Scam letter(s) from Olga Stepanova to Mark (England)

Letter 1
Hello Mark!!!
Thanks to you for your letter very large!!!! You even imagine can not, as I am strong is glad to receive from you the letter now. Let me to tell about itself. I Russian girl. Yes, I really Russian girl, I have written in profile that I from other country that me have permitted to be the member of this site, that me would permit to find love. I know, that many Russian girl leave for other countries to be happy. I have decided it to try too. If I it have not made, me simply would not give an opportunity to be the member of this site. I hope that you understand me correctly. I want to tell you something about myself in this letter. My name is Tatyana. I live in Russia. In Cheboksary city. It is about 700 km from Moscow. My height is 169cm and me weight is 56kg. My eyes are grey. I have blond hair. I do not have children. I am feminine and tender inside of my heart. I like a home comfort, warmth and calm in family relation. I was born on 9 of May in 1977. In 1994 I finished the school and entered to the economic faculty. Studying 5 years I finished the university. My specialty is the attorney. I learnt English at the university. I work as hairdresser as it is difficult to find the job of my speciality.. I live with my mum now. I want to tell to you that I really want to be lucky enough because I had failure in search of my happiness in Russia and I have decided to try to search happiness in your country and I am very glad that you wrote to me because we with you can learn each other better and probably that we with you have found each other. I think that I have told to you a little concerning me, Write me more about you. What do you like? Have you got a family? Children? What is your job? Do you like nature? Have you got pets? Can you send your pictures? I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you also your photo with best regards. Tatyana.
Letter 2
Hello Mark!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter! Thanks to you for your letter very large. I ask me will excuse that I did not write to you yesterday but when I wanted to write to you the letter that I I could load mine Yahoo I know in what there was businesses I tried some times but I had failure to me really not so conveniently before you I hope that you will understand me. thanks for your photo to me was very pleasant to look your photo and I shall be very glad to receive your photo still, I want to tell to you that when I wanted to search for the person on the Internet that me would warn that I was more cautious because many people which call the girl to itself in the country and when she comes that they would take away from it the passport for that that she could not leave the country and would speak it that she worked as the girl of easy behaviour. I hope that you understand that I speak you. And I would not want that with me it happened, I want to tell to you that I not on see such people which do money for attitudes of people I think that such people it is necessary to put for a lattice as you think? I want to tell to you that I searched for work within 2 years but I could not find her because at me was not present such big familiar which can talk for me what have given an employment to me and on this I have decided to work as the hairdresser but I hope that I can find my work one day. Yes I shall be very glad to learn more concerning you in your letters I is really very interested you. I want to tell to you concerning me, I work as the hairdresser some years, because I can not find job on the speciality. I have perfect legal education, I can work the lawyer or legal adviser..... But unfortunately, at me it has failed to make. But I do not despond, I the optimist and I to believe, that all will be very good. I live together with the mum, we often with mine the mum spend a weekend together. As a rule we make harvest, because I like when in an apartment cleanliness. Often I and my mum to experiment various kinds meal. I very much like to prepare of a various kind meal. It is possible to say one of my hobbies. To me really to like to prepare!!!! I like to do home preparations, I like when in the winter open to bank with cucumbers or especially prepared by wood berries, and enjoy by taste and smell of a summer!!!!! What you think of it? In the winter, when the sharp shortage of vitamins it is felt it is especially useful. I would like you to treat dishes!!! I think, that it would be pleasant to you!!!! I like a nature. I like to go for a walk on a wood, to collect mushrooms and berries. to me to like from berries to make jam. To me to like to prepare various soups, dish from meat, a bird, me to like to prepare dishes from vegetables. I like expirement with products, sometimes it turns out very unusual combinations of tastes, present masterpieces!!! In the evening I go for a walk on city with the girlfriend. We like to go for a walk on park. At us such beautiful city is especial in the evening, when becomes darkly and in windows of apartments light is lit. The city becomes similar to a luminous sphere, the show-windows of shops by various colours of fires are lit. In the evening I like to pass at a fountain. I very much like to look at water. Please describe to me city in which you live. Write to me than you are job? I would like about it to know in detail. I want to you to say, that in Russia I unfortunately fail to find love. It really is very difficult. I am tired to search for love in Russia. In Russia the man it is a lot of to drink alcohol, and from it they become very aggressive and often to beat the women...... I do not want to myself such love. I search man, which there will be a love me to protect me from danger, and to care of me, which will be honour and sincere with me in all questions. I want that I and my love created the small world, in which there would be only we. I want to give the man happiness. I shall do all for this purpose!!!!! I very much want to find love, the true love, which gives happiness. For this purpose I have addressed to the Internet, I very much hope that at me to turn out to find love. I would like at you to ask, that I shall write to you about the life, I very simple till character the girl, and I very much hope that I will not be boring to read, how you to waste time. I wait with impatience your letter.
Letter 3
Hello Mark!!!
I am glad to receive from you the letter. How are you doing I hope that at you all ok!!!! Thanks for your fine photo to me was very pleasant to look your photo of thanks you you very beautiful the man, I want to tell to you that I know many girls in Russia which live with men only from for that that at the man a lot of money but I want to tell that they very silly because they think that if they have money that they can buy all but they are not right because they cannot buy for money happiness, Love and health. As you think. I want to tell to you that for me money not the most important thing in a life because I want will have the person which is gentle with me and will be fair with me with which to me it will be really pleasant to spend other time in my life. And I want to tell to you that you really very much approach me you very kind person I has understood it under your letters and really it is very pleasant for me to write to you and to read your letters. I want to tell to you that really is very a pity to me that you had failure with your wife I when did not think that women can do such I think that she simply did not know that I when I do not understand such people do also. I want to tell to you that I not on see people which play with feelings of people because it really very much not well. Yes you are right that to girls very much to like to visit shops I do not know why but it really is very interesting to do it. I want to tell to you that I when I did not hear concerning your work think that it really very interestingly. And I shall be very glad to look at it, I want to tell to you that to me very much to like to prepare for a different meal skilfully to do I a meal already in 7 years my mum learned me because she left for work and I remained at home one and did a meal to myself so I and have learned to do a different meal. I want will tell to you that to me very pleasantly to do to you a meal one day and it will be very pleasant for me to try your meal. I want to tell to you concerning me, I like sports. I each morning go on sports a platform of school which is located about my house and I do morning jog. After it I go home and I accept of cool souls. I do not smoke and I do not use spirits drinks. I keep up the health, because I want to have healthy children. The cigarettes very strongly pollute a body. I understand that if the man drinks on holidays, it not strongly influences health, but the girl needs to keep up the health, because it is necessary to her to give rise children and their health depends on health of their mother. I like to be engaged aerobics. It helps to support my body in the form. I like to be on fresh air. I try in a weekend to leave on a nature what to take a walk on a wood. You like sports??? Tell to me about that how you keep up the health??? How often you play sports??? I wait with impatience your letter.
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