand me I can not find male in Russia, which loved me and respected. As one wise man has told " when we live we are in search, in search that who can go with you on vital ways, because to one to go very much and very much Difficultly. I think what you agree with me?
I understand that very much It is difficult to understand that I write, but you forgive me as I sometimes use by the translator and consequently probably there are mistakes in translation. I studied English at university and I can speak, but to write in English at me there is no time In the Internet of cafe. For this reason I use by the interpreter, it is fast and it is simple.
I wait for your letters and I can tell that they became for me more than simply e-mail It much greater. I think of you very often and I recollect all letters which you wrote to me. In them I see many warmth and kindness. I want to hope, that I am not indifferent to you too. I send you my photo. I hope that it like to you.
Please write to me as much as possible, I like reading your letters and communication with you makes me very happy and I look forward to it. It is also very exiting to believe that perhaps someday we might actually meet. I shall wait for your answer.
Your Maria. P.S. My dear, I could not find out about a difference in hour a belt.
Letter 2
Hello my perfect Troy!
It was pleasant to me to read your letter Today I want to describe my working day :
Per working days I rise very early, at 6.00 in the morning
When I am not rising yet from a bed I think about you and, how it would be wonderful to wake up near to you, kiss and tell you " Good morning, my love! " With this dream I lay in my bed approximately during 5 minutes, and then I go wash and clean my teeth. During these procedures I dream of you again and I present you in a bath with the razor in a hand and it raises me very much Then I go to prepare breakfast. Usually I drink tea with a lemon, but sometimes I allow myself coffee, only it is not so strong. My breakfast consists of easy food, as I do not like to fill the stomach since morning. I make sandwiches with sausage, cheese and cooked eggs. During breakfast I think of you by all means. It would be pleasant to me to sit with you at a table and look how do you eat. We would plan, what we shall do together after work. After breakfast I go a work in the order I brush a hair and slightly emphasize of an eye by ink. I do not use a lot of cosmetics and I do not like to paint the person very strongly. It awfully influences my skin.
At 7.30 I go to my work
To a place of my work I reach by a trolley bus, because of I dont have the automobile. My work is far from the 30 minutes of driving from my house.
At 8.00 my working day begins. I teach in younger classes such subjects as Russian, literature, mathematics, history, geography and other subjects. Yes I like to teach children different subjects. It is not so difficult to work with children, and on the contrary I like to work with children. Because children are gentle and tender, they are honour, hardworking, And fond the parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. They are not spoiled by our difficult life. And we should protect them, preserve against various dangers. And learn them to live honourly and fairly. We should bring up them, help them at the difficult moments of life, To learn them to love the native land, parents and all people in all countries.
I also have dinner in the nearest restaurant, and sometimes I go in the Internet cafe to find your letters. The Internet cafe is between my house and place of my work. Then again I go to my work. I finish my work at 18.00
After work, I am very tired and go home to take a shower and a little bit to have a rest.
We have supper by all family and tell each other about past day.
After supper, if I am in a condition to go, I go in the Internet cafe to read your letters and to write the answer. Then I go home to sleep. Before to fall asleep, I dream of you and about that, how it would be perfect to lay with you and caress your body by hands and lips. With these ideas I fall asleep and I sleep till morning In the free time from my work I sleep very much. I go in the Internet cafe to write to you. If it is a good weather, I go for a walk in park and eat ice-cream. I also go in a cinema to watch a film. I also have a rest at home. I read the books, I continue to learn the English language and watch TV. I erase the clothes and prepare something tasty. Probably it is all.
Now it is time to me to go home and to prepare tasty supper. I shall wait for your letter Your Maria
Letter 3
Hello my kitten Troy!
As always, I am very glad to your letter!
I think, you not against, that I have named you a kitten, only do not take offence. It I wanted to name you as it is possible more tenderly. Girlfriends at work speak, that I became absent-minded, speak, that I have fallen in love. I do not know what to answer it, because I do not want that they were deceived, but it seems to me, that I have already found the male of the dream, and this is a male - you!
So it seems to me, what you too to like me, or it not so?
Tell me please, it should be mutual, and I very much would like, that the our love was mutual!
I do not know how it explain, but you like me very much, also your letters bring to me great pleasure.
In your letters so many heat and cares, that it forces my heart to beat faster and on this, my feelings to you grows many times over and if further so will proceed my feelings will leave from under the control and I can not live without you.
