Scam letter(s) from Olga Ushkina to Johnny (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Johnny!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. When, I it have received it, I very much was delighted, and at me was cheered up, it is very interesting to me to learn more about you. I think, that you very good person and with you will be very good me. Dear, I very much liked your letter, it was very interesting, and it will be very interesting to me to communicate with you!
Now I want to tell to you about me and that I want from the future spouse.
My name is Olga, and me 25 years.
I was born in Russia and I live in Yoshkar-Ola. Yoshkar-Ola very beautiful and remarkable city with very ancient history. I shall not press, in its detail.
But believe me, its history is very rich many historically important events. If you want, I then to you shall tell. I live in the apartment.
I was brought up by my mum and the daddy who live separately from me in the apartment, but I very much frequently visit them, and is always glad to see them. I studied perfectly well, never shirked lessons. After school I have acted in the State university. I have finished university with the red diploma. I was taught on the businessman. After the termination of university I have decided to remain and find work here. Now I work in shopping center which refers to Eurospar. My post is an assistant to the main manager on sale. The computer of a house at me is not present, therefore to me to have to go in Internet cafe after work, and because of it I shall write to you usually in the evening. Usually on the days off we walk on park, we still like, to carry out the free time in a wood, on the nature. In the mornings I usually make jog on park. It helps to wake up up to the end, and cheers up, and then I accept souls and I go for work.
I very much like to prepare. My mum of me since the childhood has accustomed to look after the house and to prepare for different dishes. People which came to us on a visit, spoke, that I am tasty I prepare. I very much like friends my dishes which I prepare and sometimes they speak me, that I needed to go to study as the cook. I like to read books, I like to watch TV.
In my opinion, appearance is far from being on the first place.
Important that from itself, the person represents. Important what person inside, whether kind heart at him. I think, that present the man should be courageous, should be able to stand for myself and for the beloved. The man should be clever, careful, interesting in dialogue, should always be able to tell and communicate with the girl so that she overlooked about all on light, listening to it. Dear, what you think of it?
I want to find the man from other country because in Russia the majority of men change to the wives, and it is a lot of. I have one familiar at which husband all time changes to it and drinks alcoholic drinks much, it is necessary it very difficultly because they have child, and it is very a pity to me of her. It very much is not pleasant to me, I think, that change is the most terrible. I cannot present myself at all, that would be with me, learn I that which person I liked and gave it all love and caress, would change to me. Lovely, what you think of it? I very devoted person. If I shall find the love more nobody will be necessary for me except for which that only thing I shall grow fond. In Russia men do not appreciate fidelity of the girl, at them very much overestimated self-estimation. In their representation the wife should sit at home, prepare them for a meal, to look after children, and they should drink, walk only, and the wife should sit at home and all this to suffer. Certainly, there are also normal men, but it is not enough of them. So I have decided to follow the lead familiar and to try to find to myself the husband abroad.
I send to you the photo that you could see better what I. I with impatience wait your photos! Like and everything, that I wanted you to write.
With impatience I wait for your answer, I hope, that at us with you all will be good! Write to me, please, more about itself, it is very interesting to me to know about you as much as ossible! Sincerely yours Olga!
Letter 2
Hello my love Johnny, I am very glad to see your letter!
Lovely, at me very sad letter and now I write to you this letter with tears on eyes.
Lovely, I want to tell in detail to you all that with me yesterday has taken place and why I could not write to you yesterday the letter.
Loved, you know, that yesterday I have received the salary on work. Dear, I was very glad to this because I at last could buy to myself a coat, and also now I needed to pay taxes for an apartment.
Dear when I have received the salary I have decided to buy a pie and to go on a visit to best girlfriend Natasha and to drink with it tea with a pie, and to talk to it about ours with you attitudes and about many various things.
