Scam letter(s) from Natalia Sergeeva to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely Steve!!! How at you an affair? Why you have ceased to write to me. I very much love your letters. It is hard for me without you. I ask you it is not necessary to ignore me. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you!!!
Letter 2
Hi Steve! WOW! I very much hoped to receive from you the letter back and now I have yours The letter! It really brings to me pleasure, that I have received the answer to my letter! I want to tell at once, that I sent that letter to two more other men. But I should To tell, that till this time I have not received more any letters back. I want to be Fair with you and to have your trust from the first letters! I shall ask you that you also were always fair with me. I do not think, that there is a sense to speak a lie. You agree with me? Both of us search for love and I want, that my love was strong, pure, Present and long! I think, that you want the same things! I want to hope, that you will be good the man! The matter is that I almost know nothing about you. I wrote to you Casually. I chose absolutely casually you from the list of men. I also did not think, that so many men will search for the love on the Internet! In our city there are no many opportunities to get acquainted with men from other countries. I used the Internet on my work. I casually opened a site and it spoke me, that here there are many men! It was very interesting To observe a site and it many opportunities for the man and women from the various countries are valid! You agree with me? I want to speak you so many things! Please excuse me if I cannot speak you much Today. We shall have still time to speak! Before us still it is a lot of time to learn Each other! About! I so to worry, that you will not love my picture and will stop to write to me! I really to worry as the little girl at the first appointment to the man! I would like to ask you that you sent me as much as possible your pictures. It will allow me It is better to represent you and your life! Well, I shall inform now to you some things on me. OK? You are available to read and remember?:) First of all I want, that you named me Elena. So, I want to begin with my history. I have been given birth on August, 20, 1979 I typical Leo on a sign on the zodiac. If you have the book of an astrology I think it contains a lot of similarity to my character. Sometimes the astrology is mistaken, But some things really the truth! It is a complex and ancient science of stars! You heard much about it? By the way, when your birthday? From the early childhood I had good education and care of my parents. I went in good school and was enough The good pupil! At least the teacher always me to praise! Oh! These school days! These years to not return any more never! You liked to go in school? The first school love!:)..... Steve, For you these sounds are familiar? Those years when I was small It was easier to bring up children. Now the state to not care at all of young families. After school and I had success to enter the university. The daddy gave me to be trained in economic sciences! However ours The university was technical, but anyhow I have received good economic formation. I was trained At faculty " Book keeping and audit ". I loved always the exact sciences and except for it to us taught a lot of humanist And psychologies. I bore much from walls of university and it there were fine years! Tell to me please where you were trained? It is very interesting to me to know your history also! So, years of study have ended also I met my first love. Yes, I would like to speak also with you about it. You should know, that I had unsuccessful attitudes. I remembered on all my Life, that such treachery. My guy changed to me with other woman. It betraid me. I thought, that we shall marry and create family, but it seems did not want serious attitudes. I was young and naive. After that I more never loved anybody seriously. My last attitudes were enough For a long time, but anyhow I did not notice, that my guy can betray me. It found the woman from rich family. For him the question of money was actual. I think, that I quite beautiful woman and I can find many men here in Russia. But I a little now to be afraid to have attitudes. I want to find my love, my unique love. I want to grow fond of the man up to the end of my life. You understand me Steve? I was never married also I think, that It is a serious step in a life. I have no children and I think, that I would like the child from loved the man. I in general very much love children and if you have already children it will not do a problem to me. In our area we have a temperate climate. It is an average part of Russia with good display of seasons. We have a lot of snow in the winter and also in the summer air is hot enough! We visit a beach and I like to float! You have a beach close? You like to float? If there will be time please tell to me more about your city! I also want to ask you, What you understand as happiness? Right now I shall speak you that I understand as happiness. I should tell, that everyone is happy in this world in own way. For me to be happy Means that I exist in this world. I think, that I want, that me loved. I want, that me respected and estimated. In general I see happiness that my life will be It is lived with sense. I should find my love create my family. You agree with me. In t is world we should leave after ourselves good memoirs. It is very difficult for one to find happiness. When two persons like each other, It already does people happy. Love - very much good feeling and this sacred! You agree with me? Well, I probably now shall come back to my work and I shall wait your letter soon! Heave nice day! Yours faithfully, your new familiar from Russia, Elena
Letter 3
