Scam Letter(s) from Julia Fedorowa to Peth (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Hello my friend!!!!
I am very happy, that you have answered me, you do not imagine, as you have liked me the letter, gratitude you for this purpose, I very much waited for it. Now I wish to tell a little about me directly. My name - Natacha I live in city Kazan, it is very beautiful city.
My city very far from Moscow I there live there since the majority of my birth to me 25 years. I have no parents, I the orphan. And at you is native, you beat are married?
I very often am engaged in aerobics and it very much to similar me, I like to support me in the good form. You to be borrowed what sports during a free time from work? Also I very much like to do photos, I work in agency of fashions, I do advertising to different dresses.
I understand, that you search for the woman that to you will come nearer for all life, the same Searched also me. I not awfully speak concerning English language, but I awfully write, and therefore I use the translator.
I hope, that I write to you, is accessible to reading my letter.
I have no own house and computer, also I go everyone morning to the Internet of cafe check up my mail.
I shall wait the answer from you and I very much would like to look your photo.
Your friend from Russia.



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