Scam letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Alan (England)

Letter 1
Hello again my dear Alan,
At me all as all without changes mood good as well as weather. It was very pleasant to receive your new letter. It is always pleasant for me.
How you? How at you an affair? I hope that all well and at you so also it will be good me. I do not want to hurry event but nothing I can do with myself. I can not believe in that that it is possible so to become attached to the person at
all not seeing him.
But something speaks me that it probably. And I do not hesitate to you to speak about it probably you do not feel it under the relation to me.
But I want to trust that you feel too most let even little bit similar to that that I feel! Now our relations they have got a little other character
became more close and more open.
Though I was always open as the book before you. And you were always open with me.
You for me as the interesting book you begin her to read and than longer read that it becomes more interesting.
Also it would not be desirable to stop. I want to understand you and I like to understand you.
It is important when the pair well understands each other. Mutual understanding is a pledge of good relations. I read your letters and as
though I take your ideas and I continue them. What for you will be the meeting of me in the person means? What you expect from this meeting? For me all this yet so really I till now can not believe
that at us all goes well and that it is possible and there is a destiny.
I enough frequently had to be disappointed and consequently I till now do not believe that all this occurs to me.
Probably you need to pinch me that I have understood that it not dream:)) Lovely write to me your address and your full name please.
My address and my full name:
424036, Russia,
Chehova 52-36
Smirnova Nadezhda! It is possible to tell you have returned me to life and now I do not think any more that all hopelessly!!! I again believe in sincere feelings I
believe in kindness and love! You the wizard which has cured me.
Lovely mine from this moment I only yours and only yours. I already of anybody do not think except for you!!!
All my fears gradually leave and are replaced with a warm feeling to you.
Loved if the destiny of us will reduce also we shall be together that I promises that always I shall be a line and always I shall support you.
And there should be people which like each other should be together both in mountain and in pleasure. It is a pledge of happy family, and the family
needs to be valued!!!
As I already spoke this most important to you. Family for me something the greater than relations between two people.
Now I can tell that you arrange me on all parameters. You are beautiful also you clever as you are very kind!! That I search for this that in the
That I searched for all I have found in you! I hope that you too have found that that searched in me.
I not an ideal but I very much want to like you because I every day think of you more and more and all I fall in love with you more.
You may tell that it not probably! But then I do not know as still it is possible to explain that that I see only your image before eyes.
Also I think only of you each day.
On it I shall finish the today's letter lovely.
I wait your answer soon! Gently whole, with love yours Nadya!
Letter 2
Hello my sweet Alan!
I love you and i'am very mutch miss you!!!!
Lovely I bring niae apologies for that that again was gone on some time. It not my fault.
The computer of my girlfriend has received to a turn of breakages because of defeat by that virus.
It was necessary to make full diagnostics to remove a malfunction.
I hope now all well and I want to ask you you missed on me lovely? Because I very much missed.
Each day I thought of that as you there and what you feel now? Loved we need to hasten as we already have lost a lot of time.
Lovely I has found out about what my passport for travel abroad o?aaoaao prolongations and replacements of a photo.
For this reason I have written to you that is necessary for me 1200 $!
But you may be sure that I necessarily shall come to you as soon as all will be ready.
I shall send you with this letter one more photo of me and my mum thus you will understand who there is who. So lovely we need to hurry up when you can send translation?
Basically if for you it is hard to send 1200 $ that I think that I itself can find 200 $ and you will need to send only 1000!
I leave it on your discretion.
I shall wait from you for news soon lovely!
Gently whole you and strong I embrace ,yours Nadya! P.S. Photo 27 it is I and my sister
The photo 1 it is I and my mum!
The photo 45 it is I and my girlfriend!
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