Letter(s) from Anna Shabunina to Eric (France)

Letter 1

Hello Eric. I write you letter late. In my city presently 2 hours to nights, but in this time internet-cafe to cost more cheaply though this and not much comfortable for me since tomorrow morning me on work.
I hear on cause of the foreign passport that him(it) with do for floor of the year it is necessary for pay 100 dollars that with do for one month, that it is necessary 150, but for one week 185 dollars. But else it is necessary 10 dollars on photographies on passport.
I as soon as with do the passport, that immediately sends you copy.
My address, which beside me recorded Street in passport Lazurnaya 52, apartment 161
My full name and surname I wrote already you, but I I shall write once again My name and surname - Skakun Marina Vasilievna
Address where I live Avenue Lenin 27, flat 43
I shall wait your letter

Letter 2

Hello my Eric. Yes I much love the children. But particularly me much like your photo with your son. He beside you very nice. I think that he me too much on loves. The Weather in Nikolaeve very warm, too sometime degree 20.
On cause of the bank account, I have a no bank account since in Ukraine this not wide-spread. But I took the credit in bank once, but I think that this not that you it is necessary. That is why I spoke that Western Union, how do I have said in bank that this for me the most suitable way of the enumeration money. Beside me simply no its count or cards.
Can be that not to be no problems, you better send the money on Western Union?
On cause photo, I presently on try to send you photo if in internet-cafe him(it) with can from scan. Your Marina

Letter 3

This photo we sit at the table beside my girlfriends on day of the birth. I to surrender is bad seen since I sliced itself, since on photo were all relatives of my girlfriend, but I nearly as relative. That is to say household photo.

Letter 4

I think that beside me will not be a problem in embassy because of that that I have no bank account since nearly all inhabitants to Ukraine not to use these count. On cause Western Union, I him never to use, but I have said that with him no problems. You must go in bank, have with itself whole information on me and there you all will say. Only you must write my address, which beside me in passport recorded, rather then that on which I live.

Letter 5

Yes this it is correct. But I take its passport, go in any bank where there is Western Union, show its passport, where is written my information. And they must will give me money. But I have else said that when you will send me money, that they will give you some number from 10 numbers and you must me his(its) say. Well this probably some password. I think that you in bank must tell all.

Letter 6

Eric I write you letter from internet-cafe so I you to write so little. But I try you to write often.
Yes I speak in russian and on ukrainian. My parents already not to work, they on pensions, ma 60 and pope(pa) 63.
On cause cristmas, I celebrate him(it) either as all russian with 7 on January 14.
Yes this will well if I to you under go at the beginning initially December. But that I have time to under go to you at the beginning initially December, that me already it is necessary to do the documents.
I much should like to hear your voice. I much this wants. You can to ask beside their own russian friends that that number telephone, which I have written you, they really exist. And this will not much dearly that to ring. I shall write you more tomorrow. Your Marina

Letter 7

Eric. My sister to have a difference at one year between you and me. They presently learn and not much work in supermarket.
+380972290388 - a number to which you can to ring tomorrow.
I shall wait your bell. I not to can long to write since I on this spend much money. Marina

Letter 8

Hello Eric.I not to know why so was got. The Telephone was near by me and he worked. Can be you on try to ring on number +380503180153.
But if beside you not to be, that you not outlive.
Beside me today rest day and I very lucky. As you? Marina

Letter 9

My Eric. I too was very pleased to hear your voice. I much want that you me to ring once again.
I can not presently write much since I have no much money on internet cafe. I much want with you else on speak on telephone. Your Marina

Letter 10

My Eric. Presently already 8.30 evening in my country. I today not to can to take the copy of its passport. Tomorrow I must work. I think that I only at the end of the week to can to go and do the copy of the passport. For this it is necessary time and money that this with do. Can will better if I you to send the copy of the foreign passport, when I him(it) with do and you his(its) show in bank that they believed you. But in banks of the Ukraine not to require this paper. Her(its) require only if person to cash.

Letter 11

I sit and not to know that to think. As with do that was all well. I can tomorrow not to leave on work and go to do all that it is necessary, copy of my passport, in bank afterwards, afterwards do the foreign passport. But my boss then will very cruel, and can me to fire. But me so need the money on meal.
Well I beside it to ask that to go with work on floor of the hour that I can to go in bank.
But else there is variant that you can on try to send the money by other way, through the other system. Or can be you will say that to do.

Letter 12

Well I shall tomorrow try to take the copy and send her(its) you at night. But if no then at the end of the week
But else I unnerved on ring its girlfriend, which work along with me. She has said me that beside it building there is her(its) copy of the passport. Can be I tomorrow you to send her(its) copy of the passport, and you send the money on her(its) name. But when I get ready my foreign passport, that I you to send his(its) copy. You me must believe that all well.

Letter 13

Hello my dear.I have Today taken 30 minutes uptime that with do the copy of the passport. I there not very beautiful since this photo else when I do the passport. Nearly small.
I on spent today their own last money. When you will send on passport, left me please not much on internet-cafe, but that beside me already no money to you to write the letter. Your Marina

Letter 14

My loved I all time thought about you. I much planned as we are met. I much powerfully this wants. I saw that you search for else womans on internet. I think that you serious with me and not to defraud me. I really want the serious relations. I not to want to play. say Me is honored, you want that I under go to you? If yes that say me honestly. I wait your answer. Your Marina

Letter 15

I not scammers. I really see your photo in internone and you me much on liked. I did not want immediately you to send their own photo since thought that you me not on love. But if you on look the photo my that I sent you much their own photoes. I from you never asked the money, I really want with you are met. For me was not it is important who to to whom under go. But photo this which you sent me, yes this really not my, but I on it much similars, me about this all speak. I offensively that you this knew and could not me to say. You really I did not love? More so I with you spoke on telephone. If you can , that I want with you once again on speak. You want?