Hello my American friend Steve! I am very glad that you to me write the letter as I am very much excited by that I communicate with American the man. Your letters are really very interesting to me. You know, I did not receive the letter from other men anyhow. Probably they will not write. Probably not all men Have desire to speak with the Russian woman. I want to ask you a question. What induced you to write to me? You like Russian women? I heard, that much the American men want to have the wife from Russia. It is the truth? In the USA many Russian women? Whether really American women so are materialistic? Well, I shall not set many questions right at the beginning of the letter! I wanted you to tell about my life still much. I still hope, that you can well understand my English language. When I studied in institute, I very much loved the English language, and it to me was well remembered. Also I still went on additional rates of the English language, that is I have improved the speech base of English. You know, when I was trained at school I wanted to work as the translator. I dreamed to travel In the various countries and to work as the translator for TV. But with the years I understood, that it not for me. I like to work with papers more. Though I also like to have an active way of life! Sometimes I should work Not only in our city. My work sends me sometimes in business trip. I do not go to business trip frequently. Also I very much many time was fond Fitness, I even can train people Fitness as I even have professional certificate. I studied a technique of development of the form of a body, that is visual improvement of a body of the person. In general I can go to work also as the trainer on Fitness. But much to our regret this trade in our country is not so appreciated financially, that is at trainers the small wage income. I if did not work as the economist probably began to work as the trainer on Fitness as this employment very much is pleasant to me, I till now want on trainings on Fitness. The good girlfriend there works for me, and she called me also to work as she as the trainer on Fitness. I live in the city of Saratov. Where already I live all conscious life. I went in business trip to Moscow some times and also I went to Saint Petersburg. You heard about this city? If I am not mistaken, In the USA also there is a city with the name Saint Petersburg. It is correct? You frequently go to travel? If to speak fairly I never visited other country. I always wanted to visit Europe and the USA. I never saw ocean. There are in the world many fine places. We in Russia also have many beautiful places! Each site of our planet is fine on the. Steve, I to you wanted to tell about that as I live right now. It I think very important for us to know about each other as much as possible. Now I live with my parents. We live in an apartment and it has three rooms. I always dreamed to have my own Apartment or even the house! But it is very expensive here in Russia and not everyone can dare to buy an apartment. Our government Pretends what to care of young families and offers various credits, but conditions very rigid and anyhow many money is necessary. I have the younger sister who lives also with us and I have the senior brother. My sister call Tatyana. Now she is trained At university. To it now 24 years and are fast she already finishes training. My brother call Robert. To it 33 years and it is married. Robert has two children. It lives separately from us with the wife. They live also in our city. The brother speaks, that was It is very difficult to lift family. They from the beginning lived in a hostel, but now Robert has received an apartment on work and they live in their apartment. I am glad for my brother, that it already created family. Now we live in four persons in our apartment. I share a room with my sister And we live rather amicably! My mum works in shop on sale of clothes. Now to mum 55 years. My mum call Natalya. Mine the daddy older. His name Nikolay. To mine to the daddy now 58 years. My parents live already almost 34 years together! I have the grandmother and the grandfather.! I have an opportunity to visit them rather frequently! Please tell to me more about your family. Where your relatives live? Please tell to me also more about your last attitudes. If you do not want to speak much about it I shall understand it. I shall hope, that you understood the majority, that I have written to you. I shall not be very captious, because I understand about a barrier of language between us. It is very important for us that we could understand each other. We from two various cultures, but anyway we due to study to understand each other. Understanding - a pledge of attitudes! I want to inform you, that I the usual woman. I always to try to concern with understanding to all things. Please, understand me correctly. You can tell to me any things. One more question! You have many friends? You sociable the man? Though I should tell, that the present friends cannot be much. We have wise expression here in Russia. " The present friend is shown when there comes a trouble ". Only the friend will not throw you Also will help a difficult minute. You agree with me? I have the girlfriend. A name of my girlfriend Anna. Only I can trust mine to the girlfriend And I can speak all my secrets with it on any theme. She helped me many times and I think, that I helped also for it. I have still more some familiar girlfriends, but Anna for me the especial friend! I think, that you understand me. I sometimes to carry out the free time with it. Sometimes we walk on city, sometimes we go at cinema. So my Steve, I shall come back to work. Well, write to me when you will have time. I shall be glad to receive your letter. Yours faithfully and warm feelings, Elena from Russia.
Letter 4
Hello my friend Steve, much to our regret I did not receive from you the answer with the letter. I hope that you simply do not have time for it. But I still wait from you the letter. If you do not want to communicate with me inform me about it. I am sure that you to me write the letter. Your Russian friend Elena.
