Scam letter(s) from Elena Ovsienko to Daniel (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi,my dear love Daniel!
I`m missing about you so much!!!! You know,I asked about my vocation today and my boss resolved me to get a vocation from 15-th!!!! We`ll be together soon!I`m glad a very! You know, I cann`t imegine how it will be,I`m nervos a little:-)Because,I hadn`t a love connection during a long of time,and you`ll be as my first man...I wish this a very,and I want you... I told about my trip to my grandparents and they are glad a very, because, as you know, I have a some Polish blood,and they want me to visit Polish(I`ve know a Polish language a little!) I`ve known about the train to Wroclaw. The time of departure is 8-30p.m.on every day and the time of arrival to Wroclaw on 7-30 on next day.
They tell me by phone, that I should buy the tickets in both sides from Kiev.The date of departure from Wroclaw is open,and as I`ve understand we`ll spend near 7-8 days in Poland.It will be nice a very! The tickets in both sides cost 150$.
But the main is to get the international passport-it will be cost 195$ during 5 days,and while the passport will be doing, I can book the tickets for 15-th .Its so pity, that I haven`t this money, and I should ask you to send me this money during a few days,because we haven`t a lot of time.I`m at work right now,because I should finish a some of my work before my trip.I`m dreaming about you every minutes,I`m dreaming about our first night too...:-)
Kiss you very much and tender,wait your reply, your Elena.
P.S.I`ll be glad you`ll bring me a some nice souvenir with your`s,and I`ll prepere a nice ukrainean souvenir for you too...
Letter 2
Hello,my dear love Daniel!
How are you doing?I feel more closer to you,hope, you are too:-) Sorry about short letter, I`m going to come to work right now,I shoud finish a some projekts,but ,you know, I`m thinking about you every minutes...Yesterday I bouth a some nice souvenires for you,it will be nice present for you:-)And my Grandmom is going to bace a testy cakes for you too:-).The time of arrival is 7.30p.m.,-but if we need, I can come on Monday...I would like to hug you as soon as quicly!!!
Pity, but nobody of my relatives haven`t to give me this money...But yesterday in evening, I called to my cousine Julia(she works in Ukrainean bank)and she told me,there are a two ways to send the money-Western Union or Money Gram
You can see web-seit, and you`ll know about everything.
I can book the passport on Monday and it will be ready on Friday,and during next week I can book the tickets.
You know , I bouth a beautifull underwear for me for our meeting, hope, you`ll like it:-)
I`m in hurry now,kiss you everywhere, your Elena.
Letter 3
dear Daniel!!!
how are you??
I'm very well , I've got money, thanks and today already went to ask about passport.And on monday i must to get one.
I'm very happy, that I'll see you soon!
and you??:-)
Kiss you tender
Letter 4
Hello,dear Daniel!
I`m missing about you so much,because I would like to be with you right now too :-)I caunt the days before our meeting!!! To stay alone with you- its my dream!!!!
Kiss you everywhere, your Elena.
Letter 5
Hi my love Daniel! I have terribly new in my life...My father passed away. After infarct. I can't write you, I'm crying all time... Now I go to Borispol, to my poor mother. and we have to postpone our meeting, my love it's a terrible stress in my life. I don't know, how can I live after this...
your Elena
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