But I am very much concerned with that if I shall love you you will not to feel those feelings, which I am to feel to you.
I want, that these feelings were mutual and we could enjoy our love.
Yes though I and hesitate slightly, but I should you tell all: I LOVE YOU!
I with alarm in heart shall wait for your answer, but now my soul has calmed down. I have stated that at me was on soul!
I love you!
Your Maria.
Letter 4
Hi my love Troy.
Today when I have come in Internet - cafe I was very glad to see the new letter from you. My mood became much better when I have read it. When I read your letter, at me even have appeared of tear of pleasure. When I began to correspond with you I had hope that at us with you all will be good. With each your letter I understood that I have found male which is necessary for me.
I want to tell, that my feelings and the words in relation to you always were sincerely and I always understood that we put a lot of trust Now I am sure on all 100% that I can trust you. When I read your letter I has seen your sincerity and fidelity. I think anything in life is so much better when you can share the moment with someone else. Sometimes just to hold the hand of that person you love can make all the worldly troubles disappear.
A perfect evening for me is maybe taking a long walk with that special man in my life, the skies would be clear, the snow is fresh, and all the stars can be seen. The fresh snow crunches under our feet as we walk. The air would be cold and crisp and I can feel the warmth of your hand in my hand.
And I feel that you get in my heart more and more. It is especially interesting to dream of it when in the street becomes colder.
Your letter warms my heart and that once we can carry out our dreams allows to give up hope.
My dear, my love Troy, in my last letter I told you about my love feelings to you.
I wrote this letter with so close love feelings, my dearest, I didn't can to hide my love to you, my soul prompted me that I must to tell about my love to you, because it is so difficult to hide a close feelings. I love you, Troy, and I want to say to you it always. I want to say to you, my darling, that I can't without your letters. Now your letters are necessary for me, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MY DEAREST TROY!!!
It is pity that only our letters connect us, I want to see you in reality. I want it very much. Our letters connect our close love feelings to each other, but it only letters.
My love Troy, I want to say that my parents and my best friends are very happy for us, they are all time ask about you, about you feelings to me and I don't worry say about our love feelings now, because I don't want to hide my love to you my Troy, I have found sense of my life, I love you and I miss you my darling.
My darling, on this I will finish my letter to you, I will wait for your next emails with my great love desire, you must know how I feel so happy myself when I read your letters my darling.
Ok, I must go my dear, I will miss you, I LOVE YOU and I want to be with you for ever.
Thinking about you my love Troy.
Your and only your love, truly, Maria.
Letter 5
Hello my love Troy! Hello my Angel!!!
I have received your letter and I understand that I am only begin to live. At us with you still only begins. Now I find sense in life. I not represent any more life without you, my Angel! I love you, and I am ready to repeat these words again and again! Please, to not think poorly of me, simply it overflow my feelings.
Today I talked to mum about us with you and about our future and that probably I soon leave in other country. You do not think that I solve it spontaneously, I very long think of it. I do not want to miss the happiness again. I talked to mum and she is very happy for me, she even bless me. It can is silly sounds, but today I represented our meeting. I think out very many interesting pictures.
In the street there is a fine weather and you stand and wait for me in the airport and worry for my arrival. Then you approach to the plane, we look around And we search eyes each other in crowd, then with to become transfixed hearts we find each other and to rush into strong embraces. We stand having embraced, and all look at us. And for us as though nothing exist. Only you and I!!!
It was a great day when I received the first letter from you I thank the God and I know that I found you and I love you. I am pleased with an opportunity to meet you soon, and I want it very much. I think you want it too, your letters was the ray of light in my life. At first I was not interested in moving to other country but I will do it because I found my love and it's YOU!!!
We have firm in our city which makes the documents for people who want to leave the country. I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need the visa, foreign passport and some other documents for registration. We have defined a type of the visa and it's type which allows to marry in the future but if it will be not realize I must return to my country after ninety days it's limit for visa.
I asked about prices and was very surprised, first I ask about time of performance and they said that there is many people who wants to make documents and leave the country. But if I'll make the application now, and pay for it now, they will make all documents not more than two weeks, and if I'll not make the application, documents will be prepared not earlier than two or three months because there are many people who wants to do it. I was very much surprised with the prices of services. It cost three hundreds and twenty nine american dollars. It's make me little suppressed and disappointed I don't have so much now. I was make application but I must pay for it.
