Scam letter(s) from Elena Ovsienko to Jason (USA)

Letter 1
I`m glag to receive your message, who knows,maybe its our chance to know each other better?:-))
I tell you about myself:as you know, I'm 31,I live in Kiev(Ukraine) with a grandmother and grandfather, and dog*) I work as a WEB-manager in a WEB-studio and I like my job a very. What do I like in life?? I love music - as a classic, and the modern too-Sting,Elton John and others. Also I like to travel...
Please, tell me what do like or dislike in the life, and ... what do you value in the women best of all?
With the best wishes,Elena.
Letter 2
Hi,dear Jason!How are you?
I'm so happy to talk with you againe,even by this letter...I'm OK,and my family also. Hope, you too:-)I`m missing about you a very!!!!!
You know,yesterday we had folk holiday calls Kupala.It's very old holiday,comes from heathenism...And means the midsummer,I know, in western countries people also celibrte midsammer.In this evening and night men and women consume bonfire and jump above it, girls twine the wreaths and give them their boy fiends:)And after...I realy would like to be with you on this holiday...because after...:-)Women are beginning to run away from men, but men try to catch up them and...through down in grass and seize them,to make love with them...!:-)Would you like to do this with me??It's so incredibly and wild...But such naturally!You will catch me!:-)And we will love each other,very hotly and after we will lie in the grass after making love, to see at the sky and stars,such close to each other...Do you want this?
May be one day this dream comes true?? I believe!You know, my English is very poor,but I think I can have a good conversation with you by phone+380 44 247 91 42
Wait your reply soon,kisses,Elena.
Letter 3
Hi,dear Jason! How are you?How was your day?I'm quite well,only miss about you...I need to write you more often!:-))))))I`m very serious about you!Hope, you too,thats why I think, we should know better each other! Yesteday important event was in our family: christening party for two kids of my cousine.It was very ineresting and noisy:-)By the way I'm godmother now and have new activity!First part was in chirch,there were alot of kids,some of them even newborns,and they was crying all time:-)Priest had to speak also very loudly:)After we had a party in the family circle.Kids got a terible number of toy,and ofcourse they began to argue about machine:-) How is your country, do you support any chirch tradition?
Tell me dear, whatare you doing without me?How come your days?Do you think about me often?..I do...
We have rainly weather now,and before writing this letter I was sitting near the window,and looking at the rain...I'm in realy romantic mood now...:-)And I dream to walk with you under rain!!! I`m dreaming to meet with you!!!!
Send you my pics, which I don`t like,my cousine made it last month!
Its so nice, that I`ve find you in Net!Because I feel a some especialy about you, and I would like to meet with you very soon!!!!
I`m at home now, the rainy and I`m sad a little, we are so far from each other,but I`m shure the time comes quickly and we`ll be together very soon ,My dreams will be true,and when we`ll meet we`ll be the happinest person in the world!!!!!!
Kiss you , Elena
Letter 4
Hi,dear Jason!How are you?Its a great news for me!
I`ll see you soon!Yes, I`ve find a nice apartmant for you,its two rooms,eurostandart,in the centre of city,but calm place,cost 55 $ per day,I`ve seen that today,meet with a owners and they sad,the ovner is a driver too,and he can meet you in airport and to get you to Kiev,I`ll be able to meet you too,I hope.If its suit for you, let me know!
Today was very good day, because I've got two order to make sites!The first site will be for company,which sale seeds,trees and others and the second site will be web shop. It's very difficult and important work for all our team, and especially for me...Because I must understand the customer, to understand, that customer wants, and as it will be effective to work a site. And I want to make this work the best!:-)
In general, I like to do all qualitatively. I the responsible,crucial person.
I always care of those who are close to me, about those whom I love... And I very much want to care of you...
I want to prepare you tasty and wholesome food, to press fresh juices for you...What juice do you like most of all?:-)I prefer orange, carrots and grapefruit juice.
I think, it is important correct to eat, and long to keep my figure!:-) Because I want to like you for a long time!!:-)But....Also I ADORE SWEETS!!!:-)Yes:-)And especially I like the chocolate...Do you like chocolate?:-)And also I would like to cook for you the hot chocolate,do you want it???:-)
Kisses, your Elena.
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