Scam Letter(s) from Julia Fedorowa to Jonathan (USA)

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Letter 1

Alexande, I am glad that you have written to me. I'm fine. Today the rain in the street was. I looked out of the window and you thought that now make? When it is raining to me it is always very sad. I do not know why so, probably it is usual reaction to bad weather. I the man of moods when in the street the sun I am very happy but when weather to spoil my mood too to become bad. But all this should not frighten you. We people, on miscellaneous perceive weather. At us, at everyone different character and seems to me that it very well. Alexande I am glad that at you to appear the opportunity, it is very good.. I shall necessarily bring pictures next time.. Alexande I should you tell that I do not have not one your picture. I ask to send me her as it is possible soon. Reading your letters I understand that your character very soft and quiet. I do not see in your letters of aggression to me and it very strongly pleases me. Alexande, wanted to ask you, you have had time to see what character at me in me??? This question can is very much combined, but I ask to write to me to me the answer briefly, it is possible and more hahahaha. in my today's letter I have decided to ask to you a question hahaha on which I want to receive the answer. I send you many embraces. Your Elena

Letter 2

Alexander I have received your letter big to you thanks. I'm fine, today such good day at me. Weather simply remarkable. I love good weather. This year promise very warm summer. How at you weather? It is sure that too very well. I want to tell at once to you hi from my mum. She has now remained at home and prepares to eat for the evening. I have told that too I want to help her, but She have sent me to write to you the letter. Alexander I ask not insult on me for it. It will seemed to me that more shortly very sexually. Unless you so do not think??? I shall well write your name as before. I wait and I can not wait your picture. Alexander, I would want that you knew that I like to write to you and I am given with this pleasure. For that time that I write to you, I to not understand began badly in written English language... I want to tell to you many thanks, you very good teacher for me. If I could get acquainted with you earlier that I could seize English in perfection hahahahaha. but is sure in that that at us all ahead. How you think at me began less mistakes in letters??? Alexander, you began to understand more easy me? Answer please if not that that has not changed I I shall show more diligence above myself. I shall wait for yours the letter with big not patience. Your Elena

Letter 3

so am glad that have written to me letter Alexander. today at me there was such bad mood. Me have very strongly upset on work. On work I have heard very much not a pleasant thing about myself. There is which person I the girlfriend considered, tells about me very bad hearings. She speaks that I do not work but only make a kind. And for this reason I was today at the chief in cabinet and at me with he not so pleasant conversation was. he began to ask me why I up to he pleasant conversations have reached such not. I have told that I badly understand that occurs and that in general occurs. I talked with him about 2 hours. But so we with my chief very good friends we were left on that that this girl very much envies me. My boss to me has told that at us on work the opportunity of increase has appeared. Also that my boss has wanted increase me on a post. But this girl began tells about me bad hearings with that purpose, that me would not start up on a service ladder. My boss speaks that it is very necessary employee and that to the boss, necessary to put on my place of other person. I understand him so I accept my place. Alexander I ask you to be very cautious, so many people surround us. I am glad that have written to me the letter, my mood is very strong increase. Alexander I shall necessarily use yours advice. Today I talked to this girl and very envious "silly woman" has told her that She. We with her it is very good to abuse. That is why at me it was simple today the mood is spoiled. I am glad that you have lifted to me him the m the letter. But now I simply want to forget that with me today has taken place. I shall go home and I shall lie to sleep. Your Elena is a lot of embraces to you Alexander.

Letter 4

Alexander, I at once from the first words I want to ask you a pardon for that that I have not written and you yesterday. The matter is that I simply could not come in the Internet of coffee and write to you. I yesterday very strongly was occupied on work. The matter is that at me always before the days off it is a lot of work. You should understand as I sometimes has days when I cannot write. I'm fine, weather simply wonderful, me so strongly would be desirable to sing. It is sure that today I shall go to walk. So you are a pity to me that now not with me during this moment. Alexander I very strongly miss on you. I so hour that think of you. That to me already starts to seem that I do not think any more very much except for you hhahahahahah. Alexander I am very strongly grateful to you for your support. Believe not so strongly pleasantly to know that me the person which to me very much dear supports. Yesterday I saw the school girlfriend which lives in the other city. We with her were very close in due time. At school we were the best girlfriends. But then She has gone to study in Moscow and there was there a work. Now she the happy woman. She has married and now She has the child (the girl - call Olya). I looked pictures her the daughter and she to me have very much liked. I have understood that too I want the child hahahaha. Elena.

Letter 5

So it is strongly a shame to me, that I did not write to you so much time. Forgive me Alexander. I would not want that you thought that I have forgotten you. Simply now it is a lot of everything where my attention was necessary. You cannot simply imagine as I wanted to write to you. But I simply could not come in the Internet of coffee. And yesterday I had day birth. I am sure that you remember about him. I have carried out him on coast of the river "Volga". I went on tourist base contain with the girlfriends. There we bathed much and had a rest. And still I ordered a sauna. Three hours we had a rest there. Very much it was pleasant to me. My boss has congratulated me and has presented me to a circle for tea. It so is ridiculous. At me it is simple different mood. But I feel very tiresomely. I so am tired that simply hardly I sit:). How at you affair Alexander? That has taken place for that time that I did not write to you. So it is strongly interesting to me, that you are simple not ??????????3???. I very strongly I want to know it. Alexander, you simply do not imagine as I I want to receive a meeting with you. I every day wake up with one only an idea - as I can meet you. There can be I can take holiday and arrive to you? That you will tell. We in city have good agency which is engaged in official registration of papers and rendering assistance for trip abroad. Alexander, I was surrounded by very good friends, but I was pulled in a bottom with feeling of loneliness. To me so did not get you Alexander, I so would want that in it a holiday, this night you were near to me. I so strongly miss on you Alexander. I so strongly I want to be with you contain. I want to be only with you. And you want it? To me that to lonely Alexander. write to me please. I always wait for your letter. I once again want to ask you a pardon for that that have not written to you earlier. Always your Elena.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Alexander! You the loveliest, the most gentle, the best... And you know that I am afraid most of all? I am afraid to lose you. I am afraid to not hear any more your tender words, your gentle words or strict, but told with love, that you wrote all that to me in the letters. I probably cannot live without you. You are necessary for me as a drug, your eyes, your lips, your hands, your body... As I love you! And I cannot overcome the feelings! You are necessary for me as air that I could breathe you! I constantly present as you me embrace Alexander and I feel your smell. When you embrace me, I all yours and in all am guilty your smell, your strong embraces and certainly you! Never leave me! I ask you! For the sake of us... Alexander I am glad that you study this question. I always think of you. Alexander if you can give me the address and the name of the nearest airport I could find out cost and all questions of my arrival to you. What do you think? I so want to tell to you Alexander much, but you know that in the letter it very difficultly to make. If you were together with me to me it would be much easier. But you understand that we have unique dialogue through e-mail. These minutes I would like to be simply with you my lovely Alexander, but I know that it is my dreams. But I want that these dreams were real. Probably on it I shall finish the letter and with huge hope to wait for your answer. Yours... Elena.



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