Scam letter(s) from Olga Stepanova to Sami (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Sami! I am very glad, that you to write me the letter! I had oieiaaiea without your letter. I am glad to be your first friend from Russia. It is a pity to me, that you to not write me of the letter so much days. But I to understand, that you are borrowed. I am confident, that you will visit Russia because it seems to me, that we can become the good friend! You correctly to speak, that one meeting than many letters is better. But we to not know yet when our meeting and consequently we should learn about us through the help the letter! If I did not have feeling of the responsibility and gravity. That I would not began to use the Internet. These are the necessary qualities for dialogue the letter because to write letters it is necessary constantly and what to not feel loss. I do not like in men first of all if it rough. What it is not a lot of saws alcohol. It is pleasant to me, if it close and if it has told a word it it to execute! The man should be the man. I am glad, that you do not smoke and do not drink. I badly concern to drugs because they bring death and a pain to people. The feeling of sincerity is very important. Without it there will be no full understanding. What is serious certainly if on the first place there is a feeling care and the big parity. I like people which help those who surrounds them. They do not wait, when see, that at the person a trouble, and offer the help. It very much high quality of humanity. I understand. That now presently there are not enough "knights". It is difficult, but pleasant to know, that the man wants to become such! I am glad to see your photos. You like me. At you the beautiful person! I shall be glad if we can speak. I to not have a house phone. I to speak my girlfriend, that you want to speak with me. I to it to tell, that I am familiar with you, that you like me. The girlfriend to speak me, that she can help me! She to come to me tomorrow on a visit. I shall prepare for a pie for tea. At this time you can call to me! A phone number 8-904-7252517!!! I to speak it about time and she to me has told, that call equally at 19.20 on time In Moscow evening revival on February, 5!!! I shall be very glad to hear your voice! I to think, that our dialogue will be very good!!!
With hope and respect, your friend from Russia Elena!!!
Letter 2
Hello Sami! I was glad to receive strongly from you the letter! I love our dialogue! Just now I can write to you the answer. I to have the big problem the Internet, but now all is good. Number which I you to send is not necessary a code. It is number a cellular telephone. I to not know, when again I iieuciaaou the help the girlfriend. I to think, that it will be fast. I shall try to learn more. Can be and the truth that it is necessary to do and a code. I shall learn in the company as it is necessary to do correctly. You the same can write to me your phone number. If you to not know a code where you precisely to live to me to tell. I think, that at our desire to have conversation, it will take place! It to have the main thing the big big belief and all will be good! The pie has turned out very good. It is pleasant to the girlfriend and mum. Next time I again shall do it for the girlfriend!!! I was to you is glad that you could to try it! My smile to you! I am glad to your words about you! You like me! How your work? At you all is good? I shall wait for your letter and is fast on him the answer to write! Yours faithfully, my friend, yours Elena!
Letter 3
Hello sami! You to me write also it to me brings happiness from ours dialogue! I am glad, that I am familiar with you! Well, I to speak you about my family! We live in a two-room apartment. In one room I live and my sister Olga. In other room there lives my mum and the daddy. My family very amicable. We try to avoid conflicts. I am glad, that we with the sister very good girlfriends! We each other understand and strongly we respect our ideas. There is a problem in the morning. Four persons wake up. All need to visit a bathroom. The small turn is created. I remember, that in this occasion I had quarrel when we were small. It ridiculously to recollect. Mum prepares all a breakfast and it is helped by me or my sister. We about all leave a house during one time. In the evening we meet and we can speak, that was in the afternoon. They like to listen to my cheerful histories at school. Children every day allow me, that that new! It is a small part from our day of family. I shall be glad if you like to read it! At me good mood! I am glad to yours mail! I was good to know your number phone! I shall call to you in revival. I to speak you later, as during what time is exact! I love your photos. You like me! I like an idea. That you want to arrive to mine is proud! It is very good! I shall send you later beautiful kinds of my city! I think. That it would be interesting. When you want to do it? . Have care of you, with good wishes, Elena!
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