Scam letter(s) from Anna Pavlova to Steve (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, my greeting for you my dear! How you live? I hope, what at you all is good? My worker Day was finished also I has on the way home decided to go in the Internet cafe and to write to you the letter. If it is fair, I Myself I feel not so important. At me small cold of that has blown me in a tram. But in The basic all is good. And what weather at you? At us the sun shines and is very warm. At last is felt that Spring has come. On soul so it is joyful, when you see that to all is good also to all warmly. In the street it became appreciable It is more than people, it is more than vanity.
But it may to the best because all people aspire to the best, to to knowledge Something new. Speak, that spring - is time love. I completely support this opinion. Our city Blossoms and smells. That in city the love in searches of the new victim wanders is felt. At this time all People try to look better. I have noticed it how much clients began to come to me. You You know, that I work in a hairdressing saloon. I am very pleased to that people aspire to conquest of beauty. I With very big pleasure to serve the clients everything also try to make,
that it was pleasant to them and that they Were pleased.
But in this season also there are the "minuses." The matter is that at this time year snow begins to thaw.
On To street becomes it is ***** and very much dampness. It is a lot of cases when machines splash on people or people fall directly In a *****. It is certainly very bad. But it is necessary to look at all this with optimism, only in this case Always will be the good mood and pleasure on soul will be kept. There will be very soon kidneys on trees, brightly green grass soon will appear.
So it is wonderful to hear That in the street birds who have arrived from warm edges already sing. Really it is not charming? I think, that This most beautiful season. Even in the summer not so it is good, as in the spring.
Probably I very strongly love spring of that I was born in the spring. I think,
that this that Season when people find each other when the love finds the sense. I want to tell you, me It is very insulting from that I can not take a walk with you on night city, because of that that I can not To talk to you. Ahead even the whole two months of spring. And I hope, that we with you shall reach the purpose Also we can meet. I would be simply happy, if we could meet you in the spring. You It agree with me?
Write to me please the letter,
namely the opinion concerning our attitudes. I as Weather, what mood at you would be very glad to learn what from you now. If at you bad Mood I hope, what the letter I could lift your mood? I with impatience shall wait Your answer. Anna
Letter 2

Hello my dear!
My dear, many thanks to you for your excellent letter. How - you? As your precious For me health? At me all is good, in the street became already warm. You know, I at all do not want to think, As well as Í than, I shall write. It as if in dream. I am completely given the sensations and slow movement of own fingers ÎÍ to the keyboard. They will write everything, that I feel,
and that want to transfer you. So I was interesting ' simply I type that, That occurs. In a ****** such fluffy feeling, that somewhere a number, or far is the native person. Sometimes I Even almost physically I feel your presence. Today I went on an apartment and for some reason it seemed to me, That I shall come, and there you '. This idea became such pleasant, that I at all did not begin to dissuade myself, And on the contrary, began to represent, that I would make, appear you actually at me ' I recollect yours Photo, you a sight and at me in a ****** has intercepted breath and the sensation of inexpressible happiness has appeared, It completely fills in me ' I would throw the arms round neck to you on from a threshold, you would embrace me strong and gently as soon as you one are able, Also would kiss so quiveringly as soon as it may be. Even for one instant I can not present, that I shall begin make, if I shall lose you. You for me are more, than all my life.
Sometimes to me to become terribly, because before our correspondence With you I did not think, that the person may SO FEEL!
In me so fine feeling grows, That sometimes it ceases to seem a reality.
nevertheless, the reality is severe to us. The truth in that, That the human world is rough and ruthless to tenderness, he may not admit existence fine without His contrasts and then I find myself as if in a sticky rich fog from which at times To not get out But you, you are so magnanimous and self-denying,
that, not deliberating, give me the boundless heat And breadth of soul, such about which shoot a film and books write, give me tenderness which people keep Also preserve from another's. You open to me eyes that I might not see and notice in any way earlier, In spite of the fact that it was beside.
I am grateful to you for it. And let at parting I shall feel the strongest pain and disappointment,
it is not so important for me you see I have you. I hope, you too will take all tenderness which I can give you, everything, without the rest With love to you my pleasure.
Yours Jenya
Letter 3

Hello Steve.
My name Anna. It is pleasant for me, that you have responded to my letter.
Want to tell slightly to you about yourself that you have presented With whom you correspond. To me now 28 years. I live in city of Kazan`, one. It is beautiful and big city, with ancient History. At present I work in a beauty salon, the hairdresser.
I have finished university, but I work not on the trade - the veterinary. My work in interior, for me was as a hobby And now I on have grown fond of her so much, that do not want to be engaged than another. The work I help people to begin It is more beautiful, so more happily. I love the work. She is pleasant to me...
That concerns mine parents!!! My parents live in city "Green Valley ". It is small and silent city. I in him Was born. In family I unique the child and I love the parents and frequently I visit them... They have presented much to me in Lifes.
I am very grateful to them.
I the usual girl, same as well as all. Like to communicate with friends and people; to look interesting cinema; to read books; Walks on city; rest on a nature... My hobby as I have already told you is my work. Through work I can To express the dreams and creativity...
Now I have reflected on myself and about the private life. Want to find persons capable to understand my soul and heart. The man with whom we shall divide pleasure and mountain. The person who will stay the feelings sleeping in me,
you, which, is ready to love me pure and gentle love. Want to love and be loved.
I do not have not enough this feeling. I want to find out your private world, to grow fond of you all heart. In this life the person which is necessary for me can to protect and to look after me. In exchange I shall give him all soul,
heart and love which we shall store up to the end of our days.
Likely it is interesting to you to know why I have chosen this method of dialogue? I when before did not use the Internet and all for me new. The Internet dialogue seems to me interesting, is a reliable way to find the Love.
I would like, that also you have written to me. Want to find out than you are engaged, what you? To find out about what you think? To get acquainted with You is closer. If we shall find common language, it is possible we shall grow fond each other and it will be the best feeling, which we Experienced and not what distance will not be a handicap for our love. Certainly, if only we shall grow fond each other!!!
Well I shall finish on it the letter. I wish you all good and I wait for the answer from you....
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