Scam Letter(s) from Kelly Shidah to Franck (France)

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Letter 1

To the love of my life,

I was sitting here at work trying to focus but I couldn't because all I could think about is you. I was just thinking about how amazing our story of how met was.with all things considering I embrace every day that we share together. Every day with you gets better and better,and makes me love you more. I love you!


Letter 2

will you still be travelling today to England ? Pl's let me know ,as I would miss you alot while you gone . Pl's kindly help me send the sum of 200 Euro to the shipper in the states . you will find the details below and once you have completed the transfer , email me a scan copy , Ok !

details :

Randolph Wright ( first and last name respectively )
29 Herkimer Street
Brooklyn , Newyork (NY)
11216, USA

Thanks Ahead ,
love, Monica. x

Letter 3

dearest Franck ,

Thank you for your mail .
I hope you had a wonderful trip to England and your deal was fruitful . Let me know if you sent the 200 Euro , Okay !

Thanks Baby ,

Letter 4

Hi my dear Franck,
I dedicate this words to the most brilliant and marvellous man in the universe , that has become my best friend ,my guardian angel, my best man. I want him to know that I love him and I appreciate every little minute I get to spend with him ,and although sometimes I am busy, I always have him in my heart. I admire the way he respects me and knows a women's worth.God Bless You.

your baby,

Letter 5

Hi Baby ,

when will you be back to France from your trip to England on Monday .
Email me your Address and name for my Cheque , Ok!

Thanks ,



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