Letter 5
Privet Steve! The word privet means from Russian on English yours Hello, you understand me? How are you? I am fine! Today in our city very good weather and all the day long the sun it is high above a head! I love similar weather and it does my day by finer! Today I have received one more big pleasure in my day! Yes! This your letter. I am a little emotional today. Excuse me. OK? The matter is that I have good mood. I also hope, that you will have today good day! My day today began well enough. Mum has woken me today at 7:00. I usually always to rise approximately in 6:30-7:00. In my room the beam of the sun got And after I took a bath mum invited me to drink tea and to take an easy breakfast. My mum leaves for work most Last. She all over again feeds all and only then goes for work. I also itself to rise earlier and I help to take a breakfast. My mum rather good cook and she well prepares! We usually try to eat healthy food. The daddy very exacting to meal! It speaks, that the food should be healthy and natural! I agree with these words. Now however in shops many various products which to contain artificial additives, but we try To take only natural products. I also think, that it is good to prepare to eat. Mum of me has learned much! Sometimes we go in restaurant and we take various kitchen. I love the Chinese and Mexican kitchen! In the Chinese kitchen I like a dish under the name " the Duck on Peking ". In the Mexican kitchen I like a dish "Nachos". I however do not go to eat it frequently, But anyhow I to try it! You tried the various foodstuffs? I am not confident as at you in the USA people eat. It is expensive to take the good foodstuffs? I should tell, that natural products here in Russia demand It is a lot of money. But anyhow to the person a necessary good feed. You agree with me? You like Pizza? I have set of recipes of preparation Pizza! I should you tell also, that I never smoked. I to try to care of mine health. I the woman! I should To have a beautiful body and a sound mind! Mum spoke me in the childhood, that if I shall smoke and take alcoholic drinks, Nobody will take me in marriage! She thus learned me that I had no harmful habits. I understand, that if the man Smokes, it is still quite tolerant, but I think, that the woman should not smoke!!!! You agree with me Steve? Well, I want to tell to you, that your life is interesting to me very much. Please, speak me as much as possible. OK? All of us people And I understand you as the person, but we from various cultures and I probably do not know some things. I shall be glad to hear from you about it! Your letters help me to represent your life better. I never travelled far from a house and I dream To visit sometime the USA. Unfortunately I shall not arrive yet in the USA. Probably in the future. I would like to find all over again mine soulmate, My love! Probably then I would go in the USA. For me it is very interesting to study about your culture. I heard many stories On TV and I saw many beautiful places in the USA. But I would like to see it in a reality! Probably in the future! Steve, I would like to ask you about your hobbies. Than you especially like to be engaged? You like to observe TV? You like to go to walk on shops? YOU play on musical instruments? I know, that anyhow you should have hobby! I want to tell, that I like to play on the piano! We have houses of the piano and I play sometimes. It probably depends on my mood. I love classical music! I like Rap, Rok, POP! You are similar to this? Still I like to go at cinema. As soon as new film we with girlfriends buy tickets leaves and we go at cinema! Theatre? I already for a long time was not at theatre and I think, that this art! I went in theatre probably 2 years ago. Unfortunately our daily life we have a lot of work and various has put. Therefore not always it is possible to find enough Time to go and take an entertainment. You agree with me? We people already adult and to us are peculiar many other cares. You will not believe me now! You imagine Steve, I today spoke my mum, that I have written letters to men in the USA. Yes, it is the truth. Mum all over again has been surprised and set to me many questions. By the way, those other men have not written to me. Probably they Did not receive my letter. Well, I was written by you and I am glad to this! I do not have necessity to write to someone else because it is interesting to me to speak with you! I hope, that my letters of you do not tire also to you interestingly about what I to you I write. I only want to show you my life And to tell who I such. I can sometimes be very curious and consequently be not surprised! OK? You very much involve me also to me interestingly to speak with you! I shall hope, that you also want to speak with me and it is interesting to you. You now my good friend! wow! I have the friend in other country! The Internet a wonderful thing! Please, only concern to me seriously. OK? Probably you the man of my dream? I with you shall be always frank. I promise you it. Well, I am already a little tired with printing. I shall probably close this letter. Write to me soon!!! Send your pictures! I shall wait your letter! Sincerely, Elena.
