Scam letter(s) from Jenny Mcray to Kevin (England)

Letter 1
Hi Dear, It' me Jenny from Singles Net. I got your message and decided to get back to you, these whole online thing is new to me. I live in ZionHill,PA and am a Student. I am not married and dont have any kids.I just broke up with my BF about 2 years relationship that went bad. so i am out to meet new people.Ive been inlove with my Little Puppy that is 5/6 Months now and i Love ehr so much...her name is Taffy. HOW ABOUT YOU... Talk to ya later.
Letter 2
Kevin,Thanks for the email,I think we could get to know more about each other if we both decided to do so...i think for us to meet is not a mistake but the wishes of God,am you sure you might known my name by now and i think i should let you know somethings about a very shy girl with humble heart and God fearing,i am 24yrs now, My Birthday just passes away and i celebrated my Birthday on the 22nd of these monthbut all were so boring to me. I was Born and originally from (WI)Black rivers fall. but raise and stay in ZionHill, Pennsylvania with my parent but my Dad died with my younger brother in a Car accident. Now am alone in my life,No family no one in my life except my Mom. I broke up with my boy friend last year in October because i caught him sleeping with my best friend when i visit home...I think i have no choice than to more on with my Life and find another man for myselfi will love to meet you someday and some how.How old are you and do you have a girlfriend? I graduated from Pennsylvania State University in (University Park, Pa.)about 2 yrs and some months ago. Right now am in West Africa schooling for my Masters Degree in ECONOMICAL am 130 Lbs and 5.10 height,Brown eyes with Blonde Hair,Avarage Body with smile always. Am Honest,Loving,Caring,Trust worthy and Open minded my best colour is Pink and White, I like Rose Flower as well...i like watching scary and actions,advetures movies includes with War films and i will want to meet someone who will take me for what i am not for what i have and i'm looking for Mr Right in my life...i like Cooking,playing basketball,Swimming,Dancing,Singing,Reading and Excising my self a little bit...i like my family so much and i want the best for a little religiou so person i want the best for my self, i dont play with my School activities and Church things...I dont drink nor smoke , I don't have to many bad habbits at all,i do believe in my self that i can do it and i can make it so i dont move by what i sees or hear and am looking for someone that is looking for a long term relationship and even marriage ,someone that likes me for me and the way i do and react,I am looking for someone I can trust,someone i can talk to about my family or anything,someone i can share my fellings with,someone i can feel comfortable with and by doing so we feel the same...I don't judge people by what they have , I don't care really what they have , I like whats in the heart and there intentions towards me,I would like to talk more and see if there is any interest on your part towards me , I'm sure you must have read my profile now , Let me ask you ,is there anything you would like to know ? I am on here looking for someone that will LOVE me... I like to be Surprises and i love Suprising people as well.... I have to go now and i think that is best way to decribe myself so i wait tohear from you as well and in my second email to you then i will explain more better to you to you... Have a great day...
Letter 3
I want you to know that have spent most of my 249 years on earth waiting for the maturity and courage to give my heart to someone. Then when I stopped waiting, I simply stumbled upon a stone on my path and stood up again to find you standing there. I "fell" in LOVE with you now because of a stone as hard and strong as LOVE itself. Thank you for letting me falter into your life in such a goodh and beautiful way. Thank you for teaching me that what can be seen from a distance is still existent and within arms' reach. That small hesitation in my life made all the difference ... thank you for lighting my life. Jenny
Letter 4

Thanks for replying back to me... I do like every bit of your word. I dont false people to tell me about them so i think if you think there is somethings you need to tell me then you should tell me not me asking from you...Is been nice hearing from you...well i like all the things you do and am sure that for both of us to meet on here is not a mistake but the wishes of God.your age never bothered me at all bcos it was just a number in my eyes and i think i have to tell you the reason i wanna date you...i've dated some young guys which they only want ***.after that they will try leave me alone and i have seen these wanna be appening to me then i decided to quit with them.this happen to me once so ever since then i made up my mind ever to let these happen again so i want someone that will understand me quite alright.someoene that has might have experience about marriages and how to take good care of a lady like me..i know myself that am pretty and i never use that against anyman i've met in my life or to use it in disrespecting anyone so i think you will understand what i mean by these...i just want to ask you if you are religious bcos i am and i like going to church and i dont play with church activities includes with my school stuff and i hate lies and delaying somethings important to me...i just want you to know more about someone that is very petient and humble and i go my way and i dont talk to everybody bcos am very selective and i chose the people i talk or chat with. my mom always call me a QUEEN and i work like that too...i hope you can be my KING? i said before, am in West Africa scholing for my that my Mom will be very happy and proud of me. I promise to tell you some more things about me when we meet someday or somehow. am sure that the relationship will last for long as long as we are Faithful,Honest,Trust,Loving,and Caring to each for me, I've made up my mind to be with the right man that want to me be part of my me and my life and i will be part of his as well. I would like to know you better and see just where we can go from there, I can assure you , I have only your best interest at heart . I Hope we can talk and get to know more about each other and if it works,we can meet .Please tell me your thoughts and what you are truely looking for in a woman and if you have interest in me, Tell me and what your life style is. No matter what i had or see about you. i will still always Like and Love do the same ... Talk to you soon
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