Scam letter(s) from Belinda Boateng Morrsion to Jeffrey (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Sweetie Jeffrey,
How do you do too baby?My love am not feeling well for the past days that was why i could'nt get the chance to check my mail baby.sweetie i have really miss you alot and thank you million times for your sweet and wonderful mail that you have send to me baby.My love you are that i think of everyday and pls darling look up to God cos he has brought has to where we are today and don't listern to what your friends say and lose some that God has putting together baby.
My love thank you also million times for the sweet and wonderful mail that you have send to me dear.sweetie pls i will be going for the money tomorrow and that you once again for going to send me the money on the 13 of this mounth love.I love you and God bless you sweetie and can't wait to come bee with you soon love.pls write back and tell me something sweet from your heart.
I love you Jeffrey,
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