Letter 6
Hi my dearest friend Steve! I was so happy to get your answer again and again, it was so good part of my day when I have saw your words in the computer. And when I have saw your answer in the computer, my mood becamme so good. It's ok now. I see that we are interested in each other more and more, and I think that it's so good for us, because I have so good and liked friend as you, Steve. I'm so interested by you Steve, that my life became better than before an acquaintance with you, i feel it, really. You are so good friend, you can understand me as a good friend to good friend, and I think that it's important thing in the life. I see that you trust me, as I do it with a great pleasure to you, and I think that it's so good thing in our friendship, really, Steve? I hope that you understand me, that in my opinion, all people in the world must to understand each other in spiritual plan of a dialogue. Do you agree with me? Tell me about it, ok? Well, I would like to ask you about Disney World. You sometime visited Similar place? I have dream to visit sometime Disney World. Probably we Let's visit together Disney World sometime? I wanted to carry out holiday especially, but Time went also I and did not take a vacation. The matter is that my boss offered me additional earnings And I therefore did not go to have a rest. I have understood that sometimes because of money people People do not clear things. I do not want to give the big value to money. There are in life more important things, than money. But anyhow sometimes we are in Dependences on money and it is very bad. My work pays to me enough money for residing, but it is not enough for pleasure. I to not complain of life. All Depends from me! I live fairly and I am glad to life. Excuse me, that I to mention the private life in such details. You my friend and I think, that I can with you about it speak. You also do not hesitate to speak with me on any themes. We friends and we should understand each other. I also would like to ask you as far as you religious? I the christian And I go in church. You go in church? Unfortunately, I do not go in church frequently. I go in church Only on holidays. My Friend, my friends ask about you much! Yes, I spoke my friends about you. Anyhow I wanted to divide my pleasure with friends. I think, that you my pleasure now! I already spoke you, that my mum knows about you and she also asks about you some questions. I have told, that your name Steve! Also she asked about your work. I always very much wait from you for the letter. It is very interesting to me to reflect on our relations on the Internet. As will be our relations are farther to proceed? I think of it! You think of it also? I think, that I would like to speak with you and to learn about you more. You involve me and you to me It is very interesting. I want to thank you that you always fair with me. I trust you. You understand? For last years I still so did not trust anybody. You are far now from me, but I feel our understanding and our trust. These are necessary components in serious relations! You agree With me? I would like and further always to speak with you. Probably we may have something the greater, Than simply friendship? It to us will be necessary for finding out! Well, I shall go now to work. Today we shall go with my girlfriend to drink tea after work. I shall wait very much your letter. Write to me soon! Yours Elena.
Letter 7
Hi my dear Steve ! I very much waited your letter and I am glad, that you have written to me. I tried to execute some Work as it is possible soon more soon to go to the computer and to look your letter. It so raises me to wait your letter! I did not think, that I shall test similar feelings. To speak with you and to receive from you Letters it is very interesting. Also it is very fine to receive your pictures. I want to ask you, that You took for me your new pictures and sent me. Pictures very much will help me more to understand About your life, I can see you and represent you. You seem very good the man. I think, that I always can trust you and I think, that we very good friends now! Today we have a lot of sun all the day. I looked at work in a window today in the morning And I so would like to go and walk on city! Day really very warm and weather Directly for walks! Near our city we have a wood and it is very fine to visit a wood and to take walks in the summer. I am not sure, that your wood reminds in USA. In our zone it basically the mixed wood also are available Also fields. I think, that the nature here is rather good. Many people have sites near city The grounds and they I have the garden house. It is not so big house and it specially to go in the summer from city And to spend time on a nature. You have similar garden sites? O! So it is interesting to me to know more about your life. I certainly understand, that you it is probable to spend a lot of time for work also. But probably also it is necessary To give an organism rest! I think, that the most important rest and work were in norm. Then the person will be To feel like more it is better! You agree with me Steve? My daddy has a vacation also in the summer and he likes to go and fish. Daddy has a small boat and he with the brother ( it is my uncle Robert) go on the river to fish. Our river Sura is rich a fish. It however not that fish, Which floats at ocean. But it also very tasty river fish! I not knew how to write correctly the name of a fish In English, but in Russian the fish refers to as: Chuka, **** ', Okun ', Som and many various small fishes. Daddy usually The good fisherman! I think, that many men like to fish. But except for rest we should work also. I dream, that when I shall have my family we shall go in a vacation and to travel! I would like Together with the husband to go for example on the sea! I would like to be floating by a boat on water. Also it is possible to travel on the automobile! It is possible to think out a lot of entertainment! Something I begin to dream already! I in general the woman very romantic and impressionable. I like to carry out productive leisure! You love productive leisure? I very much dream to be rolled on a motorcycle. I was never rolled on a motorcycle though I see in it a lot of