I asked my mother about our savings she said that the money should not be a barrier between two people which love each other. I counted my sum and I found out that I have only about fifty dollars and my wages will be not soon. I asked my friends about helping me and they said that have not at the present moment. I asked the advice my mother and she said that maybe you can help me because you loves me. I asked her how he can help me, because he is far from me. My mother said that you can send the money through company which make this service. I asked about it, on my work and I know now, that exists reliable and fast company which makes remittances in world and it's western union. I remember that I saw advertising this company on tv. I take a directory book and found the address of it and it's not far from me. I went there and I asked them about service. They said that sender must go to the western union, give them information:
the name and last name of receiver, country they make transfer and bring the ten digits secret code to sender. The receiver must know ten digits for receiving money. They say that the branches of it must be everywhere worldwide. Here is the information about me:
Country: Russia
City: Omsk
Name: Maria
Lastname: Zolotova
Address of branch of western union:
Alpha - bank
644001, Omsk, street. Kuibyshevs, 79
I must know your full name, full address.
You must know that I decide to ask you about it because I love you and trust you very much. I decide to come to you because I feel this way and you are very necessary to me, I decided to come to the unfamiliar country and I never be outside my country.
But I decided to do it because now you are part of my life and I trust you in all. I think you trust me too and love me too. You must inform me the closest airport to you I'll ask the help with ticket from my relatives.
Please don't forget to tell me the closest airport. My love I need 300 dollars I think you will help me because we found our love and we want to meet closer. You must inform me ten digits and I can receive it. You must know we must hurry because I can receive the documents soon and if we lost the time it is necessary for a long time.
Now it's very difficultly to receive the visa to your country, and it's fact, but if I pay now I think I do it. I think about sense of money, and I'm very sad if this paper can prevent people to meet each other. In most cases the money play a main role in life but it's not right! I'm sure.
And the quantity of money was and will not important to me I always not aspired to material enrichment and don't search specially for rich male.
I appreciate human qualities and relations and I love you Troy!!!
I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now... I want to be with you forever. If it's mutually we will be very happy in our life. I think you love me too and we will meet very soon. You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours.
I'm waiting good news from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together soon.
Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Your love Maria.
Letter 6
Hi, my love Troy,
You have correctly understood me, but I once again shall explain to you that there were no misunderstanding. I spoke you, that it is necessary to readdress a remittance on my mother. I can not receive yours money to the my name because I have given my passport to visa agency for to make the visa. Employees of agency have told me, that the visa will be ready in Tuesday next week.And I then should give money for the visa.
You should send money to my mother. She will receive them and will give me that I could pay for the visa. You could not understand about my work?
I spoke you, that I asked the director schools about dismissal from work. He has signed all papers for this purpose. Now I any more do not work. To me it is sad from it, I loved the work. But I am ready on all for the sake of my love, for the sake of you, Troy.
I dream of our first meeting, many hugs, and passionate kisses.
Eating dinner, looking into each others eyes with deep feelings of love and joy. And as we close the door to shut the world out to our privacy. We make love until we fall off to sleep, only to wake to passionate hugs, kisses and loving.
This I know will come true on my travel abroad to visit you. In me so much love now has collected, that I can burn out all world!
Also it is all only yours! Only for you! For my sole male! I with impatience wait for that day when at last we shall be together and I can give you it!
Love mine, I with impatience look forward to hearing from you. I hope you could understand me. Always thinking of about you, my love. Maria.
Letter 7
Hello my beloved Troy!
My mum have received your remittance without problems and I have paid services of the visa. My visa is available, now it is necessary to go to Moscow and to receive it.
The main office of visa service is in Moscow and there for mine visa will make a seal and then it will be valid and will start to operate. If this will not seal, the visa will not be valid. I am very glad that process of the visa has passed so quickly and successfully!
It is all due to you, my love Troy!!!
This visa is valid 90 days, it is necessary for me to arrive to you as soon as possible that we could plan our future and enjoy our love! I love you very much, soon we shall together and I at last can embrace and kiss you!
At me already all is ready for this travel. I have issued and have received all necessary documents and have packed some clothes. I shall not take many things, at me only bag and a small sac.
