Scam Letter(s) from Anna Pavlova to B. G. (USA)

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Letter 1

Forgive, my dear, that did not write, I had a misfortune, my mum was run over by a car. She has gone to shop at night, she was brought down with the machine. She has lain on ice near hour while her have not found Passers - by. In hospital she has acted with is frost-bitten bodies over 60 %. Now she requires operation, in To change of the top cover of a leather. Also during impact she has injured a backbone, on operation to her It is required 4500 euros. we with my daddy have taken the loan on 3000 euros, medicines are necessary for us. My mum Is in hospital in Kazan as it is most nearest of polyclinics which can replace Leather. My mum is paralysed. Investigation is conducted. But while these vermins have not found. I do not know, that To me to make. We need to give in 5 months 3000 and on treatment 1500, otherwise we Let's lose an apartment, my parents will stay without habitation, that my mum is sick. I do not ask from you The financial help. If you have opportunity, for God's sake, send me medicines if at you is Opportunity it to make, I shall write to you the list of the medicines necessary for treatment. For the sake of our love, Help me! Forgive me, that I deliver to you troubles. But me any more to whom to address. My love, I is more most likely can not to visit Internet of cafe, but I shall try it to make. For the sake of Our love, do not forget me, you the most fine, that was at me in life, I can not live without you, And me it is very sad, that we with you may not be together. You could support me help me, To calm, forgive me. I very much love you. I did not sleep two day, I sat at a bed of mum, I do not want to live, why it happened with me? Why? My life any more has no sense. I do not know where to find such work, to give such The sum. I in despair. I want you to ask, it is very difficult for speaking me, but I am afraid, that to me It is necessary to go to sell the body for money to begin the girl of easy behaviour, I about it never I shall tell to the parents, but I do not have more choice. I searched for work, but at all desire I can not To render the required help to my mum. Forgive me for it. I love you... Forgive. I of it very much I am afraid, as I protected the innocence for the only thing, for loved. I very much it I am afraid, but I do not have choice. Forgive, forgive... Good-bye my love, and once again forgive..

Letter 2

Hello my love Bernie!
As you do not understand, me to me now not before, my mum dies... I asked you the help, you Has ignored me, we with daddy do not know, that do! I can write to you much to me it is not necessary to go in Hospital! Write if you want!!! I shall wait, Anna



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