entertainment. But I should tell, that I can operate The automobile. I have even the driver's license on the right of management of the car. I have received a driving licence at all not considering because when I studied in institute, my girlfriend has forced me to go there motivating it is that in a life of the right can be useful. Though I did not pay to this big attention. I have already practically overlooked to go as it on roads because has passed not not enough time after I last time sat down a rudder of the automobile. I only inform you on our life. I very much would want to understand your life better. You go on work on the automobile? You have a lot of public transport in your city? You frequently to use the plane? It is for certain interesting to you about my work. I think, that I do good work And I love my work anyhow. I very executive and the ranking officer. My director even gives me the option of a vacation. I think, that At my work of me everyone respect. I constantly help other workers to carry out some Things. Sometimes the report on manufacture happens complex and I a lot of time to spend houses to finish work and in the morning to give the report to my director. But I should you tell, that it not That work which I wanted to carry out all my life. I shall aspire To find work which will like me more. Right now I work And it is a lot of 48 hours per week for me. I very much to get tired at the end of a working day. The matter is that money are necessary for me and consequently I work more. I should To help my family to bring up sisters. I work 6 days per one week. My working day usually begins at 9:00 and comes to an end at 18:00. I have time for dinner as well I go in cafe to take hot and to drink tea! Dear Steve, also my friends in our work are asking me about you very much all time:) I tell them that you are very good man, also I want to say to you that some my girlfriends envy me slightly because I found so goodman as you by the Internet. But I don't address on their envy of any my attention. I want to say to you, that I will think about you more and more, possible, about my coming to you Steve, I feel that our relations are more than friendship, realy? I feel it by my heart and soul, because I can't without your e-mails now. Well, on this I'm finishing my message to you, I want to transfer you greetings from mine mum and from my best girlfriend Anna. , Steve! I'm waiting for your e-mails as soon, as possible!!! I already begin to dream of meeting you once! I think, that It should be possible for us if both of us shall have desire to meet. I think, that it is very important To have a meeting in the person before to have any other relations. I fairly want to tell you, that you to me very much It is interesting as the man and I examine you as my possible the man! You good the man and I think, that You in my taste! Tell me please fairly, what you think of me? It is interesting to you to speak with me? You test what feelings, when write me the letter? For me it is very interesting for knowing, because I have True and serious intentions in search of mine soulmate. I search for my husband and I want to know, that you think of me! Thinking about you, Steve, My warmth kisses, Elena.
Letter 8
Hi dear Steve It is very pleasant to hear you again. Would like to ask, as you have affairs. I think at you all well. I like that you write, it is interesting to read your lines. I think now to you I can trust, and I want to tell one history. At me the guy with who at us were good relations not so long ago was. We with him were happy, together walked, went to cinemas, on shops behind purchases. In general, at us all was good, while he has not betraid me. I shall tell, how it was. Once, at the bottom birth, at our familiar, was many people, we had fun, had a rest, and I have not noticed, how he has got acquainted with one girl. he of nothing has told me. But later, I have seen them together and was disappointed in him. Before he was absolutely another as it seemed to me, and I very strongly loved him. After all happened we have left, and I was more than him did not see, and I do not want. he has broken to me heart, and I hoped, that at me with him all will turn out. Now I have remained one and have understood, that what would not be the person, all can happen. I hope, you Me you understand. Therefore, I do not want to search for the man in Russia more, and I do not want more treachery. You very much like me you not such as all. In our country there are no such good people as you, and can eat, but it is rare. You can, ask yourself: « Why I? », « Why she has chosen me? » . I to you shall tell why. In Russia it is necessary for men only two things: the wife which is going, and it is more to have a rest nothing to do. All young men like to take a walk all attitudes with girls it only entertainment. And for me it is necessary the man with serious attitudes. With which I shall live and be pleased lifes up to the end. I very much would like to get acquainted with your relatives that they have learned me closer. I think, that your relatives would be not against to learn me closer. Some familiar me ask for what to me all these acquaintances to foreigners. They it deceive you. I do not believe them! I hope to find the man of the dream, it seems to me, that it you. Yes it you, I am sure. Once I corresponded with one foreigner, but he has deceived me. he wanted only one, my **** photos. I to him have ceased to write and he to me too. I have refused him. Now I correspond with you, with hope that I should not search for somebody else more. Shortly: (From our life it is necessary to take everything, that you can, the all the best and remarkable). I would not like you to admit, but here at us in Russia so all is hard. That likely itself you know, that at us economy, very bad and at us very much. Russia is badly constructed, and nobody knows how to lift our country on legs. That our country, kept strong for legs. But I hope, that at us all will be good, and somebody can construct our economy that our Russia began to prosper. At me likely the letter very bad also are boring. If it is valid, so you to me tell. I shall understand you and I shall not take offence. With love and hope. Elena.
