Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Sergeeva to Alonzo (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my love Alonzo.
You make such much for me. I'm happy that you are in this world. I love you and want to be with you as soon as possible. I hope that all will be good with us. Each minute I dream about you and your letter make my life happiest, your love give me happiness and light, i love you Alonzo, and want to make you happiest man. Because to love you - mean to do all for you and make all for your happiness and I want to make you happiest. My lovely Alonzo, I shall not tear the contract. I am glad that you can help to me. As I wrote to you I need in $800 for the tickets to you. Tomorrow I go and I will find out as you can send money to me. I hope that all will be good. My lovely, you make all for me, you are great man but I can give you such a little, only me all, only my love only my desire to make you happiest. My Alonzo, I don't tire to thank destiny that we found each other, we will be happiest people in world together. Alonzo, I hope we will be together soon. I live with it, I dream about it and you I dream about our love when we will be together. you are all for me, Alonzo, I miss you very much and dream about you every minute, moment, night, day. My lovely, please think about me, remember about my love, about me about my heart. I
love you, please write me as soon as possible.
Kiss you million times,
yours Lyudmila
Letter 2
Hello my love Alonzo.
Thank you for the letters. I am happy very very very much. I not represent any more life without you. I love you, and I am ready to repeat these words again and again! Please, to not think poorly of me, simply it overflow my feelings. Sorry that I didn't write you before.
Today I have arrived back in Kirov and then I was in travel agency and I have asked about the paying for the tickets for my coming to you from you and they told that they do not work with foreign clients, they work only with Russian tourists and they can not accept the payment from foreigner and more so they can not accept the payment from your credit card, I was told I will be to pay for everything myself in cash. Then I have gone to bank and I tried to find out about the ways of your help to me. I saw the advertisement of western union on the TV, and I know now, that exists reliable and fast company which makes remittances in world and it's Western Union. And found out about the ways of getting money transfers, I was told that you will need to fill the form, in which you need to write my full name and my city.
My full name is Lyudmila Prokopeva.
My city is Kirov.
And they will give you ten-digit code, which I will need later to get the money. Also I need to know your full name, and city from which you will send the money. Hope to be with you soon. I appreciate all you do to me I love you and I miss you! I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now... I want to be with you forever. If it's mutually we will be very happy in our life. I think you love me too and we will meet very soon. You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours. I'm waiting good news from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together soon. Every day I think about our meeting, and I
think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Yours love Lyudmila
Letter 3
Hello My Love Alonzo.
Thank you for the letters I like it so much. I think about you every time and when I can read something you sent me I smile and my heart beats faster. Today I was in Embassy of USA and I had interview. They asked me questions and I answered on it. My lovely I have very very very good news. Today I got my visa. But I have bad news. Today I went in travel agency and I found out about costs of tickets. I didn't know that tickets will cost expensive. As I was told the tickets to you $1300. I now I have for tickets $500. But I now I need else $800. It is shame for me to ask money you but if you can please help with money. I will try find this money, but I worry that I can not find money. I know that you will become angry on me very much and to scold me, but I I will try. Please my love help me. I hope only you. I hope that you understand me. I am trying to imagine our friest meeting and think it will be wonderful. Your hugs and kisses, I wait for it. I want you to be an eagle for me, to protect me always and of course to take care of me every time. And I think you can make me the happiest woman in the world. I would be glad to be with you. I trust you with all my heart and know that I have the same from you. I know you will do all you can to make me comfortable there. I too dream about you touching and kissing me and would like this dreams to come true. I kiss you million times and waiting for your letter. I love you very much, my future husband and I miss you!!!
Yours and only Ludmila.
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