Dear, I have gone to shop and have bought very beautiful pie. Then I have left shop, and have not noticed that for me there was a young man. I easy went to Natasha home and suspected nothing. When I have gone to a court yard of a house where lives Natasha this young man has unexpectedly run up to me behind and have struck me on a back, and have dropped me on asphalt. It was very hurt me, and I have very strongly hit about asphalt. It took away my bag, and has very strongly struck me. Lovely, me it was very strong hurt, and I could shout nothing, and this young man has simply escaped therefrom. Around of was nobody, and some minutes I simply could not rise from a pain. Then I nevertheless could rise, and I very bitterly cried, because it was very hurt me and in that bag which it has stolen, I had my salary which I only have received on hands, and it so has quickly stolen her at me. In this bag practically there was all my money for which I expected to pay taxes for an apartment, and on residing, and also to pay for services the Internet of cafe, but the most important, that I wanted to buy to myself a winter coat. I was in confusion and did not know, that to me to do.
To me it was very strong hurt, and I cried. I have risen in an apartment to Natasha, she has opened a door and when has seen me very much was frightened for me because I looked awfully and when I have fallen I have hit about asphalt and from a mouth at me blood ran. Natasha has quickly lead me to a bath where I have washed the person, and then has planted me in an armchair and wanted to cause first aid and militia, but I have stopped her and have told, that now it it is not necessary to do, because all of them equally could not find this gangster.
Dear, it was very hurt me, and I was in confusion, that to me to do, because at me have stolen my money. Natasha wanted to give me of a few money, but I have not taken them from it because they will be necessary for it. Then, when to me it became easier, Natasha carried out me up to my house, and has remained with me because when I have fallen I have very hurt hit a knee of a leg about asphalt, and it was difficult for me to go. This yesterday has passed very awfully, and it is hurt to me to recollect that with me happened.
Today I and Natasha have gone to a police station, and I have submitted the application that I was attacked by the criminal with the purpose of a robbery. I very for a long time told about full details, that with me happened to the inspector, and I have stayed there about 4 hours and is very tired. The inspector has told to me, that this criminal will be very difficult for finding, and it will be impossible, because they do not have neither direct evidences, nor witnesses. I have been very much afflicted, and then I and Natasha have gone to my parents. They very much were frightened, when have heard, that with me happened, and my father was simply in anger on that criminal. It seemed to me, that it was ready to **** simply that criminal that it has caused me a pain.
Lovely, my parents gave me of a few money, how many they could, and it will suffice me only on paying services the Internet of cafe that I could read and answer your letters. Loved, now I can have problems that I cannot pay taxes for an apartment. I am very much afflicted and I do not know, that to me to do.
I so wanted to buy to myself a winter coat for which I saved for a long time money, and now I cannot buy it. It is very hurt me from it and now I pay.
Loved, I very strongly love you and I want, that you have as soon as possible arrived to me what to forget all this, far away from these problems to you, and I want, that you have strong embraced me and have kissed.
Loved, I want to ask you about the help: lovely, you could while to help to pay to me taxes for an apartment? Dear, it is necessary 348 $ to pay to me for an apartment, differently I can have very big problems if I shortly shall not pay for it. Lovely, it is very a shame to me to ask you about it, but I do not know, that nanometer to make and to me is simple there is nobody to address more. I hope, that you will help me because I do not know, that to me to do, and I am very much afflicted with it. I love you and I want to be with you as soon as possible, I hope for your help, I love you my angel!
I very strongly love you and I hope, that you can help me and will make all correctly. Lovely, I very strongly love you, and you are very necessary for me, because I very much do not have you and if you were with me a beside could protect me.
My love, I is very much afflicted with that with me there was, but the most insulting that now I cannot buy to myself a winter coat. Loved, today at us in the street a minus of 11 degrees and it is very cold.
My love, I understand, that you do not want to meet me in Moscow, and I hope, that you will find that train up to my city which will be necessary for you.
Favourite, my address: City Yoshkar-Ola, street Lenina 89-12. Loved if you want to send something to me at me is post box and his data on which you can send something: Russia, zip code 424037 post box 17.
I love you my prince, and I hope, that you can help me.
It is very hurt to me to recollect it, and your help is very necessary for me.
I love you, is hot also passionately whole you in lips!
You are very necessary for me, I want to be near to you!
I with impatience shall wait yours for the answer!
Sincerely yours Olga!
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