Letter 9
Hello my love Steve. I was very glad to receive the letter from you. When I read your letter, on my eyes even tears of pleasure have appeared. I see that we are necessary for each other. Not I visit church, and Imp asking the god for our meeting. How you there without me? I grieve without you very much. You are in my heart. I know that you require me very much, and should feel very pleasantly. I always think of you, about our meeting, about our feature. Now I feel, that you - my second half. And I want to be with you most of all on this planet. Imp lonely in this huge world and now I have found you. I am very grateful to you, that you trust me. You are in my opinion. With each your letter I understood that you that person which is necessary for me, that the person who is very necessary for me. I as well as you want to see, I want to arrive to you more never to be separated. Lovely, I very much would not like to burden you with the difficulties, but I so would like to see you faster. To test similar feelings. With each other letter which I wrote to you I all more to appreciate our friendship. I trust you. I in general think, that the present love will consist of the following components. It: 1. A physical inclination. I to you have a physical inclination. YOU have to me a physical inclination? 2. Trust. I trust you completely. I know, that you the good person. I want to hope, that you trust me also. From the first letters I wanted, that between us there was a trust. 3. Understanding. I think, that I understand yours the purposes in life. I know, that you want. Both of us want to have family and to be happy. Our purposes coincide! 4. Feeling of the responsibility. I shall never cause you a pain. I shall be always true to you. I shall never deceive you. I would like, that you also never have offended me. I can give you a part of my heart and soul. If you might look in my heart you would understand, that my heart very pure and it is open for you. Please, do not deceive me never and do not break my heart. OK? Today I have rather good news to us. I have set of the information and it will help us in our future life! My Steve, I found time and I went in agency of travel and I spoke from ladies who very well explained all to me. Lady has told me at once, that it is complex enough process to receive the visa. There are some types of visas. She explained me, that if to take all things correctly it will be possible to have a meeting soon. I however shall not speak now about terms, When I can receive all documents ready. So, I to you now shall tell that it is necessary for us to do to be together. To my affliction, I can not receive the visa in our city. To receive the visa to me it will be necessary to go to Moscow. Lady in agency explained me, that in Russia the embassy of USA is present only in some cities. The city closest to me is Moscow. In other words I should go to Moscow to address in embassy of USA for the visa. I have already defined type of the visa which is necessary for me. As my first visiting will be short, I shall go probably in USA as the tourist and I shall receive the visa of the tourist. It for us now the best way. It will demand less time to receive the visa of the tourist and that the smaller quantity of money will be not less important to cost. This visa refers to as as B-2 and sheis valid within 6 months after I shall arrive to USA. This the visa will cost for me approximately 150 dollars. Cost of the visa will include also various taxes. Except for my visa I shall require the passport. I have no my passport and consequently I should receive the passport. Steve, you already know, that I did not travel outside of Russia and consequently I have no my passport. That I shall receive the passport to require in 100 dollars. Lady also explained me, that in USA will pass only healthy people. I think, that I quite healthy woman. I at work Passed a medical board and to me have told, that all is good. I healthy! But anyhow for embassy of USA I should pass Medical board. It will take from me additional 50 dollars. Also it will be necessary for me to fill in the questionnaire. Registration of all my data and filling of questionnaires will demand 75 dollars. As you already You see, it is necessary to take many things to go in USA. I expected it. I and thought, that it will not be simple to visit USA. But I should tell, that the meeting is more important. I am ready to take all things to arrive to USA. Obviously, all difficulties will be overcome by I in Moscow. By the way, I also thought of residing at Moscow. I should live in Moscow some time while my documents will not be ready. My loved, I should you tell, that I while precisely can not tell as will be soon ready my documents that I might arrive to USA. It will demand probably approximately 2-4 weeks before I can receive my visa and the passport. I want to tell to you, that I shall remain in Moscow approximately 5-6 days and then I shall be Houses to wait while my documents will not be ready. You understand about it? It accommodation costs will be additional. Yes, I think, that my trip will demand many money. We should take these steps anyhow. I want to tell you, that I already completely It is ready to go to Moscow