Scam Letter(s) from Olga Stepanova to Fazil (Turkey)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend Fazil!!!
I would like to tell about myself not much.
My name Nastya. To me of 26 years and if it so is important that my weight about 54 kg, and growth of 164 centimeters.
I live in city Cheboksary, I very much like my city as I to live here since the birth and I is happy what to live here.
This city to be in 600 km from Moscow. At present I remove an one-room apartment, and I live one.
Now I work sellers in shop of products.
I have finished institute on the economist, and long could not find work on the speciality, and I had to be arranged to work in shop to pay a room which I remove.
My mother and the father live separately. My father works at a factory, and mother as the teacher at school. Still I have a sister who lives with the guy.
On days off we meet, we go on the nature we fry meat and to us to happen very cheerfully together. In the winter we go to ski.
To me very much to like to go in for sports. I go to fitness club 2 times a week after work. As I like to go to theatre or at cinema.
At us in their city much.
I like to prepare and make cleaning as in the childhood me to give good lessons of manners and decency as my mum very strongly to care concerning it.
I have found out, that on the Internet there are some sites devoted to search for your loved and unique soul mate.
I the beginner in it a kind of acquaintances and you the first with whom I to try to get acquainted through Internet.
I to not have the computer, but I go to the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter.
I very much would want that you also to tell more about myself, than you to take a great interest, as like to spend the free time and where you to happen when wish to have a rest.
You new friend Nastya!!!

Letter 2

Hello my dear Fazil!!!

Many thanks for the new letter as again really it is interesting to me to see your answer so quickly. It was great pleasure for me to receive such kind letter from you. I am very glad to find out about you more as for me it is very important. I am very happy, that we have found each other to be close friends. I to not doubt at all that you the good and decent person and to search for real relations here in internet.

I hope that I shall meet such person with whom I really I shall be happy also think that this person could.
I thought above that that it would be remarkable if at me all to turn out.
Now after all these reflections at me to appear to you the question, whether on the business you so seriously to concern to me?
What you to search, you to have the same desire as well as I?
I to ask you it only because I to try find the person with whom I could to be happy. You want this also or not?
If yes, I shall think further of our relations and to make all that we could get acquainted as it is possible more close as it really is interesting to me and I think that could to yield the results in the future.

Always yours Nastya!!

Letter 3

Hello my dear Fazil!!

Dear many thanks for your letter, I was happy to receive it from you and it was very interesting to me to read all that you write to me.
Wished apologize that I could not to write to you earlier as I at all did not have time to make it and as soon as I to find time I at once to come to write to you.

I am glad that you as to want only serious relations.
I to think we shall be necessarily a success in ours relations together!
This happiness for me that I to search for you!!

I to wish to tell about the hobbies.
When I have more free time I very much to like to happen at different exhibitions and concerts, and as at theatres. As I already to speak, I go to fitness club. Playing sports are necessary for maintenance of a figure.
I like to listen to music, to like me classics.
I like to prepare tasty observing. To open new opening in the field of cookery.
I have own recipes of tasty dishes.

Yours Nastya!!

Letter 4

Hello my love Fazil!!

My dear thanks for your new letter!!
Thanks for a rose. It is very beautiful!!

Yes I hear about scamming. But I not that.
I really to want only real relations.
I to want that you to trust me.
I to make a copy of my passport, and I shall give you it!!

Yes I understand what to meet it important for us.
As we can find out better each other.

I shall try find out as it is possible to arrive in your country.

I not have a mobile phone and as I to not have phone of the house.
I shall try to call to you from a telephone exchange.

As I shall give you a photo which I to make 4 days ago.
It I and my sister.

Yours Nastya!!



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