Scam letter(s) from Maria Zolotova to Rae (England)

Letter 1
Hi my honey Rae.
how are u?
I am very glad, that I could write to you the letter. Because I very much to miss you.
I am very glad, that you as to think of me, my love.
It is not very a pity to me, but yesterday could write to you. Because I to try to be going our meeting.
I want to tell, that I to find out, that I can take approximately through 14 days my holiday.
I shall be very happy if we can meet you and spend even 2 weeks together. As I have found out, that our country to not let out young and The lonely woman. On this I should come to you as the tourist. I want to find out from you, my dear.
Only our personal meeting will help us to find our happiness, Which we so long searched. And I to want to find out all your habits and hobbies.
Through E-mail letters it is impossible to transfer our feelings! I to want to know your culture.
I want to find out time when it is better to me to come to you??? That you would have more free time.
But though I can be at you at home in the afternoon, and in the evening I shall wait for you from your work And to feed with tasty supper. I want to find out your opinion? Write what you think?
I very much wait our meeting with impatience when I can have with you romantic evening And we shall be one.
Now I to go to sleep and think of you, my prince. Love and a kiss for you,
Yours Rita.
Letter 2
Hi my honey Rae!
How are u?
I am glad to receive your letter very much.
Today I have gone in internet cafe and with pleasure have found out news from you!:-)
Yesterday I thought of us and about our future meeting much. Thank you for support.
Your support is necessary for me now very much!!! To go in other country it is very important and responsible step in my life! I hope you understand it? I believe that you understand me and always will take!
I have found the information about the visa. Unfortunately I am afflicted. I did not think, that registration All necessary documents there is many money. To me it is very sad, but I believe that Money will not prevent our meeting!!!! The destiny gives us chance and we should not lose it!
To me it is sad, in my life always something prevents my happiness! I would like to cry When I present the broken dreams, the broken soul. For the person the most terrible It is loss of hope! But I believe in a miracle and in magic of love! The love is capable to overcome Any difficulties and distances! What you think???
There are 2 variants of purchase of visas: 1 visas of category B-2 and the visa of category K-1.
1) - the Visa of category B-2 is given out to tourists, people leaving in for rest, Visitings of friends or relatives.
The immigration legislation o supposes change of the status of stay under visas Categories B-1/B-2 if that is demanded with unforeseen circumstances.
2) - I can get the visa of the bride (category K-1)!!!
The visa of the bride may serve as means that is more best to find out each other, As gives 90 days, After which I either conclude a marriage, or come back to Russia.
I do not know that to me to do? Write that you think?
Unfortunately there is one more question which interests me. I do not know, Whether you will understand me? It is very difficult for me to discuss it. Simply, the price of the visa and tickets very big for me. At me is not present such big Money. Reception of the visa, passage of medical survey, reception of the international passport, Consultations in visa service cost 30 dollars!
Cost of tickets of the plane (on a class) 200 - 250 dollars!
I do not remember, I whether or not wrote to you, but mine salary approximately 105 dollars per one month!!!
From this money I pay Internet - cafe, I buy products and I still has not many money.
On the staying money I buy to myself the things most necessary for everyone woman.
I am glad, that I have loved daddy and mum. They always help me. and me slightly It is easier to live on mine salary.
I hope you understand me my dear?
Please do not judge me for this letter. Really it is very difficult for me to ask you about the help.
Please understand me!
So I should finish the letter.
I shall wait for your letter and to hope for a meeting very much! With love yours Rita!!!
P.S. Kurzeneva Rita
Po box 424000
Chavayna bul'var(23-60)
house23,apartment 60.
Copy of the passport I shall send in the following letter.
Letter 3
Hi my love Rae!!!!!
Please forgive me.
I did not want to write to you about money. I worry, That you not correctly will understand me! Forgive I did not want... I do not know that occurs to me.... ne?an I have thought, that you will read my letter and will not want to write to me!
I do not want to lose you, I do not want to break mine.... Our dreams. oh!.... Probably already late very much???... Probably all it is lost??...
I really want our meeting. I want to love and be loved! I want to wake up and fall asleep together with the loved person. Please forgive me.... If you can.
I hope to receive your sincere answer!
Yours Rita!
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