and to take all things to our meeting. I promise you, that I shall be to give all my forces taking all things as it is possible soon. Loved, I do not think, that my first visiting to you will be long. I should anyhow to come back home. If things will go well between us I would like to change my visa and to remain with you for ever! What you think of it? My Steve, now allow me to sum up my expenses to our meeting. So, my documents will take approximately 375 dollars. My trip to Moscow will demand approximately 25-30 dollars if I shall go by the bus. These are 858 kilometers and I think, that It is the real price. Also I shall require money for residing. If really to estimate my opportunities, I can lift only a part of money to pay my documents and residing. My parents also know about all expenses and daddy has told, that can give me 200 dollars. Also to me should to pay100 dollars at work. It already 300 dollars to our meeting. It already the most part! Steve, I also want to tell you, that without your help I can not arrive to USA. I shall try certainly, but I am not sure. If to take into account cost of residing and also cost of all documents and expenses for movement on Moscow and to the Moscow, I think, that it will be necessary for me on the most minimal variant approximately 750 dollars. It is many money for me. I am sure, that it is a lot of Money also for you. But it is the obvious and real prices and we should pay it. I would like, that we divided this cost. I want to tell you about it because I like to speak a thing directly at once. Certainly it is not so convenient for me to speak with you about money. Especially to ask you about the help, but I am compelled it to do. I think, that it will be fair if we shall divide cost My documents and other expenses. I would like to ask you that you sent me approximately 450 dollars. I want to tell, that Probably there will be unplanned charges, but it will not be much. If you will help me of 450 dollars I think, that it will be to take all things with documents enough. I certainly promise you, that I shall take economy. Believe me, I am able to count money and to save. Life in Russia of me has learned this. 450 dollars it is many money. You will help with it, Steve? I shall try to save even some money to my residing. I shall be compelled to live in hotel in Moscow because I have no more place where I may I shall remain. I the strong woman and I shall find in myself forces to take all things to our happiness. My Steve, I shall hope very much, that you are capable to help me with money for documents and other expenses. Also other question. I also thought of the ticket aboard the plane. I shall require it also. And we should speak about it also. Unfortunately, I shall not have Money for my ticket. If you might buy the ticket for me then I would be very happy also our meeting would be held soon. I am not sure about cost of the ticket aboard the plane. It is probable 900-1000 dollars. Please, find out for me this information and inform me most The airport close to you in which we the first time shall meet! OK? I shall hope, that for you it there were good news to our meeting. I do not want, that we were prevented by money. In our life Money play the big role. But I do not want, that money put a barrier in our relations. Excuse me please, that I asked you about the help. I think, that it is fair. Other question. How I can receive your money? Also it is necessary for us to think of it. Once again, it is very a shame to me to ask you about the help. I shall probably one of the happiest women in the world if we shall unite soon our hearts. No, I to not rush very quickly!! I want to arrive to you and to live with you some time! We should have some time together to continue our relations further. I think, that you understand all urgency of our meeting. I also should tell, that I know some ways of transfer of money in other countries. When my daddy made a business trip to Bulgaria he sent us home some money and he Used the western union. I also should you speak, that daddy gave me control number of translation. My girlfriend which works in bank, has told that is Money Gram, but she has told also, that Money Gram is much cheaper to you at sending, than Western Union. And I think that more expediently and more cheaply for you will send money through Money Gram. To you there will give 8 numbers which to me it will be necessary to know at reception from you means. It will be necessary for you to specify the following information: Russia Name ELENA Surname BAHTINA ROSBANK 14 PROSPEKT KIROVA city SARATOV, 410600 I shall hope, that we shall take all things as it is possible soon. I talked to my director and I shall have a vacation, that To visit USA. I can take all things here and now only it is necessary to solve a thing with money. I very much shall hope for you. I know, that you not materialistic the man and you will not regret money for our meeting. There are things on the order more important, Than money. It is love and family for example and we should not forget about it. Well, I shall close now this letter. I shall wait from you good news soon. Take all things soon. Only yours, Elena.
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