Today I went to the airport and have found out the information about the air ticket. I can not fly to you from our airport as we do not have flights to America. For this purpose it is necessary for me to go to Moscow and already therefrom to fly to you.
Appeared that the ticket costs not cheaply as I thought. There is one more problem, in administration of the airport have told, that it is necessary to buy return tickets. It is necessary formality. I was upset very much having found out this information, but me have calmed having told, that at my arrival to you we can exchange the return ticket for money, and we not lose anything from it.
I do not gather back to Russia and I want to remain with you for ever.
First class tickets cost 1700 $, middle class - 1300 $
I have thought that is not necessary to buy a first class ticket as it more expensively on 400 $
My parents could give only 300 $ from the savings, but I have already given this money to the insurance.
The manager of the airport has told that it is necessary to be insured on this flight
My parents are not rich and it is all that at them was. Now my money only will suffice to reach to Moscow and on travel expenses. I hope that you can help me with air tickets and send me 1300 $
As soon as I shall receive your remittance, I at once shall go to Moscow and I shall buy the ticket on the next flight. I ask to send a remittance addressed to my mum TATYANA ZOLOTOVA, as my passport still in visa service.
After I shall buy tickets, I shall write to you at once the necessary information about number of flight and time of flight that you could meet me at the airport. I shall arrive to you and we shall hand over the return ticket and we can receive half of this sum.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer. Now has remained last a step up to our meeting I love you and I kiss you in your gentle lips a long and passionate kiss.
Your bride Maria
Letter 8
Hi my love Troy,
It is pleasant to me to read your letter, I am very happy, that you will help me with arrival to you.
Today I talked to mum as to us to solve a problem with a remittance. My mother has told, that you could ask the brothers or friends to help you to send money. They can go in the Western union and send from itself other part of money. Do not overlook, that money should be sent my mum. My passport is still inaccessible.
I can not wait of that day, when we shall be together, I miss you and I love very strongly. I am very happy, that you have appeared in my life, you have presented me new feelings and love. Now I can not live without you.
I would like that our meeting would be held as it is possible more quickly. I want to embrace you and to kiss your gentle lips, I want to concern your body, I want to see your perfect eyes.
With happiness I am ready to shout at all world, that I love you. You the most perfect and remarkable man all over the world. I am very much was lucky, that I have met you and I do not want to lose you. You my prince on the white horse and for the sake of you I are ready on everything. I shall be perfect wife for you and we will have remarkable family and children. I shall stop this letter and I wait from you messages.
Always yours Maria
Letter 9
Hello my love Troy!
Excuse me please for such long silence. I very guilty, and I do not know how to begin this letter, but I shall try to explain all under the order and I hope for your understanding and compassion.
That day, when you have sent me money for the ticket, I was outside of myself for pleasure. I was the happiest ******* a planet that I very soon shall come to you and shall be with you!
After your letter with the information on a remittance I as on wings flied to bank behind money. I was so absorbed by dream of our joint future, that has not paid due attention on suspicious male, which stood about bank. Mum without problems have received your translation and has given money to me. I go in the Internet club to inform with joyful news to you!
It appears, that this suspicious male observe after me! When I have come in an entrance of the house, he attack me and to take away all my money! I began to shout and to call to the aid the neighbours, but by then this gangster has disappeared. I was in a shock and at me the hysterics began!
Further I badly remember, only I remember that I sat on ground and continuously cried. Has woken up I already in the house, with me there was my mum and calmed me.
Three days I can not to calm down, but then has calmed down. My parents have helped with it. My mum has told that you love me and all to understand. She has told, that money it is simple a paper, most important that I have remained safe. My father has told that will try to catch this thief, but it is not enough of hope for of it.
After that of a case I was afraid to write to you and has tried independently to find the necessary sum and after that to write and to arrive to you, but at me nothing it has turned out.
And now your help is necessary for me again, I need in 700 $.
Now I do not know that make to me, and how to get out of the it situation.
If you once again can help me with it, I swear that this time all will be in the order! My father will accompany everywhere with me and will carry spend aboard the plane.
I love you very much, and I do not want you lose! I want to be with you and to prove to all your friends and familiar, that they are not right.
I shall do you most happy male on a planet!
When I shall come to you, you will think up to me punishment for it, Ok?
I hope that you will understand and will forgive me.
I with impatience and alarm wait for your answer.
Your Maria.
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