Scam letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Mark (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Mark!

How are you? I am very glad receive the new letters from you Mark! Many thanks you for your photos, they have very much liked me!!! You very beautiful man!!!!
How your weather? How mood? I hope all well. It was very interesting to read your letters.
The truth it is difficult for me to understand some phrases slightly, but I try to understand all.
I hope my English too not bad and you understand that I write? I write in English worse than I speak.
I learned English at university and studied on rates of 6 months. I hope all my diligence have not passed for nothing.
I certainly sometimes look in the dictionary to understand some words which I yet I do not know.
I write you letters from Internet-cafe as I do not have computer of a house. For me it is expensive to have the computer of a house.
I want to continue to you to speak about myself. My hobbies probably are interesting to you.
I very much like to read and I read it is a lot of. I like science fiction and in general simply a fantasy of any directions.
From writers I like to read Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy, from foreign writers A. Duma, Jack London, A.Lindgrend, Mark Twen and others.
Except for it I like to prepare for a meal. As I already wrote to you that my mum the cook she has learned me to much.
In general I prefer Russian foodstuffs! From Italian I like a pizza. I can prepare for everything.
Mine loved the dish is a pie "Sharlotka", he is made of apples.
Mark you what like dishes? I very much love ice-cream, pies.
My hobby also this hearing of music, I like music of different directions, I very much like Russian group "Kraski"! And how you concern to music?
I very much like to go in for sports, and on this I go in fitness. It helps me to support a figure and the form.
You go in for sports? You like to dance? I very much like to dance!
We with my girlfriends sometimes go to dance on a disco. And sometimes we go at cinema.
My loved films "***** dances", "Casablanca", and similar genres!
In general from genres of cinema I prefer romanticism and a fantasy.
I do not like to sit on one place frequently you I go somewhere and I do not sit without an affair.
Likely it is interesting to you that is pleasant to me in the man? In general I like strong self-assured men.
Which are intellectually rich and with whom are about what to talk.
As for me important good sense of humour but not too! I think what to joke it is necessary to be able.
From my future of the man I wait for care and love.
That he in anything of me did not limit the most important and concerned with understanding.
In this case I shall give him all that at me is and I shall be true to him always. I do not like when at me shout!
And most do not like to raise a voice. It is better to discuss all quietly with understanding instead of to row.
As I live together with mum I have no brothers. But I have sister, her name Nastya! My sister does not live with me and mum, she has husband and she lives with husband! And at me a lot of cousin.
All of them live in the different ends of Russia. I am rare them I see only on holidays when they come to us on a visit or we to them.
As I have grandmother which lives in Vladivostok! The grandfather has already died 5 years back. Sometimes we visit the grandmother with mum.
But with our financial position not always turns out it to make.
It is a little more information on me: my loved color pink, my birthday August,15 and I lion on the zodiac.
When your birthday? You have loved color? My growth 5'7", and my weight 53kg!
I think on it I shall finish the letter and me besides already it is time to go.
With impatience I wait your answer I hope he it will be fast.
My best wishes to you and your family.
Your faithfully Larisa!
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